Ava Addams
Ava Addams

Ava Adams is a hot slut with incredibly large Breasts and luxurious body. In bed with a woman you will not get bored, Adams knows how to satisfy men. In the porn she does the most different and one hundred percent uses her great body (sex between Boobs, Blowjob, anal sex, lesbian productions and much more). In some adult films Ava dominates, sometimes totally submissive to their partners and plays incredibly easy girls. All the pictures with its participation incredibly emotional, candid and fascinating. Ava Adams knows how to get genuine sexual pleasure on camera and work on all cylinders. Its partners understand this and enjoy every moment spent with him. These girls are remembered, but unfortunately, in real life not often found. That's why Adams can be called individual porn star.

Now Ave Adams for thirty years, but in strawberry it is still good and unique. Katina with her give a sharp stimulation, unforgettable feelings and diverse emotions. The feeling that she the car and small truck. In pornography, where Adams dominates its partners, it squeezes all the juices and like having sex for the last time in his life. With great diligence Ava suited to even the smallest detail, she knows that I love real males. Well as partners for such behavior its full reward.

In an incredibly huge number of pornographic pictures Ava Adams managed to play and it's obviously not her ceiling, because you can leave the strawberries Busty cutie has no plans. To some extent it has been materialized in the porn industry and was able to make a name for themselves, but it is never late to achieve something new. And never late a new porn movie to build up an army of admirers, and ava and numerous. Pornography with her participation you can watch on our site. Each pattern involving ava Adams – this is her Swan song, it's emotion and passion really want to watch.

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  • Born: 16.09.1979
  • Birthplace: United States, Houston
  • Videos: 151
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 48
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Ava Addams in Twitter: @AvaAddams

Waiting for you to go check out my new https://t.co/rwSEbKlzB4 scene like... #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #milf… https://t.co/kshcXOQ9BL

18:45, 17.08.2018

New scene alert 🚨 !!! I shot 2 for them and both were 🔥 so y’all are in for a treat! https://t.co/8XsxZ49B4u

04:42, 17.08.2018

The wait is over! Go check out my newest scene...if you haven’t already 😉 & for those of you already showing love 😘 https://t.co/1JYB40CLxE

17:05, 16.08.2018

Had to try it. Wow this stuff is super sweet...but it’s not terrible. #universalstudios #butterbeer https://t.co/8BobLfgiQS

02:30, 15.08.2018

New Scene 🚨 @Brazzers ~ coming Soon! #naughtystepmom #milf #fantasy #SundayMorning #SundayFunday #SundayBrunch… https://t.co/RNvYQLONwK

16:34, 12.08.2018

I normally don’t ship out store orders on Saturday but since I wasn’t able to go yesterday all orders processed wil… https://t.co/EpqxLcnouv

17:46, 11.08.2018

Yes!!! https://t.co/Ced4xoovVr

03:33, 07.08.2018

Thanks for your support! 😘 And really that goes to all my awesome fans! Y’all are the best! https://t.co/3ZwbDtUVKX

19:46, 06.08.2018

🤮😩👎🏼 https://t.co/SwTDILnXac

20:58, 05.08.2018

7 https://t.co/rWqW2U5db1

06:46, 05.08.2018

Fresh color thanks to j.beauteartistry 😃 If you’re in Houston or Las Vegas-hit her up! https://t.co/X31wsm3qs1

03:45, 05.08.2018

I find out when scenes get released at the same time as y’all do! https://t.co/uvEpD1bLu4

07:27, 04.08.2018

1 more week until my last vacation for the summer... can’t believe it’s already August, this summer has gone by so quick!

07:21, 04.08.2018

Maybe you should let him tweet for you! But in all seriousness don’t you have more important things to do...… https://t.co/3YtLTDsEZ8

07:15, 04.08.2018

Tease or not... https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

21:01, 03.08.2018

Sticky Sweet 😋 https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

06:54, 03.08.2018

That’s not fair to all the other players that work so hard that have nothing to do with this! That’s my dilemma... https://t.co/paSYsFLhYf

03:43, 03.08.2018

Y’all I know I haven’t tweeted much-I’ve tweeted about this twice but that’s how much it bothers me! It makes me si… https://t.co/gm4Z2dK3Rp

03:38, 03.08.2018

Agree wholeheartedly! https://t.co/eZKdGjSZ6T

03:34, 03.08.2018

I wish they would! https://t.co/UwKMvx4fbe

03:34, 03.08.2018

Like seriously why ⁦@astros⁩ why bring this shit into the clubhouse! 🤮 and make the entire city look bad!? https://t.co/wCWsi7HazZ

03:28, 03.08.2018

Bath 🛀 bomb https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

18:00, 02.08.2018

Eeeek! yeah sad they had to tell people this 🤮 #nocommonse https://t.co/PsyS7mqK4d

19:45, 01.08.2018

Alight y’all I’m going to bed...sweet dreams 😘 https://t.co/K09hb7eaYJ

07:31, 31.07.2018

I see it says you’re a dad hope you don’t have a daughter who becomes the victim of domestic abuse one day...PS sin… https://t.co/cVxzZjfoOe

07:11, 31.07.2018

Really @astros signing someone suspended for Domestic Abuse absolutely sickening & disappointing!

