Ava Addams
Ava Addams

Ava Adams is a hot slut with incredibly large Breasts and luxurious body. In bed with a woman you will not get bored, Adams knows how to satisfy men. In the porn she does the most different and one hundred percent uses her great body (sex between Boobs, Blowjob, anal sex, lesbian productions and much more). In some adult films Ava dominates, sometimes totally submissive to their partners and plays incredibly easy girls. All the pictures with its participation incredibly emotional, candid and fascinating. Ava Adams knows how to get genuine sexual pleasure on camera and work on all cylinders. Its partners understand this and enjoy every moment spent with him. These girls are remembered, but unfortunately, in real life not often found. That's why Adams can be called individual porn star.

Now Ave Adams for thirty years, but in strawberry it is still good and unique. Katina with her give a sharp stimulation, unforgettable feelings and diverse emotions. The feeling that she the car and small truck. In pornography, where Adams dominates its partners, it squeezes all the juices and like having sex for the last time in his life. With great diligence Ava suited to even the smallest detail, she knows that I love real males. Well as partners for such behavior its full reward.

In an incredibly huge number of pornographic pictures Ava Adams managed to play and it's obviously not her ceiling, because you can leave the strawberries Busty cutie has no plans. To some extent it has been materialized in the porn industry and was able to make a name for themselves, but it is never late to achieve something new. And never late a new porn movie to build up an army of admirers, and ava and numerous. Pornography with her participation you can watch on our site. Each pattern involving ava Adams – this is her Swan song, it's emotion and passion really want to watch.

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  • Born: 16.09.1979
  • Birthplace: United States, Houston
  • Videos: 144
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 48
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Ava Addams in Twitter: @AvaAddams

I’m still thinking about this... ever since I read the book Stellaluna, I’ve wanted a fruit bat. https://t.co/MOJmVp5iAD

03:14, 22.02.2018

That’s nice and all but my Team is still better than yours...we have power hitters too! And pitching 👊🏼 #next https://t.co/yHXMoeh1C6

03:08, 22.02.2018

The Astros and I’m not being bias...I’m being honest! 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/eYFppdpYk1

02:52, 22.02.2018

New toy bath play... https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

19:39, 21.02.2018

OK so I deleted that last tweet only because I tagged IPIC and I was wrong... I should probably do a search before… https://t.co/B9JasEe97Y

05:51, 21.02.2018

My mom is the best! Just got this text...walked by Victoria’s Secret and saw they had new @astros gear bought every… https://t.co/IKpCfgugs7

22:38, 20.02.2018

I was asked to be on a reality show twice-actually 3 times and turned them all down. I value my privacy too much! https://t.co/Xdh5HXyN1X

18:58, 20.02.2018

Gym clothes striptease & lotion... https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

15:31, 20.02.2018

On a sidenote I will never drink anything but the veranda blend in my Keurig...now the Nespresso so many yummy ones… https://t.co/yHKFpwwUbR

15:24, 20.02.2018

And good morning 😃 https://t.co/NRqNyyDq7C

15:20, 20.02.2018

Never! First I’m not the cheerleader type-no thank you! Second of all Dallas yeah again no thank you! #htown https://t.co/pbzPgzXPle

15:19, 20.02.2018

Today has been crazy busy but now I’m finally sitting in the pedicure chair 😃

01:13, 20.02.2018

It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be-one side did hurt more than the other but it’s totally bearable! https://t.co/t51D4Q5ozQ

01:12, 20.02.2018

So I had my first acupuncture and cupping experience today... I thought I was just going to the chiropractor to get… https://t.co/bN43PVg0Tc

00:51, 20.02.2018

I don’t have one-they are ALL Fake! This Twitter and My IG are the only public social media I have. Then I have a p… https://t.co/U4hPHVC3gk

18:01, 19.02.2018

They just called Mrs Addams at the Dr’s office and I stood up...identity crisis. And I’m ok y’all 😀

17:02, 19.02.2018

Oh Monday Morning...I wish I was back here instead! https://t.co/jyafXON7C3

16:54, 19.02.2018

Anyways that’s my take on the whole situation...hope everyone is having a great Sunday 😀

02:54, 19.02.2018

People attack musicians, actors/actresses and hell us Porn peeps all the time for voicing out opinions on current e… https://t.co/elgpL4mvn0

02:52, 19.02.2018

I can’t stand people like @IngrahamAngle who apparently think that athletes shouldn’t do anything but play their sp… https://t.co/uxWsNdPMBs

02:48, 19.02.2018

When torn between two choices, always pick the one that will make the best story. https://t.co/2lfD0kj2oX

02:19, 19.02.2018

VACAY tan lines 😈 https://t.co/n1Dg8tvEVB

21:18, 17.02.2018

Excited to see all the Spring Training stuff in my feed...Baseball season is almost here!

