Ava Addams
Ava Addams

Ava Adams is a hot slut with incredibly large Breasts and luxurious body. In bed with a woman you will not get bored, Adams knows how to satisfy men. In the porn she does the most different and one hundred percent uses her great body (sex between Boobs, Blowjob, anal sex, lesbian productions and much more). In some adult films Ava dominates, sometimes totally submissive to their partners and plays incredibly easy girls. All the pictures with its participation incredibly emotional, candid and fascinating. Ava Adams knows how to get genuine sexual pleasure on camera and work on all cylinders. Its partners understand this and enjoy every moment spent with him. These girls are remembered, but unfortunately, in real life not often found. That's why Adams can be called individual porn star.

Now Ave Adams for thirty years, but in strawberry it is still good and unique. Katina with her give a sharp stimulation, unforgettable feelings and diverse emotions. The feeling that she the car and small truck. In pornography, where Adams dominates its partners, it squeezes all the juices and like having sex for the last time in his life. With great diligence Ava suited to even the smallest detail, she knows that I love real males. Well as partners for such behavior its full reward.

In an incredibly huge number of pornographic pictures Ava Adams managed to play and it's obviously not her ceiling, because you can leave the strawberries Busty cutie has no plans. To some extent it has been materialized in the porn industry and was able to make a name for themselves, but it is never late to achieve something new. And never late a new porn movie to build up an army of admirers, and ava and numerous. Pornography with her participation you can watch on our site. Each pattern involving ava Adams – this is her Swan song, it's emotion and passion really want to watch.

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  • Born: 16.09.1979
  • Birthplace: United States, Houston
  • Videos: 169
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 48
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Ava Addams in Twitter: @AvaAddams

Come play with me! https://t.co/nzy0DRsdIJ https://t.co/fy9GpUi2cU

08:57, 22.01.2019

Thank you!!!! 🙏 https://t.co/pwilJsj8QX

22:06, 20.01.2019

Completely agree! I bet they’d figure out a solution real fast! https://t.co/Nefz01Xybt

22:04, 20.01.2019

I think it’s cute that you think you know what I’m thinking 🤔 Both parties are to blame dumbass! https://t.co/1nwITSgawl

21:59, 20.01.2019

It’s awful! I’ve seen different gofundme campaigns to help them btw. I contributed to a couple of them...the sad th… https://t.co/ObbFPJEcrx

21:52, 20.01.2019

I just want to thank all my awesome fans that have joined me on @OnlyFansApp I’m having a blast getting to know y’a… https://t.co/q7b2eNSs45

20:48, 20.01.2019

Get me undressed and more 😉 at https://t.co/6cYIqzcDS7 https://t.co/7KRKSqIUvL

10:53, 19.01.2019

Today was brutal (on four hours of sleep) but thank to @shreddycollins I got it done! I’d never do this on my own!… https://t.co/nxtfqjyhEg

19:24, 18.01.2019

I was the inspiration for a Fairy in a book series 😊 & this drawing 😍#Repost afairiestale with @ ・・・ Eden the sprin… https://t.co/PtxWtpajZn

09:26, 18.01.2019

Wide awake at 2 am-let’s have some fun! https://t.co/Fe5hyuvbxI

11:14, 17.01.2019

Thank you so much! 💋 https://t.co/9jcvrrn6bP

02:25, 17.01.2019

Sexy new content just posted! https://t.co/Fe5hyuvbxI https://t.co/wxJ21yDQNd

23:48, 16.01.2019

Me too-it’s awful! I’m not even going to get political because I don’t have time for comments from the uninformed a… https://t.co/rJxALlvT4c

18:38, 16.01.2019

Well said! https://t.co/Fuvw5FVAga

18:32, 16.01.2019

All Store Orders prior to Yesterday, will be shipped out today! You will receive tracking info once your item(s) ha… https://t.co/Wcw8qIXQsn

17:12, 16.01.2019

😂 definitely not me! I only chat with fans here and on https://t.co/6cYIqzcDS7 https://t.co/THDpTWVbm0

