Abella Danger
Abella Danger

Abella Danger – American porn actress, a rising star of the powerful and hot strawberries. Slutty partners willingly allows himself to drive in all young holes, and girls engaged in hot lesbian pleasures. From it all gets real pleasure, and if not will drop the revs, you can become a porn star the most important and first sizes, the beauty is a lot of assumptions. Strawberry with her participation always longed for, emotional and colorful.

Year of birth – 1995, the city of Miami. Has Ukrainian and Jewish roots. Since three years was engaged in ballroom dancing, these classes gave her a great plasticity and toughness, plus good flexibility. Always popular with the boys, at the age of sixteen I lost my virginity. And in 18 years has been in the strawberry to appear. Then, in his Frank interview told me that before porn she had more than ten sex partners, as classy debauchery she had always loved. Abella also noted that the pleasure brings her lesbian sex, although with young partners she also likes to debauchery. But the Mature and old men are not always able to meet its needs. Also she likes when her partners take roughly, without any prelude. Her ideal type of man is a strong male who is pushy and sometimes rude, but this coarseness should not cross the limits and frameworks. In porn she had these partners, they caught courage and very powerfully flogged minx. And if you look at her videos with lesbian sex, there Abella Danger not only receives pleasure, but also with partners willing to share it.

In 2016, won a prestigious award from AVN Awards -best new starlet, plus several interesting nominations. And the fans have given her the victory in the nomination – hottest newcomer, this speaks for itself and shows that the porn career of danger the fun began. Also she was best new starlet at the XBIZ Awards version. And despite the fact that November 19, 2015 she was only twenty years old, the age allows you to continue climbing to pornographic heights. Her main hobby is dancing, this is not ballet, as a child, and more clockwork movement and rhythmic motives. Hot sex, too, can partly call it a hobby, so very much cutie likes it.

Her porn career is just beginning, but there are a lot of tasty strawberries where slim Abella Danger itself implements just fine and shows. As noted, in many pleasures she's well and truly a real prize. See the strawberry with Abelli and dipped into the world of hot depravity.

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  • Born: 19.11.1995
  • Birthplace: United States, Miami, Florida
  • Videos: 35
  • Height: 162
  • Weight: not specified
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Abella Danger in Twitter: @Abella_Danger

i got hurt by a motorcycle and my leg is not having it, there’s only a small bruise but the bump hurts so bad😭

09:58, 24.05.2019

indya moore is actual perfection, i’ve had dreams about her and i 😭💕

08:42, 24.05.2019

what do YOU think squirt is?

08:12, 24.05.2019

me and gaby g ❤️ https://t.co/lv96ytD3G0

04:05, 24.05.2019

i need a barber for my bush, my OCD wants it to be perfect and it’s like not

03:47, 24.05.2019

i get to have sex with a really beautiful girl tomorrow 😍 HINT: she also won Best New Starlet in the past❤️

03:37, 24.05.2019

no, BUT i have put a banana in my butt. it’s penis shaped. https://t.co/grNZoI74ZU

02:16, 24.05.2019

what other breakfast food ya’ll doing next? granola bars? pop tarts? lmk

02:08, 24.05.2019

i guess cereal in buttholes is the new trend in porn😂

02:07, 24.05.2019

i’m moving to miami, LA and their state tax and high gas prices can suck my asshole https://t.co/fmxmKcClVD

01:13, 24.05.2019

i just told myself i don’t need those things https://t.co/fRFJ8HXS5Q

21:58, 23.05.2019

quitting coffee was harder than quitting weed and surprisingly, i’m still going 💪🏼 #cleanlife

21:39, 23.05.2019

i am doing a fashion spread! like an actual fashion spread, i cannot day for whom but you will find out soon😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

21:35, 23.05.2019

having @Clear is so amazing except for the fact the don’t have it @ Burbank airport and they only have 1 in the ent… https://t.co/szCwCSDZ3z

12:03, 23.05.2019

hugging my mom goodbye is actually the hardest thing ever, she even buckles in my seatbelt people. you can’t buy that kind of love.

11:24, 23.05.2019

crying my eyes out in bed with my mom, I HATE HAVING TO GO BACK TO LA. i can’t wait to live in miami and just visit LA and Vegas to shoot😭😭😭

10:18, 23.05.2019

so i got some yeezys delivered today but i’m in miami so i was terrified of someone stealing them. i called… https://t.co/juKxoYEVPW

08:54, 23.05.2019

gangbang scenes (5 or more men on one girl, with anal, DP, and DA)...

