Abella Danger
Abella Danger

Abella Danger – American porn actress, a rising star of the powerful and hot strawberries. Slutty partners willingly allows himself to drive in all young holes, and girls engaged in hot lesbian pleasures. From it all gets real pleasure, and if not will drop the revs, you can become a porn star the most important and first sizes, the beauty is a lot of assumptions. Strawberry with her participation always longed for, emotional and colorful.

Year of birth – 1995, the city of Miami. Has Ukrainian and Jewish roots. Since three years was engaged in ballroom dancing, these classes gave her a great plasticity and toughness, plus good flexibility. Always popular with the boys, at the age of sixteen I lost my virginity. And in 18 years has been in the strawberry to appear. Then, in his Frank interview told me that before porn she had more than ten sex partners, as classy debauchery she had always loved. Abella also noted that the pleasure brings her lesbian sex, although with young partners she also likes to debauchery. But the Mature and old men are not always able to meet its needs. Also she likes when her partners take roughly, without any prelude. Her ideal type of man is a strong male who is pushy and sometimes rude, but this coarseness should not cross the limits and frameworks. In porn she had these partners, they caught courage and very powerfully flogged minx. And if you look at her videos with lesbian sex, there Abella Danger not only receives pleasure, but also with partners willing to share it.

In 2016, won a prestigious award from AVN Awards -best new starlet, plus several interesting nominations. And the fans have given her the victory in the nomination – hottest newcomer, this speaks for itself and shows that the porn career of danger the fun began. Also she was best new starlet at the XBIZ Awards version. And despite the fact that November 19, 2015 she was only twenty years old, the age allows you to continue climbing to pornographic heights. Her main hobby is dancing, this is not ballet, as a child, and more clockwork movement and rhythmic motives. Hot sex, too, can partly call it a hobby, so very much cutie likes it.

Her porn career is just beginning, but there are a lot of tasty strawberries where slim Abella Danger itself implements just fine and shows. As noted, in many pleasures she's well and truly a real prize. See the strawberry with Abelli and dipped into the world of hot depravity.

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  • Born: 19.11.1995
  • Birthplace: United States, Miami, Florida
  • Videos: 10
  • Height: 162
  • Weight: not specified
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Abella Danger in Twitter: @Abella_Danger

She makes me cum so hard i scream so fucking loud and then she tried to keep going and i yell DONT TOUCH ME because I’m so sensitive🙈

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when @NativeYouth__ & i were kids sometimes she wasn’t allowed to see me so we would write each other 3 page long n… https://t.co/7r527kFvzu

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02:46, 21.02.2018

The fact that i got booked to shoot in Miami in March for a week tells me the universe wants me to party

02:23, 21.02.2018

I’m going to tie her up and tickle her🙈😂

23:20, 20.02.2018

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My sister butt is way bigger honestly🙈😂 https://t.co/3FNXyD4ccG

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I’m so ridiculously in love with @NativeYouth__ it’s so fucking sappy and disgusting i love it

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I loved her first, I’ll love her last.

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05:59, 17.02.2018

only fans my asshole, bro

05:48, 17.02.2018
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maka 29.12.2017
I fak u my bast coka
maka 29.12.2017
I fak u my bast coka
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eres una chica linda lastima que no folles en español