Jade Jantzen
Jade Jantzen

Gorgeous porn diva Jade Jantzen always looks very tasty, willingly trunks pleases, and shows himself a versatile porn-bitch. Orgy, anal adventures, the joy of heifers and males, games with items and more. And everywhere sexy jade, Jantzen is appealing and good. Born in Brazil, hence its Latin appearance, and at the age of eighteen came to the United States to Florida and there began the passion to act. In many interviews openly says she came to porn to sex for money to do. First – the desire to make money, then pleasure and enjoyment.

Year of birth – 1993. Debut in pornography 2014. Collaborated and cooperated with well-known studios and everywhere jade, Jantzen just great exhibits and shows. At first, she worked at the famous Studio and systematically to porn Olympus climb. For any shooting and suggestions Jade Jantzen was taken, and it gave results, good earnings and fame came to her. Now between the studios she can choose and decide on whom to work and who is not. Although if you pay well and offer decent conditions – beauty, Jentzen always "for" powerful guns to satisfy.

Loves to dance and dreams of traveling. Herself jade, Jantzen often says that wants to get a contract that the shooting took place in exotic locations. This work and journey. And sometimes at their own expense to travel, more importantly, to his schedule allowed to do it.

The growth of beauty Jade Jantzen small – 163 cm, weight – 48 kg, chest third the size. And in General jade chic and sexy looks, she is very beautiful and attractive. It is, for that love and females love such hot-time. Here you will find a distinguished porn incomparable jade, Jantzen, these rollers are impregnated with lust, fascination and beauty. Lust and the hottest feeling, everyone is ensured.

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  • Born: 01.07.1993
  • Birthplace: Brazil
  • Videos: 4
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: 48
Jade Jantzen in Twitter: jadejantzenxxx

Dark chocolate brown hair ❤️ https://t.co/R7PqTpRdur

04:26, 04.02.2018

Just so you guys know, I don't have a Jade Jantzen #Instagram account. Apparently someone made an account under my… https://t.co/YcVLlyrFeE

09:11, 02.02.2018

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03:29, 25.01.2018

Love you all! -JayJay ❤️ https://t.co/Qv4Ba105et

07:51, 07.01.2018

Me today knowing I'm a grown ass adult and I can do whatever tf I want... https://t.co/dFIx8UIpnS

06:35, 26.12.2017

Now accepting emails and question answering :) shoot me an email and I'll try to get to them all ☺️

01:13, 17.12.2017

Stare back 😏😈 https://t.co/xXKuAUVelE

00:07, 17.12.2017

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01:36, 21.10.2017

Thank you for featuring me on your site!! Xoxo 💚💓💚💓https://t.co/Qu7mxacL1i

01:09, 20.10.2017

Always ❤️ https://t.co/Y1JD1ESnFS

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Everything we shoot is just plain gold. Like I said before.. I was model before I broke into the industry. https://t.co/HeZPgtP6R1

04:54, 13.10.2017

Almost there 🙏https://t.co/SFgiG4CkMJ

10:16, 12.10.2017

Waiting for this melatonin to kick in so I won't have to deal with the most of these wanks on here.. 😏😒🙃 much love to everyone else though😘

10:06, 12.10.2017

Have always loved this kids voice& music since #vine why isn't he famous yet?? https://t.co/QlrxFtGevU

09:56, 12.10.2017

Nowadays... https://t.co/sGkn2EbeO5

09:50, 12.10.2017

People begin to stop listening when you start speaking the truth. #realtalk

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Bucket list agenda https://t.co/Zpzm2dVjKN

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Need to get me some of these ASAP https://t.co/GlqSM7j8Fz

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I'd do it for the margaritas https://t.co/oB5FWKt18X

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If I really felt like I had2b n competition with ppl,I will rise&prevail but obviously I like my life the way it is,Life is better this way

00:05, 12.10.2017

Idgaf if I lose or get followers, nevr wantd this Twitter bs N-E ways. Just doin' it 4 d fans now&4the ppl who like 2 hear wat I have2say...

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Y'all better leave #Eminem alone

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