00:08, 17.02.2018

Fans FYI this is a super old scene NOT new! https://t.co/sJyQXxfjNP

00:06, 17.02.2018

#FridayFeeling https://t.co/kiaI87f0HI

17:04, 16.02.2018

My grandma is going back to France 🇫🇷 today 😢

17:03, 15.02.2018

Memes never get old... https://t.co/PXZTOacm0s

03:48, 15.02.2018

Here ya go...what y’all really want 😜 #happyvalentinesday2018 https://t.co/tlXkW51JH8

01:05, 15.02.2018

So I got the kiddo chocolate and baseball cards for Valentine’s Day he hasn’t even opened the chocolate yet 😂… https://t.co/5GCh2NERsD

00:11, 15.02.2018

So sad that these are happening more and more. https://t.co/TIjsi1RDQw

00:01, 15.02.2018

Happy Valentine’s Day go check out my new scene! Also you can buy the lingerie set from my store-link in bio! https://t.co/aOCPrTjKvM

17:28, 14.02.2018

And also yeah The Rockets 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/LVABfENm7T

06:24, 14.02.2018

Let the kiddo stay up late to watch snowboarding-totally worth it! Shaun White never ceases to amaze me! Now the ki… https://t.co/GnJ9Dto3cR

06:12, 14.02.2018

When it’s Mardi Gras and you want crepes but don’t feel like making a whole batch-thank you Sweet Paris!

01:09, 14.02.2018

Between weights yesterday and cycle class today I can barely walk 🙃 Must get a yoga class in!

20:39, 13.02.2018

Nope, those are all fake! https://t.co/5vqqLdWfJb

07:21, 13.02.2018

This is my ONLY IG people... many fakes. It’s TheAvaAddams https://t.co/EPzKFUjvTk

02:45, 13.02.2018

Everyone gets tested for STD’s that’s a given...but you can’t test for fungal infections and a condom won’t protect… https://t.co/oGTiaivwjB

20:50, 12.02.2018

As to why I won’t work right now I have no desire to catch ringworm or any other fungal infection going around that… https://t.co/jeAJoPR28l

18:28, 12.02.2018

Oh and I forgot then there are the ones with giant penises no thank you-not for me! I think that should cover all t… https://t.co/l4JKi7OL4w

18:24, 12.02.2018

Some people have shitty attitudes/ Bad energy and are just generally bad people, some people are just obnoxious and… https://t.co/ufOaAD9jIe

18:19, 12.02.2018

He’s a despicable piece of shit I would never work with him! 🤮 https://t.co/WxEHtwzpYY

18:17, 12.02.2018

Vacation is always nice but it’s always good to be home and back to your routine...off to the gym!!!

17:44, 12.02.2018

It’s back...and I’m not sure. They didn’t give me an explanation. https://t.co/3oYd72uhlg

13:25, 12.02.2018

I’m currently Not shooting and with everything going on...don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. But no, I have not r… https://t.co/tZbeEVjvJg

13:25, 12.02.2018

Last day of vacation & apparently 🌞...I hear the weather will be awful in Htown all weekend. https://t.co/1UWbZwM8eh

00:50, 10.02.2018

Hello from Cozumel! https://t.co/JasOTYsuhZ

19:49, 07.02.2018

Shake shack is way better...and you’re asking for people to compare with that title 🤣 https://t.co/asEN0BFP9c

09:20, 05.02.2018

Not yet... I actually love when it’s baseball & basketball at the same time. I just don’t really watch football so… https://t.co/csU105SESv

08:53, 05.02.2018

Yessss! Can’t wait! MLB>NFL https://t.co/hookq8XcV2

08:18, 05.02.2018

I'll be MIA starting tomorrow-Vacation! And obviously no store orders will be processed or shipped out until I get… https://t.co/J3yz1r8lmu

02:31, 05.02.2018

I got National Guacamole day-pretty happy about that! https://t.co/9bFWDyFqIX What Odd/Strange Holiday falls on your bday?

