Claudia Marie
Claudia Marie

Claudia Marie – Busty slutty lady aged that well implements in a pornographic genre of "mother". In the strawberry she got when she was already over thirty years old, but could easily find its niche and to start to win the audience love and recognition. Now Claudia is not the star of the first magnitude, however, it is highly demanded and popular porn diva that is in every video is posted on one hundred percent. It is often in full fleece young males, plus hot joy with her really huge milkings, which can be called the main pride of Claudia.

Year of birth – 1974. Debut in pornography – 2007, easily believe that Mary was thirty-two years. And already coming up in the porn industry slag are well aware that only in the "moms" she'll be able to best colors to show themselves. There she started to move towards success by making the right choice. And it was there that she became an actress of average size. And in many videos Busty Claudia actually irresistible, it appears as if for young partners sex teacher and do it at the highest level. It is noticeable that dominate it is not trying, but always is the shadow leader of the hot process. And substituting their Mature holes, Claudia Marie gets full pleasure and great enjoyment. But, in fact, she is not just making money, but receives a full and steady sex, which at her age, not every lady can boast of. And the more this happens the sex with young partners who desire a full one hundred percent to pump and use a Mature body of Claudia. And as for the rest of the porn actress has no plans to leave, it another few years may cool to show themselves.

Experienced slut Claudia Maria actually knows the taste of a hot fuck. At our site lots of cool videos with her participation, which the lovers of women age be sure to watch. My example of the actress reveals that a good woman can be compared with expensive wine, which every year gets better.

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  • Born: 17.08.1974
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Videos: 11
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 65
Claudia Marie PORN ALBUMS
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Claudia Marie in Twitter: claudia_marie

Some Milf fucking to start the day. 🙂

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07:43, 14.12.2017

Pic of me and @MissPoisonOne at @karaokexxx on Monday night. I hope to shoot some stuff with her soon!

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Pic from last night's Karaoke XXX of me, Rebecca Love, and Joclyn Stone

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Tonight! I'm invading @karaokexxx here in Vegas! I hope you can handle it!

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Out of time...thanks everybody!

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Hey everybody. I have a few minutes free. So for the next ten minutes I will answer any question.!

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pawan rana 31.07.2017
plz more videos of mi favorite Claudia Maria
Anonymous 22.07.2017
I saw her playing 7 times a day, and the plane was so beautiful
Anonymous 19.05.2017
Anonymous 03.12.2016
she totally loves sex and loves anal even more!!!
Anonymous 06.06.2016
Claudia Marie is the best interracial anal Milf in history! Period. This site desperately needs her anal scene titled " I never cheat" with Jay Dickems.
Anonymous 01.06.2016
Would love to see Claudia Marie's newest interracial anal scene titled "Sharing" or the other one titled "Black cock invasion 2"!
Anonymous 05.05.2016
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hi 12.04.2016