Abella Danger
Abella Danger

Abella Danger – American porn actress, a rising star of the powerful and hot strawberries. Slutty partners willingly allows himself to drive in all young holes, and girls engaged in hot lesbian pleasures. From it all gets real pleasure, and if not will drop the revs, you can become a porn star the most important and first sizes, the beauty is a lot of assumptions. Strawberry with her participation always longed for, emotional and colorful.

Year of birth – 1995, the city of Miami. Has Ukrainian and Jewish roots. Since three years was engaged in ballroom dancing, these classes gave her a great plasticity and toughness, plus good flexibility. Always popular with the boys, at the age of sixteen I lost my virginity. And in 18 years has been in the strawberry to appear. Then, in his Frank interview told me that before porn she had more than ten sex partners, as classy debauchery she had always loved. Abella also noted that the pleasure brings her lesbian sex, although with young partners she also likes to debauchery. But the Mature and old men are not always able to meet its needs. Also she likes when her partners take roughly, without any prelude. Her ideal type of man is a strong male who is pushy and sometimes rude, but this coarseness should not cross the limits and frameworks. In porn she had these partners, they caught courage and very powerfully flogged minx. And if you look at her videos with lesbian sex, there Abella Danger not only receives pleasure, but also with partners willing to share it.

In 2016, won a prestigious award from AVN Awards -best new starlet, plus several interesting nominations. And the fans have given her the victory in the nomination – hottest newcomer, this speaks for itself and shows that the porn career of danger the fun began. Also she was best new starlet at the XBIZ Awards version. And despite the fact that November 19, 2015 she was only twenty years old, the age allows you to continue climbing to pornographic heights. Her main hobby is dancing, this is not ballet, as a child, and more clockwork movement and rhythmic motives. Hot sex, too, can partly call it a hobby, so very much cutie likes it.

Her porn career is just beginning, but there are a lot of tasty strawberries where slim Abella Danger itself implements just fine and shows. As noted, in many pleasures she's well and truly a real prize. See the strawberry with Abelli and dipped into the world of hot depravity.

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  • Born: 19.11.1995
  • Birthplace: United States, Miami, Florida
  • Videos: 26
  • Height: 162
  • Weight: not specified
Abella Danger PORN ALBUMS
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Abella Danger in Twitter: @Abella_Danger

yo some male talent truly impress the hell out of me

22:09, 18.12.2018

who hurt you https://t.co/ZtqUy6cCAg

21:05, 18.12.2018

keep your friends close and your snacks closer https://t.co/4fczbG47z2 https://t.co/cFizUFMnAg

08:38, 18.12.2018

sooooooo excited to shoot with all my fav crews in miami🔥 this is where i started👅

07:07, 18.12.2018

oh my god that’s my baby https://t.co/Y2bc6WDqGp https://t.co/hSE2drHhIc

02:23, 18.12.2018

IM HOME😍 #MiamiBabe

15:17, 17.12.2018


08:57, 17.12.2018

SO HOT https://t.co/DOyssLau4j

08:54, 17.12.2018

sad af i don’t have this outfit in every color. get yours on https://t.co/mm89e4GFrE https://t.co/T65iYpzTGJ

07:21, 17.12.2018

on set for @RealRKofficial today🙈🔥 https://t.co/mtGpwtutm7

01:57, 17.12.2018

usher in “my boo” is my favorite usher

07:42, 16.12.2018

https://t.co/mm89e4GFrE https://t.co/0B1L0lTWsh

05:17, 16.12.2018

hahahah yes it does! time flies when you’re having fun, im so happy i started at 18 but i think i’m cuter now🙈😁 https://t.co/MJjI7pyn2M

05:06, 16.12.2018

i remember too😂 23 is cute tho💕 https://t.co/B6SyOXW9vm

05:03, 16.12.2018

happy birthday @GiaDerza you’re 20 and sexy👅🔥

05:00, 16.12.2018

i love the motorbunny💙 watch👉🏼 https://t.co/X8fBb2zVjB @Brazzers https://t.co/fGpBynQ2PY

03:38, 16.12.2018

i shot for https://t.co/CA5tU7HySb today❤️

03:29, 16.12.2018

everyone who actually wastes time on social media talking about someone that’s never cut them a check, doesn’t even… https://t.co/Rc3zW6I5Ii

03:24, 16.12.2018

now if i fuck this model https://t.co/Y2bc6WlPhP https://t.co/s9r3lorAOL

22:02, 15.12.2018

go watch https://t.co/1ZE8pI95Bf he’s been live for almost 24 hours!

20:52, 15.12.2018

going live with @manuelferrara tonight as a part of his 24 hour live stream for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital❤️ so… https://t.co/ts4VoEuViy

08:47, 15.12.2018

if you can’t take the heat

04:18, 15.12.2018

yay i finally got my gold butterfly back from the jewelers

03:10, 15.12.2018

#newnew with @brandi_love on @Brazzers WATCH🔥👉🏼 https://t.co/X8fBb2zVjB https://t.co/oEp5hZnEaG

02:13, 15.12.2018

checking up on the twitter drama😂 catch us live on @VIXEN official instagram at 1:30pm PST to find out who the newe… https://t.co/hI7YiBf7n7

23:29, 14.12.2018

tomorrow @manuelferrara is doing a 24 HOUR LIVE STREAM! all donations will be given to @StJude hospital❤️ you bette… https://t.co/5yYTSJZ4sX

09:15, 14.12.2018

shout out to all the squirters even the ones that do it in private like @LizTheBizzz

00:19, 13.12.2018

happy birthday GREG LANSKY i hope today is the best day ever! 🔥 @GregLansky https://t.co/RAgd9Iany5

23:45, 12.12.2018

everyday i see my dream

23:19, 12.12.2018

sex with my girlfriend is literally the hottest thing on the planet.

