Ivana Sugar
Ivana Sugar

Ivana sugar – luxurious blonde who knows a lot about this sex. It is malleable, depraved and emotional. In adult movies sugar hit at the age of eighteen and quickly made a name for himself. In such positions it only had (deep anal, brutal Blowjob, double penetration, lesbian play and more). Ivan is one of those porno divas who are not aware absolutely no restrictions. Her gorgeous body constantly receives in full, and insatiable partners all the juice from the sugar pumped. Ukrainian beauty full work out of their high fees, having sex on camera she knows how to do. Significant achievements in the porn industry Ivana sugar has not yet reached, but she still has much ahead. The main thing is not to slow down and continue to delight audiences with new outright porn. And the same works in Ivana's almost there, everywhere her tear up in different ways. The ability every once in a while surrender is also the main advantage of Ukrainian women slutty Ivana sugar.

Was born next porn diva in 1992 in Ukraine. Real name - Svetlana Seregina. Aliases - Lillian Brayn (Lillian Brown), Ivana Sugar (Ivana Sugar). The film was shot under his own name, then decided to take the alias from the name – Ivana sugar got the most publicity. Now Ivan is often removed not only in a brutal strawberry, but they participate in pornographic photo shoots. Once sugar even dreamed of making a modelling career, but she is not the right height – a little more than 160 centimeters. But in pornography the height doesn't matter, the main thing is to have a magnificent body and the desire to have sex on camera. Nothing to be ashamed of that Ivan continues to prove. Gorgeous blonde tear up in all the cracks, and she won't admit it, showing how all realistic. Strawberry from Iwanai really soaked in the incredible believability and realism. This is not a simple production, which is so much more. If sugar didn't like this, in such a huge amount of porn she wouldn't exactly starred. And as already mentioned, it is really not the limit.

See the strawberry with the participation of the incomparable Ivana sugar on our website and go together with a gorgeous Ukrainian woman into the unforgettable world of passions and lust. Sugar will show how to deliver unforgettable pleasure to real men. While most get great pleasure and enjoyment.

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  • Born: 25.02.1992
  • Birthplace: Ukraine
  • Videos: 22
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: 52
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Ivana Sugar in Twitter: ivanasugar

OMG,just opened my email for the first time after quiet some time and wow have never had so many letters) I guess… https://t.co/M9pVq6piKU

10:25, 11.03.2018

Miss my fan boys ) how are you ?) https://t.co/TT8jr2DRaZ

03:09, 22.10.2017

Doubts... life would be so way easier if we wouldn't over think so much... decisions... decisions ... https://t.co/ZisiGgJMt3

20:57, 09.06.2017

WTF ))) how could I live here ) I guess Asia and Russia spoiled me way too much )

20:52, 09.06.2017

Back in Budapest) two months passed 🙈 Friday :banks closes at 3pm. To get simple paper from the office takes 3days. Kitchen closes at 11pm

20:52, 09.06.2017

I miss Asia ( How is the weather in Bali and Thai this time of the year ?

02:58, 06.06.2017

Good night to everyone, fellas ) https://t.co/7IhgLHHFch

02:43, 06.06.2017

Last night dinner in Ukraine with lovely @candyalexaxxx ))) https://t.co/OqxoUkotmE

19:50, 04.06.2017

Shhhh... just fucking cum ) https://t.co/mlFZCrKaxV

19:23, 01.06.2017

Dinner) https://t.co/q86WCFUX5C

21:49, 31.05.2017


03:10, 24.05.2017

How many of you smoke after the sex ?) they say people smoke after coz they are not happy about their partner choice )lol

03:09, 24.05.2017

This feeling... being fucked so nicely... the beloved fucker asleep already ... and you just join the cigaret )))

03:08, 24.05.2017

They say, woman change hair style when she wants to change her life. Red hair ? We def got a problem in here 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/PiBpty0aeQ

21:08, 21.05.2017

It's nice warm evening ) chilling, having glass of wine on summer winery terrace ) ready to hear your crazy stories… https://t.co/L0nMyKzdy3

20:17, 21.05.2017

Hello everyone ))it's been awhile , what's new ?) Missed our little talks, so hit me up and tell what's new in your… https://t.co/Uvr28DjRPf

20:09, 21.05.2017

Having fun with @babes today ) https://t.co/S2CIw1P0WZ

12:12, 21.04.2017

Happy Easter lovers ) https://t.co/jbK7afuUds

10:52, 18.04.2017

It's been two months ) one more week and hearing back to Europe ) https://t.co/gqSs5PoBM7

19:41, 09.03.2017

Realized I haven't been posting for a while)life in Asia is too beautiful to spend time on social media) hope every… https://t.co/pXz80u8CUU

08:05, 09.03.2017

My beloved ones. Thank you for all your birthday greetings, was pleasure to read your kind wishes. Lots of love... https://t.co/jmXyWcJ8yb

04:53, 27.02.2017

Your awesome,babe )) lots of love, enjoy Thai ) https://t.co/XPxQYGmE6D

12:21, 18.02.2017

Hope everyone is just being as happy as I am. Big hello from Thailand, island of dreams ) https://t.co/vAhaQnZx4F

20:07, 17.02.2017

Live everyday as if you just found out you aren't pregnant 😂✌🏽 https://t.co/qJzCDPK4FB

20:12, 16.02.2017

Let's make a test. Just doing some research. Please help me. People, how many of you have law self esteem and how many has high self esteem?

