Anikka Albrite
Anikka Albrite

Annika Albright – skinny blond has successfully starring in the variety of pornography. Joy with men, lesbian sex, group porn, games with items and more. To understand how diverse minx Annika, just look at her awards that are all for themselves and say. She received the award for best anal sex scene, best three-way sex scene, best group lesbian sex, erotic best single performance, plus the best debut and several other prestigious porn-wins. In 2012, Albright got to the strawberry and there immediately began loudly to declare itself. She is equally hot debauchery and with partners and with partners and in every movie with her participation a lot of desire and a strong fascination.

Year of birth – 1988, the city of Denver. It was noted that the blond beauty Annika in 2012, has appeared in pornography, then she was twenty-one years. And immediately she began to appear a lot, cutie knew that the only way she can begin loudly to declare itself. Debut of the year "AEBN VOD Award" she won, so was worth it. In 2013, the award-winning honey were not, but we can say that for the second year in pornography for her was more successful than the first. Annika, Albright received several nominations from the "AVN Award", plus her popularity among fans of strawberries increased dramatically. Then, as has been noted, chick has received several prestigious awards. Although in the case of Albrit awards play a major role, the important thing is that she is able to take in any debauchery in front of the cameras, and does this at a higher level of lust. Now it is one of the most versatile porn stars, no wonder the famous Studio want to do with her contracts. It should also be noted that the incomparable Annika is removed not only in pornographic videos, and feature films for adults. In the movie "Sleeping beauty XXX" she was playing Princess Aurora, and the picture came out great pornographic parody.

Albrit can be called a miniature beauty, plus all of her beauty all natural, she did not even bother to get breast implants than "sin," many porn stars. Now her career is in the strawberry is at its peak, so we can assume that several years sexy Annika hold on to pornographic heights. Watch great porn with her participation and have an unforgettable experience.

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  • Born: 07.08.1988
  • Birthplace: United States, Denver
  • Videos: 18
  • Height: 168
  • Weight: 57
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