Anya Ivy
Anya Ivy

Black beauty Anya Ivy in 2014, broke into the adult industry and have been able to find its place. She willingly and actively mate with men, both white and black. She is engaged in lesbian sex and really know the taste of the hottest of the pleasures in which sexy Anya Ivy is incredibly good and attractive. Deep suck – easy holes to substitute – no problem, given multiple. For her, the corruption no restrictions, only pleasure and real heat.

Year of birth – 1992, city – Atlanta (GA, USA). It was noted that in the strawberry Evie came in 2014, and almost immediately from well-known studios she started to cooperate among them - Brazzers, Digital Sin, Hustler and others. Although initially Anna had not planned for a long time in pornography to stay, but she liked it and she decided to stay. And Ivy was very lucky that a low-grade strawberry by her side walked. Immediately she began acting with porn stars and very important, their background, black beauty Anya Ivy never lost.

Her weight is 50 kg, height – 157 cm, Hobbies – leisure. She was young, but he tries to keep in shape, leisure she this helps. And, of course, hot sex Ana also helps to be attractive and sexy. Before she became a porn star, but Evie just does a lot of strawberry ahead. It was noted that she likes to do, and it means to get out of the porn industry is not going to. Different strawberry with Anya Ivy here you can watch this hot and attractive videos that are imbued with a strong desire and genuine lust. This video, which honored very popular. Evie is good in a variety of depravity, look and make sure for yourself.

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  • Born: 28.01.1992
  • Birthplace: United States, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Videos: 3
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 50
Anya Ivy in Twitter: sexxxyivy

It’s so hard to sleep when the Whole house smells like Cakes and Pies 😫🍰🥧🦃 #ThanksgivingEve

10:26, 23.11.2017

How #Thankful 🙏🏽 I am for Your love❤️

09:51, 23.11.2017

After only Two days of being Home for the Holidays ... current #mood @ Atlanta, Georgia

21:52, 22.11.2017

Thank Yew! 🤲🏽 *cups boobs*

21:05, 22.11.2017

You are being gently held by the hands of fate now. It’s as if... More for Aquarius

16:09, 22.11.2017

Ladies! If you haven’t already 👉🏽 “chai-yok” yo Pussy 😇

08:23, 22.11.2017

out to Eat 🍴, I’m the Treat 💐

03:35, 22.11.2017

More of these here 👉🏽

02:12, 22.11.2017

📷 Made with @groovo_ app

01:53, 22.11.2017

Can’t let a hotel Full Length mirror go to waste! *multi-pic*

01:32, 22.11.2017

Here’s one for #Tuesday 🤪 #tatas #natural #breasts 🍒

19:43, 21.11.2017

Yew already Know! @americandeli_89 Extra Saucy 😋

19:20, 21.11.2017

You can’t reveal your plans today because you know they aren’t... More for Aquarius

16:09, 21.11.2017

Grace and beauty originates from within. It is the spirit's light that Glows out and make…

10:36, 21.11.2017

Home Bound! ✈️✈️✈️ #ATL 🏠

00:46, 21.11.2017

You love the idea of finding solutions to complicated problems... More for Aquarius

16:09, 20.11.2017

😁 @ Puerto Vallarta Mexico

19:02, 19.11.2017

Good Morning ⚓️

18:37, 19.11.2017

You might feel as if your spiritual integrity is under attack ... More for Aquarius

16:09, 19.11.2017

Don’t give me the “side-eye” When you Suddenly find out I’m bold enough to suck a dick on Camera 🖐🏽

08:56, 19.11.2017

Subscribe to my Premium SnapChat 👻 👉🏽 👈🏽 👻the ONLY place for Exclusive Access to all my Wil…

20:15, 18.11.2017

Seas the day & Seek the sun ☀️ 🇲🇽

20:00, 18.11.2017

🇲🇽 chronicles 📷: mooreypovich @ Puerto Vallarta Mexico

18:29, 18.11.2017

Never stop pushing towards your True purpose

18:03, 18.11.2017

You are strangely quiet today, but your presence seems larger ... More for Aquarius