07:17, 13.02.2017

So what I think, you should find out your inner peace and some people have to finally get a life and mind their own business )ahah that's it

05:40, 13.02.2017

Secondly, I don't get why people do that. Things we are doing first of all are right for ourself. We do what makes us happy, confidant etc

05:39, 13.02.2017

My personally and my behavior meets a lot of criticism from people)first of all I'm not good at being criticized)and attacking right away)

05:38, 13.02.2017

Especially on a social media, you are never perfect, too skiny, too fat, too muscular, too stupid, too clever etc ahah

05:37, 13.02.2017

Therefore I think people have to find out what makes them really happy. It's true phisical appearance will always meet lots of criticism

05:36, 13.02.2017

Suck your stomach in ahAhaha

05:35, 13.02.2017

2 weeks on diet and workout. So I'm interested to see the result after 4 weeks) happiness isn't cake, happiness is when you don't have to

05:35, 13.02.2017

Of consistent trainings, and see the result. Just out of curiosity. Apparently I have a good genetic, and can get my self in nice shape afte

05:34, 13.02.2017

I always do gym heavily for two weeks, than disappear for a weeks, than again do for a week , than stop for 3. So now I wanna do 4 weeks

05:33, 13.02.2017

14days, no alcohol, 5 meals out, 10 workouts, 6 cardio trainings, -3kg. Happy with my self) I have never been consi… https://t.co/MPf31TmNUj

05:33, 13.02.2017

Sun burnt monkey )haha https://t.co/OQFRzNlX9H

09:37, 12.02.2017

Enjoy your day fellas) found the solution, waking up at 6am, then can manage everything, work, studies, projects, f… https://t.co/Rcoomqvm6w

07:32, 10.02.2017

Been sunbathing a bit ) https://t.co/ZNHCTBXKSG

07:51, 09.02.2017

When your on holidays but still trying to get in shape ahaha late night work outs ) https://t.co/WTMK5yuag3

15:01, 08.02.2017

Good morning babes ))) https://t.co/wLk2OOGkcK

10:05, 08.02.2017

All great deeds & all great thoughts have ridiculous beginning.Great works are often born on street corner or in re… https://t.co/4YWpREbwcQ

19:09, 07.02.2017

Enjoy your day everyone) sorry am not too active on twitter lately) life is too interesting, don't let focus on soc… https://t.co/Be0S9OM4Zg

13:47, 04.02.2017

Wanna get my shape back... to hard with all the delicious Asian food )) actually impressed, Asian food in Europe is… https://t.co/kDvyuiKfg5

13:45, 04.02.2017

Love love https://t.co/lduh1Nq4ex

13:52, 02.02.2017

Hi hi ) como lake Italy ) https://t.co/8uCBvl8g2D

17:40, 27.01.2017

Good night lovers )) 3hrs sleep before the flight at 6am, favorite ahah https://t.co/JxdSWANOVS

04:19, 25.01.2017

Yes, I do smoke time to time ) can't be perfect everywhere )Gaga https://t.co/EqWkZl8Uiu

17:29, 24.01.2017

It was an amazing two days in Italy) got +2kg weight.Drove 300km & 5kg shopping bags)ate so much sweets &pasta that… https://t.co/wTtjZTX5ud

16:57, 24.01.2017

Just off the plane. Dialogue with @candyalexaxxx -are you hungry ? -not at all, but looking forward to get this chocolate croissant 🥐 ahah

10:07, 22.01.2017

But hey))) good thing, having my chocolate croissant and double espresso before take a ride )

10:06, 22.01.2017

Just landed in Milano... don't really like 6am flights... exhausting, no sleep before as have to get up at 3am, and only 1hr on the plane

10:06, 22.01.2017

Do@t look too happy, super hungry 😈 https://t.co/AihZ5pS3d4

22:48, 21.01.2017

Waiting for @candyalexaxxx to arrive for a dinner like ) https://t.co/jpFPH6VHel

22:27, 21.01.2017

Who can u see on background? Right,my fave performer,sad he doesn't perform any longer,but he is def a talented pho… https://t.co/9rbTEDMPdc

16:16, 21.01.2017

Still performing ))) no worries) just busy traveling) https://t.co/mZhbgtZxmp

16:12, 21.01.2017

Hello, could I order taxi to ...please? Hello,would you like to order a cab ? No,for fuck sake,get me pizza and zero coke. #Hungarians #WTF

13:15, 21.01.2017

Having shoot for @white box and loving it ) https://t.co/YVuj5y54kE

13:07, 21.01.2017

Good morning AWESOME PEOPLE ) Performing for @21sextury @21SexNetwork today with the amazing ) so exited to start t… https://t.co/r3Gq1HmdP4

11:28, 19.01.2017
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