03:12, 04.02.2018

For those of you asking to trade for Items from my Store(link in bio) : https://t.co/2zTYRn20uU #Amazon

16:28, 03.02.2018

New scene 🚨! With one of my faves for @TrueAnal https://t.co/BZwxPDTsD7

15:21, 03.02.2018

It's my favorite person in the entire worlds's bday tomorrow- can't believe he is turning 7 already! Time really does fly!

22:57, 02.02.2018

Good afternoon 😃 https://t.co/WZIrKL9b5J

01:00, 01.02.2018

Truth! https://t.co/MwUmBkZopm

20:26, 31.01.2018

Looks the same in Houston-nothing special...and I even woke up early. https://t.co/rSDxK16dO9

16:21, 31.01.2018

Pretty upset I was supposed to be at last nights game & ended up not going... epic fail. #JamesHarden #Rockets #Htown

16:08, 31.01.2018

The Trader Joe’s Cauliflower pizza crust is so good! And such a great alternative if you can’t or don’t want to eat traditional pizza crust.

04:36, 31.01.2018

Ordered the kido’s bday cake (it’s baseball themed-of course) and now working on treat bags.

22:37, 30.01.2018

I can’t stop watching these...so weird yet entertaining and who has the time, are these ppl getting paid...so many… https://t.co/5PFVDCMuuP

20:52, 30.01.2018

The good news my food allergies aren't as bad as they used to be, the bad news my environmental allergies have gott… https://t.co/qEnJlfeuaw

01:43, 30.01.2018

All the time...it’s always fun when it’s people that barely know you or have never met you! 🤣 https://t.co/e81vTwfhZ6

23:56, 29.01.2018

I have a pretty busy week so I’m treating myself to a mani/pedi before the madness starts!

20:42, 29.01.2018

And the kido is registered for Spring Baseball...between that and Taekwando, I'll basically be a chauffeur for a few months but so worth it!

19:42, 28.01.2018

Someone just got their purple belt in taekwondo...& it isn’t me. So proud of my munchkin!

04:30, 27.01.2018

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

04:29, 26.01.2018

Goth AF #TeenageMe3WordsAndAGIF https://t.co/86AwP6aeO5

23:28, 25.01.2018

I don’t listen with my heart when it comes to work, I use my mind! And of course it’s always been this way but Im n… https://t.co/dXmyA4a5gJ

20:38, 25.01.2018

And no, just because you don’t see me shooting for certain companies anymore it doesn’t mean they’re on my no list-… https://t.co/v5AVNCNTwE

20:36, 25.01.2018

Don’t get me wrong, there are great companies that are amazing! And I love working for them but there are even more I’d never work for!

20:32, 25.01.2018

Sad but true! Most push for more and many girls established and more so newbies are afraid to speak up because the… https://t.co/jldOJNo83x

20:31, 25.01.2018

Good advice-more should follow this! https://t.co/wqfGVNEYka

18:19, 25.01.2018

And of course another allergy tests to see if any of my food or environmental allergies have changed-joy.

18:17, 25.01.2018

You are always so much hungrier when you can’t eat...annual physical/blood-work. I want a breakfast taco or two!

17:35, 25.01.2018

#NationalPeanutButterDay What's your favorite way to eat it? I like it as a snack with Apples! I also like cashew butter-yum!

01:01, 25.01.2018

Listening to his apology made my skin crawl...he’s so full of shit and is only upset he got caught and is going to… https://t.co/pb3YTLAGoU

20:54, 24.01.2018

Good glad the piece of shit will rot in jail! https://t.co/gcdFbhJS3k

20:46, 24.01.2018

and OMG y'all have me wanting pie now... I totally forgot about coconut cream, banana cream, and key lime. But Appl… https://t.co/fshWBGhjAZ

21:46, 23.01.2018

#NationalPieDay What's your favorite kind? I love Apple pie & Pecan pie!

19:19, 23.01.2018

Bad at being good... https://t.co/nLDW2VL6uR

09:02, 23.01.2018
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Anonymous 22.12.2017
Ava addams does bbbj and cim. Next tour is in NYC for 1 week.
Anonymous 16.12.2017
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Anonymous 22.08.2017
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