Abby Cross
Abby Cross

Young smiling pussy Abby Cross good variety of strawberry, something incredibly powerful and emotional depravity. Lesbian joy (with a few bitches babe Abby Cross loves to frolic), maintenance shafts, threesomes, and so on increasing, games with items and more. She's just completely in joy is dipped and not playing, and living all the events. If you look at her work, lesbian porn more than usual, but Abby is there and there is compelling and good.

Year of birth – 1992, city – Austin. Already at the age of fifteen began to work in McDonald's, she got a job. Then worked as a bartender and came up to the dancers. And strawberry in 2012, it turned out, the agents noticed her, Cross was cast and the beginning of a lot to do. It was noted, in lesbian pornography it removed a lot from the very beginning that Abby Cross and chose. Also removed a lot of feature in porn, there are story lines, and great joy. Therefore, we can say that Abby just knows how to perfectly debauchery in front of cameras, she has acting talent. And, of course, Abby Cross has appeared in several porn parodies, now such tapes are extremely popular and often produced.

She likes all the porn she does. Therefore, her social network pages and full of candid photos, like from the shoot and personal character. Beauty Abby found themselves in the American porn and has yet to retire she has no plans. She's young, attractive, emotional, and so to say, you are a good slut. She knows how to receive pleasure and willing to share it with affiliates and partners. Watching porn with a hottie Abby Cross, you will heat and cool experience.

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  • Born: 05.10.1992
  • Birthplace: United States, Austin, Texas
  • Videos: 8
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 53
Abby Cross in Twitter: abbycrossxxx

I’m still brain dead from EDC I almost missed my lash appointment today😩 #whatdayisit?

21:31, 23.05.2019


18:38, 18.05.2019

My first time to EDC and day 1 was amazing!!! Happy birthday beautiful💕

18:36, 18.05.2019

Day 1 of #EDCLV was a success, can’t wait for tonight!!!

15:35, 18.05.2019

On my way to Vegas!!

23:50, 16.05.2019

Who’s ready for #EDCLV2019 this weekend?!?!

03:24, 15.05.2019

Just got to the airport waiting on these edibles to kick in😜

02:56, 09.05.2019

You already know the first thing I do when I land in Seattle is get a coffee from a naked girl!!! Today is going to…

19:27, 05.05.2019

But I get to see my bestie @madelynxmonroe!!!!! So we gunna lay by the pool get lit off the @TitosVodka and play Lu…

20:23, 26.04.2019

Y’all ima be honest...little disappointed heading to Palm Springs and not for stagecoach😥

20:21, 26.04.2019

It’s crazy you get good dick and your whole mood change, I just drove home wit a smile on my face and this pussy wet af☺️🙏🏼💦

08:27, 24.04.2019

I just drove to Dallas to get fucked lol I’m bout to ride this dick all night😛

03:09, 19.04.2019

On a serious note tho I need some help for meal prep ideas???? I need to get this body right for EDC next month! Wh…

02:47, 11.04.2019

Popeyes and shake shack are always my weakness

02:40, 11.04.2019

So I just got this man’s dick so hard, as I tell him I can’t wait to feel him inside me he told me he doesn’t fuck…

00:50, 11.04.2019

00:28, 11.04.2019

There’s a blessin in every lesson❤️

00:27, 11.04.2019

Last day in Denver and it’s snowing!!!!

23:33, 10.04.2019

Good morning Denver!

18:54, 09.04.2019

I got some time and never did a Q&A before wit y’all so email rn feel free to ask me anything! Email me at abbycros…

07:07, 08.04.2019

I wanna smoke in my room so bad

07:03, 08.04.2019

Who wants to see me make some more xxx movies???? I ain’t gunna lie I be missin that porn dick😛 and pussy lol it’s…

06:14, 08.04.2019

Should I take this shot of vodka or nah???

04:54, 08.04.2019

I wanna take shots of Tito’s but missin my better half @madelynxmonroe

03:55, 08.04.2019

03:26, 08.04.2019

When my Uber listens to gospel music💕

01:36, 08.04.2019

Bout to bless this parking garage one last time before I head to the airport💨

19:40, 07.04.2019

I heard people fucking last night in the room next to mine and not gunna lie that shit turned me on 😛💦😈

17:16, 07.04.2019

I’m leaving Dallas today but excited to be in Denver for the 1st time!

16:55, 07.04.2019

This elevator smells like cocaine

16:53, 07.04.2019

If you looking for a good time in the Dallas area please call my man Francisco. The best surprise picking me up fro…

07:54, 05.04.2019

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better landing in Dallas I ended up in a karaoke taxi!

07:50, 05.04.2019

I need weed in Dallas? Where it at?

07:42, 05.04.2019

And I’m 4 drinks in about to board this flight😛 see you soon Dallas!!

03:33, 05.04.2019

Heading to Dallas for the weekend!!