06:59, 31.07.2018

New scene 🚨 ! Enjoy 😉 https://t.co/ZCEdZUOZ3a

19:10, 26.07.2018

Oh 👋 https://t.co/SBZncgAT3P

18:49, 26.07.2018

I’m back with my baby bush...it’s gona be gone soon-so enjoy! https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

17:54, 25.07.2018

Shaq on @SharkWeek @Discovery is very entertaining...he keeps saying he’s not going to do it...Honestly, I wouldn’t… https://t.co/z8OhvjfE9L

04:17, 23.07.2018

Anyways back to my vacay...I’ve been posting a little on IG and more on Snapchat. I’ll be back next week xoxo

15:48, 20.07.2018

Now this would have been better! 😀 https://t.co/geWDmtBSF8

15:45, 20.07.2018

I’ve been out of the Country and not online these past few days...definitely not the first tweet I want to see...

15:41, 20.07.2018

Oh hell No!!!! 😩🤮 https://t.co/lzh7vjgvym

15:36, 20.07.2018

Needed a break from packing so I’m at the juice box ready for some ⚾️!

22:53, 14.07.2018

👍🏻 https://t.co/Kt6hSyDv55

23:12, 13.07.2018

Yeyyyyy @united found my IPad! So happy and thankful 😄

21:49, 12.07.2018

From my Brazzers shoot yesterday 😘 https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

14:19, 11.07.2018

I just saw it! My son face timed me while I was on the plane to tell me about it. 🤣 https://t.co/oUcLhSAKW7

07:56, 11.07.2018

Oh Houston, how I’ve missed you! I was only gone like 48 hours but I’m happy to be home!

07:46, 11.07.2018

Thanks for a fun easy day! https://t.co/qrVjckJTgH

02:34, 11.07.2018

Thanks I must admit, I don’t really follow soccer but I’m definitely rooting for France! Allez Les Bleus! https://t.co/1SVRBlQJqd

02:08, 11.07.2018

Good Morning 😃 😘 https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

21:33, 10.07.2018

Good Morning! Have you seen this New @naughtyamerica scene yet?! If not go 👀 now! 😘 https://t.co/Wyw6VPJR9Y

17:36, 10.07.2018

I’m here for less than 24 hours-strictly here to shoot, thank back to H-town I go! https://t.co/xDRSfhUq8f

10:09, 10.07.2018

Made it to Vegas-surprisingly no turbulence on my flight (even though they said we’d get some)Not that I’m complaining!

10:05, 10.07.2018

Bye 👋 LA, next stop Vegas...

07:38, 10.07.2018

On set for Brazzers today! #BTS https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

07:14, 10.07.2018

Who’s motorboating me?! https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

06:17, 10.07.2018

Earlier today... https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

06:16, 10.07.2018

On set today... https://t.co/UbSratQ7kG

23:07, 09.07.2018

Went and did cardio, had breakfast, showered now I’m ready to head to set. #24hoursinLA #Monday #MondayMotivaton

18:12, 09.07.2018

Just realized I left my IPad on my @united flight last night 😩

16:30, 09.07.2018

Yup https://t.co/V6yYbwY8on

01:19, 09.07.2018

No one wants to hear me sing-trust ! https://t.co/UNIXtqssfi

01:18, 09.07.2018

I’m from Texas...that doesn’t phase me https://t.co/m7H7zXvCQQ

01:18, 09.07.2018

Headed to LA then Vegas...Y’all know what that means 😝

00:21, 09.07.2018

New scene out! Enjoy 😉 https://t.co/7pORV7owxz

05:45, 07.07.2018

I haven’t been as active on here but it’s the summer and I’m busy doing family stuff when I’m not working but I hop… https://t.co/Y5ADd8llkj

05:38, 03.07.2018

No sorry https://t.co/igv5AzEJvv

05:36, 03.07.2018

My happy place...is somewhere in the sun near water. Obviously a beach is first choice but I’m happy at the pool to… https://t.co/pPMXwVaqhN

20:51, 02.07.2018

I also always list when I will be out of town and not processing/shipping orders so read tha before emailing me-tha… https://t.co/ZBuW7rp1jy

16:10, 02.07.2018

If you’re waiting on a store order -all orders up until yesterday will be processed today and shipped out within th… https://t.co/ClDZ5QGlG3

16:09, 02.07.2018

Mirror mirror...voyeuristic! https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

13:29, 01.07.2018

😭 I thought it was a joke...I mean it has to be right?! https://t.co/FBhSJnaVLO

02:53, 30.06.2018

Well @BestBuy your in house delivery is atrocious! It’s awesome when you pay for services your workers refuse to do!

18:21, 29.06.2018

I’ve NEVER had a Facebook-all are fake! https://t.co/XgHEceQ3MT

07:28, 28.06.2018

https://t.co/eSOI9bt3yf https://t.co/diSSUVOZcW

22:43, 27.06.2018

Good Morning my lovelies! https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

17:22, 27.06.2018

Orange Crush... #saturday #ass🍑 #assfordayss #wet #weekendvibes https://t.co/saTJ9Hccq0

08:33, 24.06.2018

Here’s a funny video with one of my good friends! https://t.co/arh0lTzQsf

05:50, 24.06.2018
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Ava addams does bbbj and cim. Next tour is in NYC for 1 week.
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