Asa Akira
Asa Akira

Asa Akira is one of the most famous porn Actresses of Asian appearance. She's beautiful, slutty and pliable. Akira knows how to please men and knows how to give women pleasure and starred in the most diverse strawberry (lesbian performances, group sex, brutal Blowjob, anal sex and much more). When she got into the porn industry, the more often appeared in lesbian productions, as it is not denied that to engage in sexual activities with the girls she likes the most. Such sex she was more interested in allows you to show themselves and show. And ACS quickly noticed, and she successfully moved into other genres of pornography. And considering her Asian roots, Akira is one of the most romantic porn-divas (beautiful view, smooth body and the ability to show itself in all its glory). She didn't just have sex on camera, it looks like all that lives and bury themselves in the coveted process.

She was born future porn star in new York in 1986, real name is ACE Takigami. In 1992 the family of Asa came back to Japan, where the girl went to an American school. Takigami there lived until thirteen years old, then her family moved back to the USA. From early childhood, Asa was notable elasticity and beautiful appearance. At 18, she decided to conquer the modeling business, but success there is not earned. And the sexy Asian chick offered to try their hand at strawberry. As already noted, initially, she starred in a lesbian porn, and since 2008 has passed and more than standard porn, where its partners in the shooting were men. Akira quickly became a famous porn actress, her movies are popular all over the world. The audience appreciated her candor and emotion. And in 2011 the magazine "Complex" has put ASU on the prestigious sixth place in list of hottest Asian porn stars. This is one of the most significant of its achievements.

In 2012, the incomparable Akira was married to Tony Ribas, famous Spanish porn actor and Director. Ribas a man of conservative views, so his wife to star in porn films, he did not deny.

According to the 2014 passionate Asian Asa Akira has appeared in over 400 films for adults. Some movies with her participation you can watch on our site. Go with Akira in exciting world of passion and diverse sexual pleasures.

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  • Born: 03.01.1986
  • Birthplace: United States, New York
  • Videos: 77
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 48
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