05:30, 14.01.2019

17th I believe https://t.co/3mdeWBNjqe

05:29, 14.01.2019

It’s been a fun but long weekend. What’s your favorite way to unwind? Mine is a glass of wine (preferably red) and… https://t.co/XO5Ba9YU5M

03:46, 14.01.2019

#allblackoutfit like all the time 😉 #sunday https://t.co/mo7yzX3ftP

00:41, 14.01.2019

I shoot with whomever I want-no contract ! I’ve had a couple in the past though and I like both. It is nice to have… https://t.co/ftgW1TzzjH

19:49, 13.01.2019

I don’t live in Los Angeles anymore and I limit my travel because of my family so not nearly as much as I used to.… https://t.co/lOro18bWan

19:48, 13.01.2019

Since y’all keep asking... All my scenes scheduled thus far are all for ZZ (this month & next month) but I will be… https://t.co/yUXnJIsRFh

19:34, 13.01.2019

Sorry I won’t be there. https://t.co/PNS5PpI0iI

04:19, 13.01.2019

So Kids Baseball > Kids Basketball... They are so unorganized in basketball, it drives me batty. Can’t wait for baseball to start!

02:14, 13.01.2019

My #MVP Turning off comments for this one because I can already see the idiots making dumb ass and or Lewd comments… https://t.co/zOCJaXd6Zs

16:25, 12.01.2019

If you guys want more...now is your time to speak 😉 or RT same difference my loves! https://t.co/EWsH1DgfqW

07:45, 12.01.2019

Pretending to be modest...let me fulfill your fantasy. Let’s role play! https://t.co/Fe5hyuvbxI https://t.co/jy8kL5VeYf

02:10, 12.01.2019

😂 Porn doesn’t always make sense...and it’s obviously not always accurate because it’s Fantasy, not reality! Just e… https://t.co/3J2gCeX2LX

00:26, 12.01.2019

🚨 New Scene-our now! 🚨#tanlines #milf https://t.co/wA5sJDdHCr

18:52, 11.01.2019

If I make the wrong move in this dress...my 🍪 will be exposed for all to see. #thursdaythoughts https://t.co/Oken0ZV8LN

02:46, 11.01.2019

I like a good Cuban sandwich but not sure how I feel about this...but I guess unless I try it, I won’t know... Thou… https://t.co/cGwSjeKNcs

02:15, 11.01.2019

Not all of us! Sorry if this offends but yuck! https://t.co/HiqB7mKmV0

02:12, 11.01.2019

“The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.” pictures of her my… https://t.co/Za99dB08Ns

21:32, 10.01.2019

Houston peeps I have to ask...are you excited about @RODEOHOUSTON this year? Who do you want to see? There are like… https://t.co/ZjcdOLi6jO

05:48, 10.01.2019

Had to repost that last tweet because I miss-typed my own stage name 😂 Have no fear my onlyfans has not been delete… https://t.co/8AHutWQyQO

02:42, 10.01.2019

Porn is a legit job, wether you like it, agree with it, or whatever-it is a job! I work, I get paid, & I pay my tax… https://t.co/MhKY7RfHIh

02:40, 10.01.2019

🙄 & 🤦‍♀️ https://t.co/AfLpJIhkEv

02:18, 10.01.2019

All hail the queen 😂 jk I so don’t take myself that seriously but thanks for the ❤️ 💋 https://t.co/KDbpQwPPcn

02:09, 09.01.2019

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. #quotes… https://t.co/XlKL4PHnWY

00:59, 09.01.2019

Come play with me! #fantasy #roleplay https://t.co/nzy0DRsdIJ #MondayMood #MondayNight #mondaythoughts #MondayMuse… https://t.co/SBm1V1BajX

07:05, 08.01.2019

Stating my opinion = being rude?! I didn't say anything mean. However, I will now add-Grow some balls! https://t.co/9qsXHNFLyT

04:20, 08.01.2019

I don't like football-how many times do I have to say this. It bores me #sorrynotsorry https://t.co/I8jOXtvtnU

03:25, 08.01.2019

um no 🙊 ...I watched 🏀 though. https://t.co/hF7hk4ttUI

03:22, 08.01.2019

yeyyyy-so happy to hear this! Y'all don't miss out! Special pricing just for my amazing fans!… https://t.co/Jv1bEmxmTP