16:08, 18.11.2017

Wishing everyone a juicy night 🍑🌙

10:03, 18.11.2017

Life is more Beautiful with a smile @ Puerto Vallarta Mexico

19:16, 17.11.2017

Your career continues to be one of the main driving forces in ... More for Aquarius

16:08, 17.11.2017

📷: @SavvySociety 👨🏾‍🎨🎨

21:55, 16.11.2017

You can conjure up idealistic visions of your future success, ... More for Aquarius

16:09, 16.11.2017

One face for the thought of One person

20:42, 15.11.2017

Although your career ambitions continue to motivate you at wor... More for Aquarius

16:08, 15.11.2017

My replica vagina is craving to be roughed up

15:00, 15.11.2017

Like this 👇🏽 if you feel a major transition coming for your life in 2018 🙋🏽‍♀️

06:12, 15.11.2017

Loving my New Mane! 💁🏽 Installed by: @sim0nelaflare 📏 Inches provided by: @msneinei21 #slay…

19:14, 14.11.2017

You may explore a variety of possibilities to learn more about... More for Aquarius

16:08, 14.11.2017

📷: @_SpencerCharles

15:43, 14.11.2017

🎓 My #mondaymotivation to Learn New things & conquer All this week’s challenges, Cleavage Out!

19:32, 13.11.2017

A lil POV BJ to start your week off right! #slurp 👅

19:09, 13.11.2017

You seem to have the Midas touch at work now and everything yo... More for Aquarius

16:10, 13.11.2017

😏 #sundaySelfie

00:59, 13.11.2017

Finding extreme comfort in my oversized stuffed animal collection this morning ☺️😴 #lazySaturday

19:17, 11.11.2017

You’re hesitant to commit to a group activity today because it... More for Aquarius

16:09, 11.11.2017


20:25, 10.11.2017

🎥 lovely Lady lumps

19:31, 10.11.2017

It may seem as if you are cool, calm and collected today while... More for Aquarius

16:09, 10.11.2017

I wonder how many people watch my bum, as I bend over to air vacuum my truck 👀 🚙

21:26, 08.11.2017

Health-related issues may be on your mind today. You might mod... More for Aquarius

16:09, 08.11.2017

Why upload two minute video increments of a Whole porn scene to Twitter? It’s hella rude.

09:02, 08.11.2017

“Don’t look down, or you may Fall over the edge” 📸: @SavvySociety will catch me! #dancing with…

20:14, 07.11.2017

Paradoxically, quietly working behind the scenes today can gai... More for Aquarius

16:09, 07.11.2017

Oh really now... 🤔

18:30, 06.11.2017

Your friends and acquaintances may fall short of your expectat... More for Aquarius

16:09, 06.11.2017

You've always wanted to fuck me. Buy my replica NOW!

15:00, 06.11.2017

So detailed! 😳 😜

18:54, 05.11.2017

Hey y’all 👋🏽 It’s a New day! New reasons to #smile 😄

18:34, 05.11.2017

If you out here sharing your Goals with anyone who will listen, theyr Not Real goals.

18:24, 05.11.2017

Your communication skills enable you to say exactly what you m... More for Aquarius

16:09, 05.11.2017

🤤 #GoodNight

07:07, 05.11.2017

Okay so I️ tried to grow and tame a #bush, but my lil hairs have a mind of their own and I don’t have time for that

05:59, 05.11.2017

Wtf is up with these I️ I️ I️ I️ I️ I️?????? 😖

03:56, 05.11.2017

This the ONLY photo I️ could find of my First Halloween night out as Princess Leia slave This…

03:54, 05.11.2017

You like the idea of escaping from the status quo, if only to ... More for Aquarius

15:11, 04.11.2017

... fuck outta here

07:16, 04.11.2017

I don’t like some of the behavior mf’s Believe I invite because I spread my pussy for a camera... it’s a camera. Not You, personally

07:11, 04.11.2017

There is no career goal that’s out of reach now and no persona... More for Aquarius

15:09, 03.11.2017

Your determination to reach your career goals is strong. You’r... More for Aquarius

15:10, 02.11.2017

Scheduling #skype shows for the next 10 days! Keep your 👀 peeled for Email responses 👩🏽‍💻 Schedules will Fill up Fast! 🗓🖥 #ttys

