Bridgette B
Bridgette B

Bridgett B. – gorgeous blonde with great Tits and a hot skill to have sex in front of cameras. For ladies over thirty years, she is simply irresistible and incredibly sexy. Bi worldwide popular and in demand. She came to the strawberry, when she was twenty-five years, but even that did not prevent her loudly to declare itself.

Real name – Liz Abreu. Liz was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1983. He studied in a Catholic school and was a devout teenager. In twenty years (2003) left in Ohio, so they decided right there to go to University. Unlearning and even got a bachelor's degree. But it turned out that the merchandiser beauty and not a day has worked. Another final year student, the girl began to dance Striptease and got favorable acquaintance among porn Actresses, and she was given some leads and contacts. And she decided that right after graduation, try your luck at strawberry. So Liz did, choosing a nickname - Bridgett B. and head in 2008 plunged into the American porn industry. Well, as already noted, from the outset, the beauty started very loudly to declare itself. And when she increased the breast, then fans of the Chicks have become much more. It should also be noted that the nature of Bridgett B. the blonde and brunette, though she constantly dyes his hair, considering that white color her so much more. And very often it plays such fatal blondes pliable nature, which males it easy to persuade diverse sexual favors. The incomparable Bridgett has on the body interesting tattoo inscription which translates as "jealousy is a disease". And in 2012, for the pretty girl who was very fruitful in terms of filming, she received an award from AVN Awards – most underrated starlet of the year. And about Bi, you can really say that in terms of awards it is often overlooked and bypassed. But with viewers ' love of beauty all right.

At the beginning of 2015 Bridgett b has appeared in over 300 films. On our website you will find an exciting strawberry with her participation and venture into the world of versatile sex and hot sensations.

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  • Born: 15.10.1983
  • Birthplace: Spain, Barcelona
  • Videos: 53
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: 59
Bridgette B in Twitter: iamspanishdoll

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Frankies Bikinis

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Exclusively at:

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All new on @DDFNetwork ! Directed by: @JimPowersXXX MUA: @glamandgab #justawig#work

04:52, 22.04.2019

This totally reminds me of that ! Well, maybe her evil twin was who tried to kill everyone on the boat?? Hmmm…

04:44, 22.04.2019

She killed it!!! Love her ! 💕💪🏼💯😝

03:56, 22.04.2019

Absolutely!! :)

03:55, 22.04.2019

I love every aspect of my career, however, the stand out has been the @Brazzers series “Rich Fucks” as i am forever…

03:50, 22.04.2019

Fully 💯

03:31, 22.04.2019

Imitated. But never duplicated @Brazzers @toniribas

23:19, 21.04.2019

Takes one to know one 💯😘😉

22:27, 21.04.2019

Lol. Awww! Well happy to be! Hoping to provide a new generation an outlet where romance and passion is the norm. It…

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Classic @Brazzers ... Happy Easter to all 💕

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In case anyone needs a reminder. Kisses from me to you! 😘🙌🏻

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I second that!

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Enjoy! Those are the true joys of life 🤗

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Mood 😉💕 How’s your Saturday night ?

08:00, 21.04.2019

So glad to hear!

04:50, 21.04.2019

Thank you. I love her so 😘

01:09, 21.04.2019

Thank you ! My collection is intense

23:44, 20.04.2019

Having the time of my life 😘😉😘

23:44, 20.04.2019

Lol. Oh my god so true ! I miss my big book! lol

23:42, 20.04.2019

Out of respect for all of us..i will only say this once. He and I are extremely happy and have the utmost respect f…

23:26, 20.04.2019

I postponed a few days. I’m back May 1 :)

20:21, 20.04.2019

Thank you for taking the time to review our work! Always appreciated 🙌🏻💯

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That was always a wig :)

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Good morning ☀️

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Thank you!! Appreciate so much ! It’s so fun 💕

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Thank you !

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Thank you !!!

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Mami!!! 😂😂😘😘😘

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Anytime pretty girl 😉😘

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So who wants to have dinner with me? 😘🤗

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Thank you so much !

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Sounds delicious!

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Muchas gracias !

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Only on

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Girls! Check out Lillian! We love her!

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When you are living your best life, happiness can’t be taken from you 😉😘 Photo by : @jtphoto

22:09, 18.04.2019

So what did you have for dinner?😉😂

21:00, 18.04.2019

This and more only for my VIPs. Check out all my private moments only on Join for free!

02:36, 18.04.2019

Walking into Wednesday like....

18:40, 17.04.2019

05:56, 17.04.2019

RIP. What an icon.

18:59, 16.04.2019

Fucking live

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Welcome ! 🤗

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He’s the nicest!!!!

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Hehe 🤗😘😉

02:52, 16.04.2019


02:52, 16.04.2019

I’m really a 29H but unless i custom order i can’t just shop for it. All of my bras i wear at home are custom. Howe…

02:35, 16.04.2019

Photo by: @jtphoto Check this exclusive and private photoset along with my behind the scenes :) Shot yesterday! on…

02:25, 16.04.2019

Awww thanks. Well i respect and love my industry very much 💯🎉

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02:14, 16.04.2019

I was born to entertain. Whatever facet that entails. My goal in this lifetime is to leave a mark and bring happine…

02:09, 16.04.2019

I’m humble and ambitious to know there’s always more to go 💪🏼🙏🏼

01:56, 16.04.2019

00:31, 16.04.2019

Riding Ms.Daisy

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23:52, 15.04.2019

All companies and directors...@ATMLA has my updated info and pics!! See you soon on set 😘😘

22:25, 15.04.2019

Trying to do my part within the industry so i only retweet directly from the company anything larger then Gifs/phot…

22:14, 15.04.2019

Good morning goddess 😘

22:12, 15.04.2019

Thank you! It was an honor to be casted with @Romi_Rain ! Enjoy the show 🤗

22:12, 15.04.2019

Shucks! Thank you! It was fun to see my “evolution” within the scenes.

22:11, 15.04.2019

Thank you! Can’t name a favorite but i can name a hottest! Me in the hot dog van lol. It was middle of summer in Mi…

22:10, 15.04.2019

She’s a true 👑 queen

22:07, 15.04.2019


22:06, 15.04.2019

Exclusively on @Brazzers

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20:27, 15.04.2019

Lol.....let’s see how many i can remember as a stepmom lol

06:46, 15.04.2019

Thank you my love 😍

05:53, 15.04.2019

I’m back!!! BTS of my private photo shoot today is live! But only for 24 hours ! Enjoy being my VIP.…

05:52, 15.04.2019

Where the fuck you been mama lol. Such good movie!!!!

10:02, 14.04.2019

Lol! That’s exactly what “big dick energy” means ! Has nothing to do with the size. It means, i am so confident no…

10:00, 14.04.2019

Wow!!! Thank you!!!!!!

09:59, 14.04.2019

From me to you! ❤️💕 Thank you world for all your positivity and light. I take it with full embrace! Mood 🤗🤗🤗

03:50, 14.04.2019
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