Alura Jenson
Alura Jenson

Alura Jenson – titted slag, which is removed in the various porn (brutal anal deep anal, kinky play, bdsm, games with items and more). In her middle-aged body some flaws, but it is foolish to argue that Alura is laid out in full. Sometimes she plays passionate "moms-whores", sometimes victims of circumstances, and even dominant women who during sex do incredible things with their partners. So just Jenson that has seen a lot in the porn industry will not take to bring her to orgasm you need a good try. But indomitable Alura not only loves to have fun she also knows how to give insatiable partners, so they were happy. Of course, Alura Jenson is one of the most successful age porn divas that his last word in the strawberry have not yet said. World of the porn industry is still very much to offer. She knows how to engage in incredibly passionate sex and rightly so.

She was born future porn star in the Italian city of Florence in 1977. Her thirty-five years, but she is still in business. Alura has appeared in a vast number of pornography videos plus the porn with a little plot. Her most successful porn film can be called a picture – "dirty rotten lamotragine 6" (2013). There she played one of main characters, throughout the ribbon partners carefully and cruelly punished were. In this film, along with Jenson starred these famous porn star: a passionate Belgian Eva Karera, incomparable Jessica James dissolved brandi Love, pliable Maxine X and many others. The cast is really incredibly strong.

Porn involving Alura Jenson are very popular around the world. View strawberry with Jackson we can go to our website. This is your opportunity to plunge into the fabulous world of passion and lust.

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  • Born: 31.05.1977
  • Birthplace: Italy, Florence
  • Videos: 35
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: 75
Alura Jenson in Twitter: alurajenson

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I love you! Thank you, beautiful! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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01:19, 14.12.2017 My favorite Christmas song. 😊

21:48, 13.12.2017

An erection is an erection is an erection. When it's available and willing, its design doesn't concern me, just its…

20:08, 13.12.2017

Absolutely not, for me. I keep work in the workplace, treat all of my colleagues with the utmost respect. Establish…

20:06, 13.12.2017

😂😂😂😂😂 yeah. Good luck with that.

20:02, 13.12.2017

I hate no one. I will simply not perform wearing a hijab. It's disrespectful to those who cherish it.

20:00, 13.12.2017

Lol..... you're tap dancing with the devil. Those firemen just don't

19:59, 13.12.2017

Will never, EVER happen. EVER.

19:58, 13.12.2017

I make it my life's work to turn every misogynist into a sniveling sissy. I bow to no man, EVER. I only play with e…

19:54, 13.12.2017

I wasn't offended. I'm a hardcore personality, it takes a superpower to crack me. Those 1%ers not only get my respe…

19:48, 13.12.2017

Nah. A fuck-fight involves a fuck boy and a femme fatale. Fuck boys get no respect and no goodbye when I'm through.…

19:45, 13.12.2017

Lmbo.....yo. 😂😂😂😂Seriously gangster breakfast,sugar and caffeine. I'd be afraid of you at the gym. Lol

19:43, 13.12.2017

I'm rarely offended, and, enjoy turning douche-baggery into my own, personal form of comedy. 😁

19:42, 13.12.2017

Assaulting, no. Enthusiastically enjoy, HELL YEAH. 😍 If you'd rather fuck-fight, I'll down a V-8 and some Wheaties.…

19:35, 13.12.2017

" Liam Neesons is my shiiiiiiiiiiiit!" Lol.... every time I read or hear his name, I think of that @KeyAndPeele ski…

18:33, 13.12.2017

Hey....... Hey..... Hey......🇺🇸

18:32, 13.12.2017

Please, refer to my established sentiment of being slapped. 😐

18:30, 13.12.2017

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What is the NFL?

01:45, 13.12.2017

Because, when they do, it'll be a righteous celebration!😎 @Eagles @cj_wentz @NFoles_9

19:43, 12.12.2017

😂😂😂😂 oh man, you're trying to start a fight. (Jk)

16:14, 12.12.2017

NO. One thing people need to learn about Philadelphia fans is- we are loyal to the core.We have a QB. His name is…

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Going LIVE on @officialkarups Instagram story at the top of the hour. Q&A with me while I'm at the gym. 😁

17:49, 11.12.2017

A somber morning. Woke up to the news of an explosion in New York. Fuckers. It's going to take more than that to d…

17:08, 11.12.2017

To DVD editors: A-L-U-R-A J-E-N-S-O-N Thank you for taking note. 👍

05:07, 11.12.2017

One of these days they'll spell my name right. I've only been shooting SIX YEARS. 😒

05:05, 11.12.2017

Before having the details of his injury, I'd prefer to think positively about the extent of it. Don't want to curse…

04:34, 11.12.2017

As the @steelers get ready to take the field to play @Ravens , I'm keeping @RyanShazier in my thoughts. Get well,…

04:23, 11.12.2017

Thank you! I'd love to shoot with you! My agent, @OCModeling will be happy to help you make those arrangements. My…

01:13, 11.12.2017

No. Life is too hard to get anxiety over a sporting event. If the @RamsNFL play well, I have respect. Really want t…

01:11, 11.12.2017

I'm a FOOTBALL fan. I enjoy a well played game. I'm no expert, but, really have a good time watching the sport with…

00:06, 11.12.2017

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00:04, 11.12.2017

Shit talking would be rude, so.... yeah. In true Philly-fan fashion "Gonna whoop some ASS!"😂😂😂

00:03, 11.12.2017

Hey. Hey.'ve been pumped since last week! 😍😍😍😍

00:01, 11.12.2017

Seriously, no shame in this game. The Giants are recovering their groove. Have some compassion. They played way bet…

00:00, 11.12.2017

Meh. Lol..... I'm stay loyal to my birds. 😋 @Eagles

23:57, 10.12.2017

"Bring me some Smiths," @NFL 😂😂😂😂😂 The amazing trio. @dallascowboys

23:56, 10.12.2017

Cowboys really needed this boost for their confidence. Both teams have had a stressful season this year. No hate on…

23:54, 10.12.2017

Rod Smith and @dak DAAAAAAAAMN! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 AWESOME play!

