Aaliyah Love
Aaliyah Love

Skinny blonde Aaliyah Love looks young, she is a petite babe who in a powerful and hot pleasures for a lot of things. The debauchery begins and Aliya Love is reincarnated, she wants more and more, this is her nature, more comfort and delicious debauchery. She willingly bolts serves also Love loves lesbian pleasures, in these commercials, it is often removed. And this Charmer, almost always smiling and is in a great mood, because she likes everything that she does.

Year of birth – 1985 (looking at Aaliyah, it's not too hard to believe, as stated, she seems young), Chicago (USA). So it was that in porn in 2003, she was the pretty one was only eighteen, but the arrival of strawberries was fully conscious and deliberate. First, do not cooperate with the most famous studios, but it quickly noticed and career aliyah Love started to move up. Here is what she has worked and works - Twistys, Holly Randall, Babes, Art Lingerie, AZIANI, and it is the famous producers of pornography. More than ten years this slim blonde in hot porn is and yet to leave him, she has no plans. She was eighteen, as has been noted, it turns out that in pornography, Love has spent about half his life, an enviable performance. In this case, the star of the first values, it did not, but there was always a porn diva, whose name, like studios, or fans of adult films. In social networks actively Aaliyah Love their pages leads, she also wants attention and fame.

Her height – 157 cm, weight – 48 kilograms, are actually miniature settings. Plus damsels its chest, albeit not the biggest, something between the first and second dimensions. In General, her beauty is natural. And large Breasts for such a petite girl could not go, and everything is natural and naturally looks.

It was noted that while the Lav to leave the porn industry has no plans, maybe she can't see my life without strawberries. And her fans, this situation should only make us happy, Aaliyah Love, will continue to play and cool themselves in porn to realize. Here is the video with her participation you will find only the coveted rollers and genuine brilliance.

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  • Born: 03.03.1985
  • Birthplace: United States, Chicago
  • Videos: 5
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 48
Aaliyah Love in Twitter: aaliyahlove69

You’ll have to watch the snap or come to the Webcam show to see which outfit I chose!😉💕 https://t.co/ESecmCNKiV… https://t.co/4449QzlhRv

04:57, 27.03.2019

Punk crocs?🤔 https://t.co/LMnfJUDAgp

01:45, 27.03.2019

I didn’t really think it was a hater comment tho..🤔 he was saying my boobs looks so full that they look like a boob… https://t.co/bKvtywl5Ir

00:50, 27.03.2019

Someone on IG just commented on this pic “Those tits are fake“ and I’m all “Awwww! Thank you!” 😋😊😜 https://t.co/T2REV26kfu

00:30, 27.03.2019

Webcam tonight!! 7-8pm pst @CamSodaLive Will I see you there? https://t.co/2oMMx2p392

20:19, 26.03.2019

Have you met my evil twin sister, Aaliyah Hate?😈🖤 #gemini ♊️👯‍♀️ #l thank you, you know you are, for the beautiful,… https://t.co/IIBlrWENjj

19:32, 26.03.2019

This scene..video and pic set.. will be posted exclusively on my onlyfans page later today! https://t.co/YvgO5QCShV https://t.co/ps0chhVFyg

19:20, 26.03.2019

Having an espresso while looking over this new scene.. dayum @hollyrandall you always bring out a side of me that I… https://t.co/QgH6DGnidL

18:58, 26.03.2019

So @cheriedeville and I got dressed in our sluttiest workout gear so we could fi... https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

08:28, 26.03.2019

New scene posted on my onlyfans last night!💚 https://t.co/gRWo1G5neV

06:17, 26.03.2019

It’s a beautiful day to lick some pussy!😋💕

21:40, 25.03.2019

My crazy trip to the lingerie shop/public nudity is still on my https://t.co/JuZjgqAmR4 and when I get home tonight… https://t.co/icHr4ehhXW

20:08, 25.03.2019

Happy Monday! It’s the start to what could be an amazing week! You have infinite possibilities ahead of you! I hope you have a great day!!😘💕

20:03, 25.03.2019

A lovely day on set!😋💕 Some of the hottest behind the scenes footage I’ve ever c... https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

11:25, 25.03.2019

💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ https://t.co/Rc5BzwcL7D

06:07, 25.03.2019

On my way to Victoria’s Secrt to get that lingerie in about last night! https://t.co/BeTC5lDDwv

02:55, 25.03.2019

See this is why we need sex ed in schools! How many of you didn’t know this?! Be careful out there everyone! https://t.co/cNjkN1NhZz

01:54, 25.03.2019

Exactly:) https://t.co/WWFt8SkE6r

01:27, 25.03.2019

everyone has a right to put anyone they want on their no list. And if you don't want to fuck me for any reason, tha… https://t.co/1DaeRcYKKS

