Anya Ivy
Anya Ivy

Black beauty Anya Ivy in 2014, broke into the adult industry and have been able to find its place. She willingly and actively mate with men, both white and black. She is engaged in lesbian sex and really know the taste of the hottest of the pleasures in which sexy Anya Ivy is incredibly good and attractive. Deep suck – easy holes to substitute – no problem, given multiple. For her, the corruption no restrictions, only pleasure and real heat.

Year of birth – 1992, city – Atlanta (GA, USA). It was noted that in the strawberry Evie came in 2014, and almost immediately from well-known studios she started to cooperate among them - Brazzers, Digital Sin, Hustler and others. Although initially Anna had not planned for a long time in pornography to stay, but she liked it and she decided to stay. And Ivy was very lucky that a low-grade strawberry by her side walked. Immediately she began acting with porn stars and very important, their background, black beauty Anya Ivy never lost.

Her weight is 50 kg, height – 157 cm, Hobbies – leisure. She was young, but he tries to keep in shape, leisure she this helps. And, of course, hot sex Ana also helps to be attractive and sexy. Before she became a porn star, but Evie just does a lot of strawberry ahead. It was noted that she likes to do, and it means to get out of the porn industry is not going to. Different strawberry with Anya Ivy here you can watch this hot and attractive videos that are imbued with a strong desire and genuine lust. This video, which honored very popular. Evie is good in a variety of depravity, look and make sure for yourself.

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  • Born: 28.01.1992
  • Birthplace: United States, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Videos: 3
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 50
Anya Ivy in Twitter: sexxxyivy

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It’s hard to look at this “new year” as a chance to make changes when you been trying to change all year long

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You may have an opportunity to further your education at home ... More for Aquarius

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02:40, 11.12.2017

I’m really just not fucking with the internet right now

22:00, 10.12.2017

Your dreams seem closer than ever, yet something is keeping th... More for Aquarius

16:08, 10.12.2017

❄️ @ Atlanta, Georgia

20:08, 09.12.2017

Although you are fiercely determined to finish a job once you ... More for Aquarius

16:08, 09.12.2017

. #determined

07:51, 09.12.2017

I need a photographer like Tony in season 2 episode 4 of @TheCrownNetflix

05:47, 09.12.2017

It’s snowing in Atlanta ❄️, so my mom cooked homemade Chili and Cornbread

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You are so enamored with thoughts of the future that you find ... More for Aquarius

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04:22, 08.12.2017

Should there be a program that offers sex workers Free and Confidential counseling?

19:57, 07.12.2017

Still so fucking devastated. I need to talk to someone... My family and civilian friends don’t understand this shared pain

19:11, 07.12.2017

Your primary interest today is to stay connected with your fri... More for Aquarius

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02:39, 07.12.2017
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