Addison Lee
Addison Lee

Elegant chick Addison Lee – a whore of the highest caliber. She successfully starred in various pornography and knows how to fuck hot. Anal sex, vaginal pleasure, practicing with toys, deep Blowjob, double penetration and group debauchery. Cutie Addison Lee in everything is good and passionate. In lesbian porn, she also removed and always with great zeal heifers holes licking. Any debauchery brings her pleasure and gives hot emotions.

Year of birth – 1992, country – USA. Blue-eyed blonde started acting in porn in 2015. And immediately she showed a harlot of the highest order. On all the shots Addison Lee has agreed to much fucking, making a name for themselves and earning good money. Now she is known and in demand in the porn industry. Addison continues to shoot a lot and actively fry with various males, from young to Mature. Blacks it is also often tear up the big black member. Shooting porn for her and work and the opportunity to get a cool feeling and satisfaction. The beauty herself often talks about this and her porn life she enjoys.

The growth of Addison Lee – 167 cm, weight 60 kg. Chick juicy and sexy, she looks good and watches her body. And how cool the fuck Addison plunges and dips. It is always delicious moans loudly, shaking Tits, fully laid out and experiencing the real thrill. She knows how to work on the camera and in all its glory to show themselves. Members of the partners she does not give rest and often Fucks them with all three holes. These bitches are called insatiable beasts.

This slut, Addison Lee, is a quality porn actress. Porn with her is filled with emotion and beauty. Videos with Addison's chic look and boost your thrills. With this beauty men never get bored.

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  • Born: 01.10.1992
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Videos: 2
  • Height: 167
  • Weight: 60
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Addison Lee in Twitter: misslee_x

Be on MyFreeCams tomorrow at 12pm EST 💖💓

22:24, 16.06.2019

Was going to hop on cam today and totally forgot it’s Fathers Day! 💙 Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.

18:11, 16.06.2019

I love glass dildos. Do you? SWIPE!

21:48, 15.06.2019

05:01, 15.06.2019

Testing camming outside ☀️ I’ll be LIVE in 10 minutes! 🥰 👉🏼👉🏼

19:01, 14.06.2019

I’m going to be camming OUTSIDE today. 😉☀️

18:15, 14.06.2019

Subscribe to see me on Snapchat at I know you'll want to stay.

09:27, 14.06.2019

Goodnight babes 😘♥️

05:13, 14.06.2019

I’m trying so hard to learn how to successfully broadcast via OBS but having such a hard time 😫

02:55, 14.06.2019

I’ll be on MyFreeCams at 12:30pm EST 🦊🧡

19:08, 13.06.2019

I freaking miss @michelejamesmv 💕

03:13, 13.06.2019

A great POV don’t you think? 😏 👉🏼

22:12, 12.06.2019

Thank you for everyone who hung out with me on MFC today - 💕

21:14, 12.06.2019

Logging on @MyFreeCams in 10 minutes. 🙂💖

17:59, 12.06.2019

Thank you. That’s the plan 🤪

06:10, 12.06.2019

I changed my MFC username from “misslee_x” to “Addison_Lee” 💓

03:20, 12.06.2019

already counting the days until I leave for LA again. I’m bored. 🙂🙃

00:29, 12.06.2019

Listening to @hollyrandall podcast while drinking my coffee. ☕️

17:29, 11.06.2019 😉 $5.99!

17:26, 11.06.2019

Have to push my day coming back to cam to TOMORROW! Will still be at 11am EST 💕💖

16:49, 11.06.2019

☠️ little waist - round peach. ☠️

23:02, 10.06.2019

goodnight 🌙😴😘

06:06, 10.06.2019

My first day back to @MyFreeCams will be on Tuesday at 11am EST! ☺️

00:32, 10.06.2019

end your night with looking me up on PornHub 😈😏

07:00, 09.06.2019

naked snuggles anyone?

04:00, 09.06.2019

I was VERY naughty on my deck ♥️ Make sure you have my premium snap to see EVERYTHING. 🤤

20:34, 07.06.2019

Thank you love! 💕 doing vids later today xo

17:07, 07.06.2019

I’m sorry but if you don’t support me 110% don’t support me at all.

02:41, 07.06.2019

Sadly I won’t be traveling to LA this month. 😓 hope to make it back late next month or early August!

02:16, 07.06.2019

I’m such a good little slut.

03:45, 06.06.2019

Filming for OnlyFans & playing on snap all night. 💚💖

00:12, 06.06.2019

Omg I’m being so naughty on my Snapchat right now.. I’m a little nervous about HOW naughty 🙈

21:43, 05.06.2019

Are these public gym approved? 😜😂

18:38, 05.06.2019

Morning! Have lots of stuff planned today! I’ll also be getting on cam! 💕

16:48, 05.06.2019

I was just gifted a weighted blanket and now I don’t think I’m ever leaving my bed again.

03:56, 05.06.2019

Make sure to subscribe to my OnlyFans! It’s now only $5.99! Have lots of content already available ready to enjoy 😈

03:20, 05.06.2019

I need to get booty back to working out. I haven’t since Miami. Can’t lose my progress! 👀👀👀

22:21, 04.06.2019

I’ve played with myself so much today I’m a little sore but I want MORE. 😍

23:05, 03.06.2019

Slippery when wet. Swipe!

20:27, 03.06.2019

I fucked all my holes on my private snap this morning 😈

20:16, 03.06.2019

Snapchat is down just in case you live under a rock. 🙈 be back to posting when it’s back up. Night 💜

06:05, 03.06.2019

Today was a great day with the family 🥰

02:10, 03.06.2019


23:37, 01.06.2019

My Onlyfans is now only $5.99 a month! It was $12.99! Don’t miss out 💕😜

22:10, 01.06.2019

If anyone can share some of my solo glamour shots for GirlsWay - id love you forever 💕😘

18:30, 01.06.2019

This means a lot! Thank you for your support! ♥️

01:02, 01.06.2019
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