Aletta Ocean
Aletta Ocean

Aletta ocean passionate Hungarian porn actress with an incredibly gorgeous body, big Breasts and firm ass. By strawberry ocean removed most diverse, taboo doesn't exist for it (interracial sex, bdsm, deep throating, brutal anal sex, Gangbang and much more). Over their partners it is rarely dominant, allowing himself to do anything. Its main role – available middle-aged woman, who really agree on everything. In the porn industry at Aletta ocean a huge number of fans, she knows how to interest the audience and skillfully present your body.

Ocean was born in Hungary in 1987. Real name – Dora Varga. At the age of nineteen-year-old tried his hand in modeling, won one beauty pageant, though not the most famous and prestigious. And the year after (2007) Aletta decided to try their hand at pornography. As she later told she did she saw as extra income, best part of his lovely body. Easy money head struck the ocean in the porn industry, and she decided to stay there for a long time. And already got into pornography, she decided to invest in her body, she had a boob job and has done some plastic surgery. These facts Aletta ocean doesn't hide, so nothing to be ashamed of minx in all of this does not see. She earns a lot of money with his body, which means that it should be in good shape.

Recognition among fans of pornography to ocean quickly came. But the first significant award she received in 2010 (best foreign actress). She and a lot of interesting porn categories. According to the information for 2014 Busty beauty has starred in over 200 adult films (around 30 films a year).

Watching pornography with the participation of Aletta ocean on our website and enjoy with titted beauty towards unforgettable emotions and incredibly acute senses. Ocean really knows what real men want.

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  • Born: 14.12.1987
  • Birthplace: Hungary, Budapest
  • Videos: 84
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: 57
Aletta Ocean in Twitter: alettaoceanxxxx

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