Alura Jenson
Alura Jenson

Alura Jenson – titted slag, which is removed in the various porn (brutal anal deep anal, kinky play, bdsm, games with items and more). In her middle-aged body some flaws, but it is foolish to argue that Alura is laid out in full. Sometimes she plays passionate "moms-whores", sometimes victims of circumstances, and even dominant women who during sex do incredible things with their partners. So just Jenson that has seen a lot in the porn industry will not take to bring her to orgasm you need a good try. But indomitable Alura not only loves to have fun she also knows how to give insatiable partners, so they were happy. Of course, Alura Jenson is one of the most successful age porn divas that his last word in the strawberry have not yet said. World of the porn industry is still very much to offer. She knows how to engage in incredibly passionate sex and rightly so.

She was born future porn star in the Italian city of Florence in 1977. Her thirty-five years, but she is still in business. Alura has appeared in a vast number of pornography videos plus the porn with a little plot. Her most successful porn film can be called a picture – "dirty rotten lamotragine 6" (2013). There she played one of main characters, throughout the ribbon partners carefully and cruelly punished were. In this film, along with Jenson starred these famous porn star: a passionate Belgian Eva Karera, incomparable Jessica James dissolved brandi Love, pliable Maxine X and many others. The cast is really incredibly strong.

Porn involving Alura Jenson are very popular around the world. View strawberry with Jackson we can go to our website. This is your opportunity to plunge into the fabulous world of passion and lust.

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  • Born: 31.05.1977
  • Birthplace: Italy, Florence
  • Videos: 38
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: 75
Alura Jenson in Twitter: alurajenson

Houston is so much fun! I'm about to do a live broadcast for Dicey's Sex Talk. I'll post the rebroadcast link when…

22:06, 21.07.2018

Years of loyalty, respect and gratitude....... thank you for your gift(you know who you are). arrived at my ho…

10:02, 21.07.2018

My Lyft driver, Francisco, is amazing! I love you, Houston.

22:04, 20.07.2018

On my way, Houston! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 @DiceyGrenor

05:05, 20.07.2018

Be sure to check out my new scene for @Brazzers It'll leave you out of breath and aching for more!

20:44, 19.07.2018

Can't wait to get to Houston TONIGHT! @DiceyGrenor

20:42, 19.07.2018

A little extra love before I'm off to prepare for tomorrow's shoot. As soon as I...

01:24, 19.07.2018

Much, much better. This one is a bit longer and includes a fabulous "O" by yours...

19:47, 18.07.2018

If I dared to tell you what I've been doing for the last three hours, you'd all...

18:40, 18.07.2018


21:53, 17.07.2018

Oh my gosh, I love this picture!

21:32, 17.07.2018


07:11, 17.07.2018

I'll be singing,too. Houston, I'm almost there!

05:17, 17.07.2018

Shooting some awesome fuckery for @Primal_Fetish 😋

21:08, 16.07.2018

Only four more days, Houston! 🤩🤩🤩

15:49, 16.07.2018

Hell, yeah! I'm coming to get you, Houston!😈

05:01, 16.07.2018

Woo! Fleury! Fleury! Fleury! 🤩

00:32, 15.07.2018

This was such an awesome scene to shoot! Thank you, @Brazzers for always casting me with bad ass male talent!😍

12:14, 14.07.2018

Yes!! I'm so excited to go to Houston!

05:36, 14.07.2018

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited for this to come out! Guess, check out this trailer. 😍😍😍😍😍

14:25, 13.07.2018

🤣🤣🤣 a few drops of rain and they're panicking. Be careful, Las Vegans. There's this thing called WATER coming out o…

22:01, 12.07.2018

07:03, 12.07.2018


06:56, 12.07.2018

Thicker and still fabulous. =)

06:55, 12.07.2018

No kidding...... I'd really like to cheer for them. Stay cool, fellas and off the news. @RAIDERS

21:58, 11.07.2018

Very rarely, will I send a mass, private message. I sent you all instructions, t...

21:23, 11.07.2018

I did something outrageous today. ONLY for you, OnlyFans members...…..I created...

21:03, 11.07.2018

My @FanCentro page now allows me to post XXX content to my page! Another option for those looking to suit their AJ…

19:01, 11.07.2018

A fantastic, energy-infused production today! Thank you to @Shaundam for a magnificent scene and @damiencainx for s…

08:13, 11.07.2018

I've actually become aroused while watching this replay. THIS is the kind of fuc...