23:50, 10.12.2017

But, they can be again. Spreading positivity, m'man. The world needs a bit these days.

13:03, 10.12.2017

100% agree!👏👏👏👏👏 Who do you think NY will hire to fix the mess?

12:21, 10.12.2017

I'm a football nut. Philly first, but, what's been happening to this championship team has been awful. There's too…

12:10, 10.12.2017

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10:55, 10.12.2017

Because sometimes, a gal just has to suck a dick. 😁 @officialkarups

09:12, 10.12.2017

A lifetime of learning how to talk to women, eventually giving up because figuring us out is pointless. Not sure I…

09:09, 10.12.2017

Everyone has a right to decide what's exciting/acceptable for their sexuality. There's nothing wrong with expressin…

00:05, 10.12.2017

Thank you!!😙😙😙😙

00:01, 10.12.2017

I saw these pictures of @Foxxy702 and I absolutely had to share them. Marilyn Monroe-esque glamour. So, so gorgeous…

22:53, 09.12.2017

Thank you!!😙😙😙😙😙

21:58, 09.12.2017

Awwwww!!! I love you, @JulieRocketxxx !! Thank you, mama. I'm overwhelmed by the industry love of my peers. This ha…

21:52, 09.12.2017

Thank you, gorgeous!! It's such an honor to receive votes from colleagues! You've made my day. 😙😙😙😙

21:49, 09.12.2017

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07:03, 09.12.2017

Bimbos are vacuous. I, my dear, am an intellectually dangerous, femme fatale. 😁

23:33, 08.12.2017

First Responder Friday deserves an extra serving of love..... especially for emergency services battling the Califo…

22:30, 08.12.2017

You guys are amazing. Thank you for the cheer. I'm headed to the gym now. 😙😙😙

22:01, 08.12.2017

Omg....lmbo....duuuuude. "Liam Neesons is my shiiiiiit!!" @KeyAndPeele

21:51, 08.12.2017


21:49, 08.12.2017

Feeling a little sad today. Got some family news that will ruin the holidays,(I will not divulge what it is). I cou…

21:17, 08.12.2017

Thank you!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

21:14, 08.12.2017

A very, very happy birthday to my dear friend, DJ Freddie Woods, at @971ThePoint Hope your day is as amazing as you are. Love your show!☺

21:13, 08.12.2017

Aww, you'll be disappointed in my personal collection of pornography. It mostly includes non fiction books about fr…

07:57, 08.12.2017

It's not looking good, but, stranger things have happened. A 62 yd, game winning field goal(PHI), a Superbowl going…

07:54, 08.12.2017

Dallas can still pull it off if Seattle, Detroit, Green Bay, Atlanta lose two games. Hey, in the world of football,…

07:38, 08.12.2017

On another note, Saints head coach just pulled some gangster sh*t from the sidelines, running onto the field to ch…

07:28, 08.12.2017

You can donate directly to the California Fire Foundation here....... every dollar helps. @CAFireFound

07:09, 08.12.2017

Okay, fans. The wildfires have grown from the size of a few counties to most of the southern THIRD of California. J…

06:52, 08.12.2017

Maaaaaannn, you're trying to start a fight. Lol..... bruh

02:37, 08.12.2017

I haven't the foggiest idea. I'm hoping video will convince them that my pictures haven't been altered. Hire me, da…

01:35, 08.12.2017


01:20, 08.12.2017

Hey, hey, hey....... better days are on the way for these future champions. They fired the problem, time to arm up…

01:15, 08.12.2017

I so miss you!! When is your next show and how can people see you, live?

01:12, 08.12.2017

You're all hating on the Philly hat.....jk.😂 Philadelphia fans are historically nuts, batshit-crazy loyal. Hate on…

01:10, 08.12.2017

I prefer to call them petitely challenged. Yeah, they're a bit more than a handful. My boobs are my tiny basketball…

01:04, 08.12.2017

Scar, tummy, and a great big smile. This is what IDGAF looks like. Confidence is AWESOME. My fans are the greatest…

00:51, 08.12.2017

Upper body day, have to keep strong shoulders, pecs, chest and back to keep up with monster boobs. Lol....

00:33, 08.12.2017

Thank you!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

23:32, 07.12.2017

Thank you!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

23:32, 07.12.2017

Entertainers, their work is reaching their audience, connecting a feeling to a r...

19:34, 07.12.2017

Maaaaaaan...... not to sound like Judas,..... the Vikings have a much more established, reliable history. The Eagle…

16:04, 07.12.2017

I had the honor of meeting August, only on a few occasions. When I did speak to her, and was so kind, so warm, she…

01:43, 07.12.2017
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