Jada Stevens
Jada Stevens

Jada Stevens – porn-mistress of the diverse level, which is able to give one hundred percent and to show themselves well in a variety of strawberry. For her, no taboo pornography: Orgy, lesbian joy, fucking in all the cracks and more. And yet Stevens himself masterfully shows why she is a porn star of the first magnitude.

Real name - CanDis Jackson, year of birth – 1988. Prior to joining the strawberry tried a lot of professions and even danced a Striptease. And it was in a strip club it and noticed it and offered to try himself in the porn industry. In 2008 she made her debut, but it was virtual, and two years minx worked on a pornographic Internet resources, showing their charms in online formats. And in 2010, chick moved to Los Angeles, where it came a real success. It was there that she began to work with porn studios as the "Hundies", "Black Market" and "Cherry Boxxx" and to actively act in the strawberry the highest quality. And out from the Internet she went only benefit, because typically the full-length pornography is in high demand than the strawberry on online resources. And in 2012, Belle has won two awards – star of the year and best sex scene in a Threesome, plus a few prestigious nominations, including the "AVN Award". Then there were several other nominations and wins, which jada Stevens just would not stop, as for the strawberries she is in the Prime of life, and to leave it has no plans. Look Jada is also very interesting, especially her hairstyle, which little often changes. He started his career in it as the strawberry blonde and then dyed brunette. It should be noted that both of these color of her hair is great. Plus the beauty cool ability to present themselves and expertly show. And one of her tattoos on the body translates to nymphomaniac, which suggests that jada loves what she does.

Jada Stevens has long been fully established porn star who is not going to sit on its laurels and is available great. It removed a lot and does everything to become even more popular. On our website many hot pornography with dissolute Stevens, which you can be sure to interest and please many-sided fucking.

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  • Born: 04.06.1988
  • Birthplace: United States, Selvili, GA
  • Videos: 40
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 52
Jada Stevens in Twitter: JadaStevensX

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