Chanel Preston
Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston – American porn-mistress of the opposite sex of the flight. This pretty Gal knows how to frame the hole, to make a good Blowjob, fuck in the cap, plus the passion lesbian, group sex and playing with toys for fucking. Preston knows a lot about the quality of the fucking that she was for several years successfully and shows.

Chanel was born in Alaska in 1985. From early childhood he showed himself as a creative person, loved to perform before an audience, went to drama club and played musical instruments. Also babe was fond of drawing and dancing. To shop Chanel was a stripper. And in pornography it came by accident, met with the novice porn actor that she was offered to try their hand in the pictures for adults. Preston took a risk and it all came true, she quickly became a real star. At the time of joining the strawberry Chanel was already twenty-four years. It should also be noted that the incomparable Chanel starred in many feature-length pornographic films, so, naturally, about the porn video she does not forget. In her acting career and work in a conventional film, though these films are not well known. So in 2014, Chanel Preston starred in the American drama "even secret" ("Eve's Secret"). There's a chick played the main character. But to say that Preston will be able to successfully go to the cinema very early. Yes and strawberry cutie does not think to leave, especially as there are satisfied. By the end of 2014 slutty Preston has appeared in over 300 porn scenes, quite good indicators of health for four years and that's even considering the fact that beauty starred in a conventional film.

Soon Chanel Preston reached the age of thirty years, but for these beauties it does not age. And if all goes well, we will see more than one porn video with sexy Chanel. Watch the strawberry with her participation you can on our website.

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  • Born: 01.10.1985
  • Birthplace: United States, Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Videos: 32
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: 59
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Chanel Preston in Twitter: chanelpreston

in the water, keeping his cock hard

21:43, 12.12.2017

i love the taste of my panties once they've been inside my hole

22:14, 11.12.2017

The amount of time I spend on set not working is correlated to the number of Amazon packages I receive.

03:14, 11.12.2017

Rob and I continue talking about mental health, homophobia, and cyber-bullying.

02:56, 09.12.2017

Rob and Chanel discuss mental health, homophobia, and cyber-bullying.

01:55, 09.12.2017

01:50, 09.12.2017

when i get my pussy eaten, i REALLY want to reciprocate

22:33, 08.12.2017

I was disappointed to see Taylor on the Times cover. There are so many women who have risked more as silence breake…

22:47, 07.12.2017

she just tasted my friend's ass. now she's on to mine.

21:40, 07.12.2017

come to my room...

21:39, 06.12.2017

wet and ultra-close

21:38, 05.12.2017

showing off my tits and perfect ass

22:29, 04.12.2017

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I have the unpopular opinion of the #snl "Welcome to Hell" skit. I read comments stating it was "brilliant". I woul…

20:30, 04.12.2017

I don’t understand why so many people think Taylor Swift is such a badass. #6amthoughts

17:21, 04.12.2017

Happy you enjoyed it!

01:02, 04.12.2017

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes today! 😘

08:00, 02.12.2017

It's my birthday. You should either 1) get me something from my wishlist or 2) follow my p…

22:17, 01.12.2017

i open up my hole and fuck my pussy

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poolside feet and ass

22:02, 30.11.2017

I’m still mourning the loss of my @Instagram and I’ve contacted them about 20 times to challenge the suspension tha…

02:21, 30.11.2017

I love your point about intent!

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Dana and I trying to be good pornstars. Did we nail it or fail miserably? (That's a rhetorical question)

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So fun 😊

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I’m giving Stranger Things a second chance.

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Just finished @jowilliams293 ‘s new book. While I support many of the feminist agendas, this book articulates why I…

20:54, 25.11.2017

I can do without people prefacing their support of decriminalizing sex work with “I would never pay for sex but...”…

18:56, 25.11.2017

In-and-out and Bordeaux #classy

06:35, 25.11.2017

I’ve eaten left over thanksgiving food and watched Riverdale all day. It’s been a pretty productive day.

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mouth on my tits + mouth on my clit = orgasm

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cum dripping down my pussy

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Rob and I are chatting about sexual harassment @sexthinkshow

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