22:52, 12.12.2018

go pick up your copy of @AVNMediaNetwork magazine! it’s out today https://t.co/dGO7OWNJRN 🔥 https://t.co/5qHxgNb25W

22:41, 12.12.2018

#newnew coming soon to @Brazzers with @brandi_love watch the trailer now👅👉🏼 https://t.co/Xes2PaG1te https://t.co/dSVw2hNV5z

22:18, 12.12.2018

happy birthday OG queen @nikkibenz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

11:55, 12.12.2018

omg will do! i’ve been waiting for the new episode, one of my favorite shows right now next to manifest https://t.co/kxBkhN768H

10:58, 12.12.2018

also i watched Life Size 2 and i couldn’t even finish it. barely got half way through it soooooooo bad. watch it on… https://t.co/CV76qKlG2n

10:51, 12.12.2018


10:18, 12.12.2018

members of my snapchat: go watch my story🖤

09:53, 12.12.2018

y everyone gotta forget bosh tho, that trio was everything https://t.co/VYJpl6jvSi

09:41, 12.12.2018

keisha karlee & i are so iconic together i’m sorry but yeah

08:55, 12.12.2018

you are a cinema i can watch you foreverrr https://t.co/MOhQECrClA

08:52, 12.12.2018

ok okay that’s heaven https://t.co/aSRhRrkUip

08:31, 12.12.2018

what can i say i’m cute bro✊🏽 https://t.co/H6K8MNVchk

08:30, 12.12.2018

this just about broke my heart https://t.co/783hq7A2LR

08:29, 12.12.2018

i can’t do my top nine yet what if i take the best pic ever on the 31st? nah imma wait

07:48, 12.12.2018

i just woke up from the best nap

07:26, 12.12.2018

i love all my family and friends but i hate when i have to fly to miami with 30+ wrapped presents for them

00:42, 12.12.2018

go watch my snaps from last night🙈

21:36, 11.12.2018

fuck i hate feeling sick

20:05, 11.12.2018

yo just one time for the 1 time https://t.co/jK2oxfEKuY

10:54, 11.12.2018

WOW i just realized i have 32 scenes on GIRLSWAY like WHAT! you need to watch them all right NOW💙👉🏼… https://t.co/UZ7GyhmGr4

10:31, 11.12.2018

bratty spice on set for @girlswaynetwork today🔥 https://t.co/d9nUOFx45q

07:50, 11.12.2018

hahahah yes!!!! you need to come back just to do a Hot & Mean with me for @Brazzers come on Phoenix one time for th… https://t.co/QLonNv9Efb

06:55, 11.12.2018

shoutout to @PMarizzle for being the first person to call me a brat to my face, it always came from a loving place… https://t.co/cCIY20Ij4U

06:51, 11.12.2018

if you want to be original. be ready to be copied- coco

06:37, 11.12.2018

you know a director likes you if he has you booked 4 times in one month😂💕

21:32, 10.12.2018

it’s so hard i’m really trying to get better at posting on snapchat, once i’m back in miami not shooting every day… https://t.co/5dtlENVtPT

12:17, 10.12.2018

i posted on my snapchat go look💕

12:13, 10.12.2018

original brat https://t.co/rnRTERD7Av

11:52, 10.12.2018

someone tell @manuelferrara to clean his dressing room😂 https://t.co/nUbFOIefgY

02:19, 10.12.2018

you have to watch this https://t.co/8XbwCktiDT https://t.co/vcIR6PLAd9

01:39, 10.12.2018

going live on https://t.co/ZBgrepBQt2 in 5 minutes!!!

23:42, 09.12.2018

going LIVE on twitch with @ManuelFerraraTV at 1pm PST come watch it’s free😁

22:23, 09.12.2018

issa tradition @JulesJordan https://t.co/4bMk9rbr4q

07:43, 09.12.2018

i like girls... they like me https://t.co/y1s7C1iqas https://t.co/XZSqSd1QRV

04:21, 09.12.2018

shooting for https://t.co/EjGUuzyyij 🖤

19:49, 08.12.2018

when it’s winter but you live in california @brazzersofficial x @ssur collab is on sale now on… https://t.co/BeKdb50nse

08:23, 08.12.2018

seriously tho i need to know

04:59, 08.12.2018

https://t.co/uYA1dIi26P https://t.co/qrOr1KS6oS

02:33, 08.12.2018

new look same brat👅 on set for @JulesJordan today https://t.co/jRQivobPBI

00:13, 08.12.2018
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maka 29.12.2017
I fak u my bast coka
maka 29.12.2017
I fak u my bast coka
roger 22.07.2017
eres una chica linda lastima que no folles en español