03:19, 08.01.2019

That's what I love to hear!!!! https://t.co/RmqEGUnfzD

03:18, 08.01.2019

yeyyyy-glad you got them and are happy! I will be doing more auctions as well as have more items up for sale at my… https://t.co/CpTSi46Tn5

03:17, 08.01.2019

And as promised updating my https://t.co/6cYIqzcDS7 a lot! Expect new content non stop! so join now! xoxo

03:15, 08.01.2019

I'm excited about my upcoming shoots! And I told y'all I wasn't shooting until February, well turns out I'm going t… https://t.co/IxklTiDj4S

03:14, 08.01.2019

Weights accomplished; now onto the stairs for 20 mins...then I reward myself with the steam room🧖‍♀️

19:11, 07.01.2019

Meeting with my trainer today... #weights https://t.co/SFupi0xsj9

16:52, 07.01.2019

Hello Monday...I could post a witty quote about conquering the week but let’s face it I don’t want to get out of be… https://t.co/5jRXU3PLUq

15:43, 07.01.2019

I’ve only had my boobs done...the rest is all me. And you’re right Dr Ciaravino is awesome!!!! https://t.co/Ndvq6vXeCL

19:20, 06.01.2019

Je connais pas les regles du foot 😕 https://t.co/r8RjucDuml

19:10, 06.01.2019

Thank you! So true! https://t.co/7aOmsULWE7

19:09, 06.01.2019

Apparently they lost pretty bad :/ I honestly didn’t watch the game, was out with family. Like I said I’m more of a… https://t.co/PCpkS1ffvP

19:03, 06.01.2019

I totally agree with this! Some dramatic flops to the floor when no one even touches them 😂 not calling out names… https://t.co/xCOM4ZzLEI

18:57, 06.01.2019

I did a juice fast...well attempted one but the juices were so gross! I actually haven’t started intermittent fasti… https://t.co/W5LEXPd7mI

18:55, 06.01.2019

Majority of the time he actually doesn’t travel he moves his feet when ball is on the ground NEVER said he Never ha… https://t.co/suT7zwK3JV

18:51, 06.01.2019

Oh and IDGAF if you don’t agree with me (that’s your right) but telling me to stick to porn or other ridiculous com… https://t.co/Mpj2So4CV0

18:47, 06.01.2019

Harden doesn’t take that extra step...he’s also smarter about when the ball is in his hands and on the ground when… https://t.co/yQqg1tzD0G

18:40, 06.01.2019

How do you like the view from below... wish I was waking up here instead! But it does look like it’s going to be a… https://t.co/MoAHibJhHU

18:33, 06.01.2019

#TeamNoSleep Come keep me company! https://t.co/nzy0DRsdIJ https://t.co/Vr2ntXr3V9

12:24, 06.01.2019

Alright I have to go but y’all have a good evening! 💋

04:53, 06.01.2019

That’s my team! https://t.co/Jyx0l4h74V

04:51, 06.01.2019

No https://t.co/ItIPREaxM6

04:51, 06.01.2019

You’re boring...next https://t.co/aKHVzWi0Og

04:50, 06.01.2019

He wasn’t talking shit...he asked a simple question. Maybe learn how to read! https://t.co/qIq7moDDZs

04:50, 06.01.2019

I honestly don’t give a damn about what random people think about me...it’s when they talk shit about my loved ones… https://t.co/aiO2EwILV5

04:37, 06.01.2019

The Astros #duh https://t.co/LTyqBs44jD

04:24, 06.01.2019

I don’t...I’ve never even been to a game. I just support all Htown teams. I like baseball & basketball -those I act… https://t.co/wS5PKZwTw6

04:10, 06.01.2019

Get to know me personally! https://t.co/Fe5hyuvbxI https://t.co/at3nYkxjWk

20:28, 05.01.2019

Y’all already know who I’m rooting for... #gameday #texans #houstontexans #football https://t.co/2M6NNbuUmI

18:21, 05.01.2019
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