01:21, 25.03.2019

Reposted this scene from Sept on my Premium last night as a little bonus because I love you https://t.co/JuZjgqAmR4 https://t.co/2JLgxaWG33

01:02, 25.03.2019

I take a lot of baths! https://t.co/MbNIXSgzAO

04:06, 24.03.2019

The last few posts on my onlyfans are 🔥🔥🔥! And they never expire or are deleted, every scene I have posted since da… https://t.co/5Rx7lFUqdq

01:32, 24.03.2019

“You need a dick for that content trade? I got a dick!” Lolll! https://t.co/ZatEzqmd1G

23:56, 23.03.2019

Do you follow my free public Snapchat? It’s AaliyahLoveSnap 👻

23:10, 23.03.2019

#FlashbackFriday playground2.0 a few years ago! #goodtimes https://t.co/bEKZZnL1k1

09:34, 23.03.2019

Wurd https://t.co/rYxiDjBAp7

03:27, 23.03.2019

Do you girls bother to block on Instagram? I block+mute every day on Twitter, and my timeline is mostly pleasant. B… https://t.co/OK8hcHCix6

20:04, 22.03.2019

I also uploaded an 8minute JOI to my onlyfans last night!✊💦 https://t.co/IjFemdmIbr

20:02, 22.03.2019

“Florida man killed after touching his roommate’s knees” June 11 😳😳😳 https://t.co/Nw28dgGGhS

07:28, 22.03.2019

Hello from set (earlier today) #latergram Today was silly. Just how I like it! Never take life, or yourself, too se… https://t.co/CrG4v8gNmW

07:17, 22.03.2019

These skin tight shiny pants made me feel so sexy, I ended up doing a JOI right... https://t.co/V2YLpBVrzq

06:25, 22.03.2019

behind the scenes on set today here: https://t.co/JuZjgqAmR4 https://t.co/w67y05XacV

05:37, 22.03.2019

Church lady about to get freaky😜 @TeamSkeet https://t.co/UDZShU1LJ9

21:36, 21.03.2019

Hello from set! I’m playing a pearl clutching church lady today lollll gotta love it! https://t.co/LKuWMem1e6

20:56, 21.03.2019

Another day, another fun set! Shooting a BGG today, and all of the behind the scenes action will be here: https://t.co/JuZjgqAmR4

18:14, 21.03.2019

One of my biggest wishes/fantasies is to do one of those 6-9day yoga retreats somewhere tropical.. all by myself! I… https://t.co/reZgPWwxeB

08:31, 21.03.2019

I’ve shot so many days in a row and the only injury I got is bruised knees.. to be expected lol!! #partofthegig… https://t.co/DFzPwkZU6J

06:45, 21.03.2019

I tried to do yoga at home, so nice and relaxing! 🧘🏼‍♀️ #zen #Tillythemonster https://t.co/lFHXsc6w5h

05:07, 21.03.2019

damn I've shot a lot of scenes for https://t.co/ZJae99NyQZ

02:53, 21.03.2019

pretty sure I found my new “porn daughter“ yesterday, so whenever anybody asks me “who is a young girl who looks li… https://t.co/Q89Uoei8RG

00:27, 21.03.2019

Taking it easy today.. I’ve been fucking all day, every day this week, and tmrw is also a fuck day!😋 Today is a day of rest for my vagina🙏

00:23, 21.03.2019

These tight, black, shiny pants look so sexy on me! They hug every inch of my bo... https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

03:02, 20.03.2019

See what happens next at https://t.co/JuZjgqAmR4 💦💦💕 https://t.co/zzqcYxRAct

02:30, 20.03.2019

Prepping myself for all of the dick I’m about to get on my premium https://t.co/JuZjgqAmR4

22:20, 19.03.2019

Hello from set! @DogfartNetwork always treats me like a princess! https://t.co/oOqPeQlqHN

22:18, 19.03.2019

Hello from set!💕 https://t.co/tlZW5ICFO7

21:26, 19.03.2019

Thank you to you know who for @theDrybar gift certificate! I’m so happy for the help to wash this fake blood outta my hair tonight lol!

23:02, 18.03.2019

Right! Lol https://t.co/D3CCEUjARF

22:54, 18.03.2019

Lol that would be awesome! “They’re all gna laugh at you!” https://t.co/eD7XwAGbdS

22:17, 18.03.2019

Today was crazy! Every day is crazy! Never a dull moment in this industry!😋 https://t.co/vNMhoar4BA

22:11, 18.03.2019

So is nudity allowed on @instagram or not? Because I see nudity and nipples on my timeline from “IG influencers” ev… https://t.co/e4V7vdiQGe

19:57, 18.03.2019
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