Aaliyah Love
Aaliyah Love

Skinny blonde Aaliyah Love looks young, she is a petite babe who in a powerful and hot pleasures for a lot of things. The debauchery begins and Aliya Love is reincarnated, she wants more and more, this is her nature, more comfort and delicious debauchery. She willingly bolts serves also Love loves lesbian pleasures, in these commercials, it is often removed. And this Charmer, almost always smiling and is in a great mood, because she likes everything that she does.

Year of birth – 1985 (looking at Aaliyah, it's not too hard to believe, as stated, she seems young), Chicago (USA). So it was that in porn in 2003, she was the pretty one was only eighteen, but the arrival of strawberries was fully conscious and deliberate. First, do not cooperate with the most famous studios, but it quickly noticed and career aliyah Love started to move up. Here is what she has worked and works - Twistys, Holly Randall, Babes, Art Lingerie, AZIANI, and it is the famous producers of pornography. More than ten years this slim blonde in hot porn is and yet to leave him, she has no plans. She was eighteen, as has been noted, it turns out that in pornography, Love has spent about half his life, an enviable performance. In this case, the star of the first values, it did not, but there was always a porn diva, whose name, like studios, or fans of adult films. In social networks actively Aaliyah Love their pages leads, she also wants attention and fame.

Her height – 157 cm, weight – 48 kilograms, are actually miniature settings. Plus damsels its chest, albeit not the biggest, something between the first and second dimensions. In General, her beauty is natural. And large Breasts for such a petite girl could not go, and everything is natural and naturally looks.

It was noted that while the Lav to leave the porn industry has no plans, maybe she can't see my life without strawberries. And her fans, this situation should only make us happy, Aaliyah Love, will continue to play and cool themselves in porn to realize. Here is the video with her participation you will find only the coveted rollers and genuine brilliance.

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  • Born: 03.03.1985
  • Birthplace: United States, Chicago
  • Videos: 6
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 48
Aaliyah Love in Twitter: aaliyahlove69

And my sports ability def don’t make or break the scene! The awkward sports moves are always followed by super hot… https://t.co/h3LoZyeEDv

03:22, 16.06.2019

In so many ways lol https://t.co/N4hi3bIgdZ

03:20, 16.06.2019

Look at this little princess dog! She’s smiling because her dental surgery is coming up fast, thanx to everyone who… https://t.co/zQ2yCZNbwz

03:17, 16.06.2019

Confession: if you ever see me playing sports in a scene, they really had to do some editing! After trying to shoot… https://t.co/eJAnPK2pnB

03:00, 16.06.2019

I feel like if @SophieASlut and I ever met in person, we would instantly become best friends! I’m one of her bigges… https://t.co/VZpV83sm8S

02:49, 16.06.2019

I just went to change my onlyfans membership price for a Daddy’s Day sale.. and realized it’s already set to that p… https://t.co/DPWatehQlM

02:46, 16.06.2019

This scene is now on my only fans timeline for you to enjoy! @xJenniferWhitex https://t.co/UkLx60tZ8D https://t.co/r8GSAGnpQC

00:15, 16.06.2019

..and then I lay down and masturbate! I was wondering if they were gna stop their shoot and say something lol😋 https://t.co/8sL09qWXx4

00:12, 16.06.2019

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super hot girl/girl scene w @xJenniferWhitex is now live on my onlyfans! https://t.co/YvgO5QCShV https://t.co/7hMfjAKXto

03:46, 15.06.2019

I finally got to play with Jennifer White one on one. She’s just as sexual and s... https://t.co/V2YLpBDQHS

11:06, 14.06.2019

Goodnight xoxo https://t.co/LI3aJdO1qO

10:45, 14.06.2019

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03:20, 14.06.2019

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02:32, 14.06.2019

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11:41, 12.06.2019

Time leaks out, my life leaks in @phish

11:27, 12.06.2019

I just went without my phone and credit cards for a few hours and I almost had a breakdown! Think about it… I could… https://t.co/jp3iDAHRTS

05:08, 12.06.2019

WOW I am overwhelmed with all of the birthday wishes! I read them all, and I’m pretty sure I liked each one. I hope… https://t.co/ZqeU2xaRog

00:48, 12.06.2019

Yup, Gemini sun, Scorpio rising, year of the COCK. Let’s party😎 https://t.co/4UvYTyhyyz

00:43, 12.06.2019

Yup all over my face! 🤑👅 https://t.co/69Vcqqj6MY

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“Hey girl!” Lol @CherieDeVille https://t.co/JuZjgqAmR4 https://t.co/reUR63AKEN

23:58, 11.06.2019

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Omg thank you I love this!💕 https://t.co/HlxCTV2pR8

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Gonna take the time the to do the things we never had #Africa https://t.co/632fWQgxrt

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Click on the link to find out what happens next.. duh😜💁🏼‍♀️ https://t.co/77LGIYq9NZ

07:18, 11.06.2019

My IG pics won’t post to my Twitter anymore unless I connect my Facebook to IG, but I don’t have a Facebook🤷🏼‍♀️😾

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00:07, 10.06.2019

We are taking @shylajdotcom to the spa for her Birthday! Can you guys believe it’s her VERY 1st time at a spa?!

01:15, 09.06.2019

Wow what an amazing review! Thank you! This scene was so much fun to make.. glad that shines thru!☺️👯‍♀️💦… https://t.co/vDZkiuuerC

21:43, 08.06.2019

And this pantystuffing scene also! https://t.co/JuZjgqAmR4 https://t.co/6Aga6LniMO

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