01:55, 02.11.2017

Halloween night Success! Thanks to everyone who came Out and danced with the Devil ❤️🎃📸…

19:40, 01.11.2017

You could run around in circles doing many things today, only ... More for Aquarius

15:10, 01.11.2017

#trickortreat ? Both: Death by Orgasm ☠️

23:01, 31.10.2017

Episode 6 of @Room104HBO is my Favorite ❤️ so far

22:25, 31.10.2017

I’ll be in the Red dress! 👠😈 Meet me and my girls This Halloween 🎃 Night 👉🏽 Ticket link :…

19:14, 31.10.2017

My favorite place to be! #up ✈️ @ West Coast

18:49, 31.10.2017

No matter how much you contribute to a group effort now, you s... More for Aquarius

15:11, 31.10.2017

Good Morning y’all! #Monday Morning 🌤 bright n early ☕️✈️ off to #Vegas today for a Fun scene! 🎥

17:37, 30.10.2017

On one hand, your tenuous relationship with the material world... More for Aquarius

15:10, 30.10.2017

...Those nights where you know you should be asleep With an early morning ahead, but Netflix is better

05:22, 30.10.2017

Just finished all episodes of @Stranger_Things #StrangerThings2 n it was 🔥🔥🔥👾👽 #BINGE Worthy 👀

05:19, 30.10.2017

Last night I participated in my First #Samhain Ritual 👐🏽🔥

19:17, 29.10.2017

Your current notion of pleasure is engaging in anything that e... More for Aquarius

15:10, 29.10.2017

Buy my replica pussy and feel me my lovely pervs

05:00, 29.10.2017

Happy Saturday! I’ll miss you #October 🕷 @ Witch Casket

00:04, 29.10.2017

You feel as if the cosmos has given you a free license to expr... More for Aquarius

15:10, 28.10.2017

Decorating my Set for the #Exclusive 🕷 @stripchat #web Show TONIGHT 6pm PST!!! Join me 👉🏽 💻…

00:57, 28.10.2017

You’re faced with a conundrum today as you’re tempted to parti... More for Aquarius

15:10, 27.10.2017

I’ll send one straight to your mailbox Darlin! 📲 hmu 👉🏽 💌📪😃

12:19, 27.10.2017

Shoot me an email *in bio* if you serious Baby 📲💋🎥

12:14, 27.10.2017

Happy #thirstythursday Lovers! Spend the Whole day with me TODAY as I TakeOver @stripchat…

18:53, 26.10.2017

Your career is like a rocket ship on the launch pad now, and y... More for Aquarius

15:10, 26.10.2017

Can your Best Friend be your Personal Assistant?

01:05, 26.10.2017

Will you be joining me this Friday *Oct 27* ??!! I’ll be LIVE 💻 on @stripchat for an Exclusive Show at 6PM PST ⏰ Ge…

21:02, 25.10.2017

I laugh at those who send business inquiries with fake production names... I google everyone! 😅

20:54, 25.10.2017

Log on 💻 THIS FIRDAY October 27 👉🏽 6 PM *PST* @stripchat for 3 Hour…

17:36, 25.10.2017

Soooo no one uses answering machines anymore? No, just blow up my phone until I answer 🤦🏽‍♀️ #leaveaMessage geniuses. It’s so simple

17:36, 25.10.2017

You have unused skills and undeveloped talents that can elevat... More for Aquarius

15:10, 25.10.2017

You know you wanna buy my WORN panties. Exclusively sold here

15:00, 25.10.2017

You are quite persuasive today, especially when trying to conv... More for Aquarius

15:10, 24.10.2017

🌱 @ Los Angeles, California

20:21, 23.10.2017

Making friends and Keeping them are Two different skill sets

18:24, 23.10.2017

Loving this new Lingerie set, Sent as a 🎁 It’s become a new Favorite 🌹Sending some…

18:18, 23.10.2017

Increased recognition now means more responsibilities, too. Th... More for Aquarius

15:10, 23.10.2017

How would you introduce Me to your mama?

06:06, 23.10.2017

#bts fucking 🙈💦 yeah!

02:51, 23.10.2017

It’s natural for Aquarians to look toward the future with anti... More for Aquarius

15:11, 22.10.2017
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