03:19, 05.04.2019

Wow this is a first lol I’m taking a Uber to the airport and my driver is watching Hispanic porno on his phone...ha…

01:57, 05.04.2019

Last day in Houston and I get to see @AvaAddams!! Today is gunna be a good day💕

19:32, 03.04.2019

Just pulled up H-town, what’s poppin?

00:45, 02.04.2019

Yo...why Houston got like a 7 lane highway???? Shit is crazy lol

00:45, 02.04.2019

Mornin y'all

16:43, 27.03.2019

Can't wait to sleep in my bed tonight!

23:25, 26.03.2019

Good morning LA🌤

18:15, 22.03.2019

Im over here feelin myself before dinner... when you lookin good and that pussy wet😛💦

07:00, 17.03.2019

I just feel at home while I’m in LA, get in the Uber and it smells like dank👌

01:27, 15.03.2019

Just landed in LA!!

01:09, 15.03.2019

Man I’m on this flight cryin watching the green book😢 such a good movie!

23:46, 14.03.2019

Why is pickin out a nail color the hardest decision??? Like I never know what color I wanna wear for 3 weeks and no…

23:49, 13.03.2019

I can’t wait to be in LA tomorrow!!

23:46, 13.03.2019

Just landed in NYC

20:57, 06.03.2019

This period is straight from the devil himself😩

00:39, 01.03.2019

Woke up this morning and there is snow flurries falling outside...holy shit y’all it’s snowing in Texas.

19:32, 08.02.2019


11:32, 05.02.2019

LA for the weekend!!!!

06:08, 03.02.2019

Never fails when flying my bag is always overweight🙄

06:07, 03.02.2019

Tell me why @RicksCabaretNYC lame af?? #nopole

07:32, 26.01.2019

Good morning NYC!!

18:51, 25.01.2019

Just got back to my hotel realized I saved tender greens mash potatoes in the fridge!! This bitch winnin!!

10:32, 24.01.2019

I wanna hire @hollywoodmedium!!

01:52, 23.01.2019

Watching KTLA this morning and not gunna lie it’s sad not to see Chris on here, missin #burrous’bites!

19:25, 18.01.2019

And you already know I got @postmates on the way with @Crossroads!!!

08:23, 18.01.2019

Just checked into my hotel and this whole floor smellin like some dank...God I love Cali💚

08:19, 18.01.2019

LA for the weekend✨

22:28, 17.01.2019

I’m in the mood to suck someone’s dick👅💦

18:48, 14.01.2019


19:10, 13.01.2019

My neighbor is currently blarin brick house by the commodores and I’m so here for it💃🏼 #morningyall

17:18, 08.01.2019

Praying I make this flight at 5:30am😩

05:59, 02.01.2019

Last day smokin blunts y’all😱 this gunna be one of the hardest things I’ve done. #HappyNewYears

21:28, 31.12.2018

I’m over here just tryin to find a good lookin gentlemen wit that long dick, says yes ma’am, wears cowboy boots and…

19:02, 29.12.2018

Ladiesss in the Austin area if you’re lookin to get beautiful volume lashes, I found this salon in marble falls and…

01:11, 29.12.2018

Thinkin about visiting philly after NYC next month (Jan. 27th-30th) What do y’all think?

21:18, 26.12.2018

Merry Christmas🎄

18:48, 25.12.2018

January’s Schedule📆 *Seattle, Washington 2nd-5th* *Los Angeles, California 17th-20th* *New York City 21st-27th*…

19:22, 23.12.2018

You best believe I’m cheifin these blunts cuz come January 1 this bitch gunna only smoke papers...#FRFR #NewYearsResolution

21:22, 14.12.2018

I’m currently still in bed, eating a whole bag of Milano is gunna be a good day😏

18:30, 14.12.2018

Put your hand on your clit...Ask him do he like that shit.

22:13, 10.12.2018

Finally got around to updating my wishlist....soooo go spoil my ass for Christmas!!!

03:37, 09.12.2018

I just asked this bartender for her playlist lol she playin all the jams

22:14, 04.12.2018

Good morning Boston☕️

17:19, 04.12.2018

I was just thinking Austin needs to get wit it...we need slut huts and dispensaries.

16:43, 03.12.2018

I wanna fuck Thomas Shelby💦

16:39, 03.12.2018

The drivers here in Boston suck ass

04:09, 03.12.2018

This little girl next to me on this flight got her some Popeyes and I can’t stop eyeballin it hahaha #yougunnafinishthatbiscuit😋

21:58, 20.11.2018

Men that wear grey sweatpants🤤💦

21:53, 20.11.2018

For bookings email me ABBYCROSSXXX@GMAIL.GOM

19:12, 17.11.2018

Good morning Houston TX

16:50, 17.11.2018


16:34, 02.11.2018
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