Elena Berkova
Elena Berkova

Born Elena Berkova March 11, 1985 in Murmansk. Even in her youth, she with the family moved to the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev. By coincidence, in 2004, hot immigrated to the sister in the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, hoping to become a model and fashion show. But nemodelnym growth (158 cm) her unemployability. In order to live and not to sit around, and maybe because of desperation, babe decided to become a model erotic video chat and got a job in a local webcammax studios. After some time, Elena was able to pass the audition and she is 56 days was the most visible member of the acclaimed reality show "Dom-2" (12 may to 7 July 2004). But after it became known of her dark past, namely a direct link with the genre of strawberries, pretty woman pointed to the door.

To overcome itself and their principles and allow themselves to appear in films for adults, open-minded brunette decided at the dawn of 2003 known in certain circles of the Studio Sinsational/Sineplex, which was aimed at an American audience. Debut porn movie, which starred Helen, it's the films from the series "Brittney''s Perversions" with crazy blonde Brittney Skye. To become famous in Russia for her helped well-known racy film called "the House 2 or how to make love with Elena Berkova" (2004, SPCompany).

The actress finished (unfortunately) a career in porn — Patriotic movie with a good budget Director Bob Jack "Amazon prefer Viking". The picture was taken in 2006, but appeared on the shelves back in 2008. Also Elena is the heroine of the book of Bob "Por-no!".

From time to time is born a lot of gossip and rumors about the return of Helena on the broad expanses of the adult industry, but they have no explicit reason and most likely the antics of unscrupulous yellow Newspapers.

In October 2007, the porn star decided to try himself in the role of a presenter and began to lead the program "Unquestionably" on the TV channel "Muz-TV". But for a long time to broadcast from the blue screen did not work, because after about a year they shut down the program.

Looking for your place under the sun, in March 2009, the minx has decided to participate in elections of the mayor of Sunny Sochi. Berkova treated the matter with all appropriate seriousness and even prepared a pre-election PR campaign. But due to negative circumstances, conceived not happen. As it turned out, was stolen by bond and Elena refused to register in the lists.

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  • Born: 11.03.1985
  • Birthplace: Russian Federation, Murmansk
  • Videos: 14
  • Height: 158
  • Weight: not specified
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