07:54, 11.07.2018

Sending new footage to @PStarPlatinum editors tonight! 😊

05:42, 11.07.2018

Last night, I was suddenly interrupted by the severe storms that hit the city. T...

05:31, 11.07.2018

The sky in Las Vegas is pissed!

09:00, 10.07.2018

🤣🤣🤣🤣 @LasVegasLocally I think the National Weather Service just puts the out to screw with Las Vegans. Rain, hail,…

23:38, 08.07.2018

Eh hem.....🤪

23:30, 08.07.2018

July 21st, before our public event, I'll be doing a live broadcast interview with @DiceyGrenor ! Comment about ques…

08:29, 05.07.2018

A very special, happy birthday to my longtime friend and colleague, @ChadDiamondX I love you, buddy. 🤗

05:25, 05.07.2018

I'm reeeeeeeaaaallly excited! I've begun @smiledirectclub treatment to fix my smile! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

02:12, 05.07.2018

Thank you, beautiful. I appreciate that. Unfortunately, the Twitter algorithm sometimes shadow bans accounts that e…

22:09, 04.07.2018

So, whoa. I'm not going to spam followers, but, will tell you about new offers and features. @FanCentro now allows…

22:08, 04.07.2018

Ummm, I apologize for this automated tweet. I'm going to disconnect that feature. The last thing I want to do is sp…

21:38, 04.07.2018

Unfortunately, today's shoot had to be rescheduled. Our location was in the middle of some police activity. Apparen…

07:02, 04.07.2018


06:59, 04.07.2018

I was just surrounded, in public, while with family. As flattering as it is, I'm Alura Jenson, not Mrs. Coco Tee. I…

06:59, 04.07.2018

HOUSTON, TEXAS....TNT is coming your way!! We're going to throw down in the city and light up the night!…

19:29, 03.07.2018


09:24, 03.07.2018

Extra long tit tease with cum gurgling finish! Today's clip is for all of you ti...

09:16, 03.07.2018

This video is short segment of the largest data transfer I've ever done. I'm ded...

07:56, 03.07.2018

Thank you, @WebTopModels for the incredible photography!

07:24, 03.07.2018

Just received an enormous video file..... I'm downloading the transfer and going to upload to Onlyfans tonight!😁

06:24, 03.07.2018

Except with flowers and a sense of humor. 😊

01:26, 02.07.2018


01:12, 02.07.2018

Feeling fuckable.😋

01:08, 02.07.2018

This guy was such a trip. I was hoping he had a show in town, he's such a funny dude!

21:25, 01.07.2018

It was so great to see everyone! We all had so much fun!

21:24, 01.07.2018

A good friend of mine celebrated a year of sobriety tonight. Her life is her own again. One day at a time, my love.…

10:19, 01.07.2018

Omg. Omg. Omg. I'm totally geeking out right now! I've been waiting for this movie to be made!! @MNightShyamalan is…

03:08, 30.06.2018

A-l-ura Jens-O-n the picture is super cute, though. Thank you!

00:47, 30.06.2018

No one takes better pictures than @industrybyrick ! Thank you so much for beautiful photos!

23:17, 29.06.2018

Oh my gosh. This totally made my day! Thank you, @BradKnightXXX for sending this to me. I'm smiling like crazy this…

23:16, 29.06.2018

Gospel. 🤣🤣🤣

22:21, 29.06.2018

IG can go fuck themselves, if they were an individual person. The fans, though. It's not the fault of the fans. The…

05:58, 28.06.2018

A huge, rock hard dick just about to meet the back of my throat. If I'm lucky, h...

05:20, 28.06.2018

Awww, man 😋. We could go circles about that remake. I did NOT like it.

04:09, 28.06.2018 God. YES!!!! 🤪🤪🤪

02:42, 28.06.2018

This is me. 🤣

01:33, 28.06.2018

Okay, I'm trying to type slowly, even though I'm super excited about this. My au...

14:27, 27.06.2018


10:32, 27.06.2018

Eh hem. Eh hem. Look at mah butt..... look at it.....😁

08:39, 27.06.2018

Woo! My phone is charged! I'm headed to do some heavy lifting on my legs.....💪💪💪 gotta keep these powerhouses stron…

06:45, 27.06.2018

This looks interesting..... where can it be purchased? I'd like to try it. @StormyDaniels

06:28, 27.06.2018

Also, exclusively for industry people(performers, directors, photographers, makeup artists, producers, crew, etc) a…

06:01, 27.06.2018
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