04:30, 23.05.2019

sir, trainers teach them not to bark for absolutely no reason. and this random dog is barking for absolutely no rea… https://t.co/9ATQSJ25Zk

01:59, 23.05.2019

wow so i’m @ the vet with my mom and the puppy i got her for mother’s day and she’s already so well behaved and tra… https://t.co/QIlD5NMnGp

01:54, 23.05.2019

wow😍 https://t.co/60dMgSp96O

01:01, 23.05.2019

“the only thing “influencers” make me want to do is get off social media” is by far one of my favorite lines ever😂… https://t.co/0BJTUZhcWO

06:01, 22.05.2019

omfg thanks for the smile kid https://t.co/Vbs2Eh5SgL

20:26, 21.05.2019

the happiness i experience in miami, is truly one of a kind. to have my family at arms length... priceless

08:55, 21.05.2019

now tell me, do my ladies run this? on set for @RealRKofficial today❤️ https://t.co/06TQQLynKr

07:21, 21.05.2019

i won’t ❤️ https://t.co/HWqzDpFK0V

10:38, 20.05.2019

WOAH😍 https://t.co/zWzU7kwtmh

03:37, 20.05.2019

i’m so honored https://t.co/h0ZSWlNA6G

03:20, 20.05.2019

i love my nose so much

20:17, 19.05.2019

no this is just a tease for fun but i did shoot it with my own two hands😂💕 https://t.co/RIXWMSxQKs

03:43, 19.05.2019

.@GValentinaxxx loves @Brazzers 🔥 directed by me beats by @ENCOSY https://t.co/WcCjKadd8q

03:17, 19.05.2019

sex makes me thirsty, i swear my fleshlight will leave you dehydrated🙈👉🏼 https://t.co/1S6fkBd13N https://t.co/ltxxfjEnfu

10:14, 18.05.2019

so random but i just rewatched so.. if you haven’t seen Ready Player One, i’m so sorry you’re really missing out

09:42, 18.05.2019

honestly, how do you mostly watch xxx?

09:35, 18.05.2019

sheep stand for 20 minutes waiting to get off a plane. lions sit comfortably and wait their turn.

09:31, 18.05.2019

lmfao if you think carbs is the only source of energy found in food... WOW i’m so sorry about your lack of educatio… https://t.co/6B2CU7nBnl

07:44, 18.05.2019

omg thank you! the armpit makes a lot of sense https://t.co/Y1UFePv5Dh

07:42, 18.05.2019

this is seriously me and my girlfriend life... a small isn’t small anymore AND we’re short so it’s even harder. hav… https://t.co/DbEEMJHXea

07:38, 18.05.2019

omggggggggggg so yummy minus the cone🙈 https://t.co/7zXrCFbRyV

07:36, 18.05.2019

carbs are pointless. but i do love the occasional pasta or rice. definitely don’t eat carbs every day. https://t.co/3icZPOU7di

07:30, 18.05.2019

am i the only person on earth that opens up hot pockets and only eats the inside? all that bread is so pointless

07:27, 18.05.2019

watch this🔥👉🏼 https://t.co/zFWNMr16xD @RealRKofficial https://t.co/IImqmyrIxr

06:05, 18.05.2019

don’t judge me, cause if you did baby i would judge you too😘

03:36, 18.05.2019

YES😍 https://t.co/VYvDfoUyT3

11:00, 17.05.2019

on set for @RealRKofficial tonight🔥 https://t.co/RWS9VcpGMa

07:01, 17.05.2019

the place is officially mine on june 15th but i won’t be able to live there until august because i’m booked up all… https://t.co/RaKKoI3fHA

06:44, 17.05.2019

@ dangershewrote ❤️ https://t.co/yb2LMPU21P

06:01, 17.05.2019

thank you @instagram for allowing me to have an account

05:26, 17.05.2019

i got approved so quick for my new spot in miami i’m so happy❤️ miami in august here i come❤️❤️❤️

04:10, 17.05.2019

yo i still have the preamble memorized what the fuck

21:15, 16.05.2019

so excited to shoot for @RealRKofficial with @CallMeMissMolly today😍😍😍

21:11, 16.05.2019

i love riding my girlfriends face

11:32, 16.05.2019

.@Brazzers https://t.co/TvD8MebDR9

08:58, 16.05.2019

no i don’t block people for no reason. he must have said something rude to me https://t.co/JTXT11GFm0

05:40, 16.05.2019
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