James Deen
James Deen

Bryan Matthew Sevilla (born February 7, 1986), better known by his stage name James Deen, is an American pornographic actor and Director. In pornography Brian came at 18 years of age, drawing the attention of Directors on their difference from the traditional appearance of pornomodeli. 1880 worked in films as an actor and 22 - as a Director.

James Dean was born and raised in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California. Father is a mechanical engineer at the jet propulsion Laboratory, the mother is an electronic engineer. James studied at the College of Pasadena, and after school he sold coffee in "Starbucks" in the next two years.

Early in his career, the actor worked with female partners older than himself. One angel Joanna was his girlfriend for six years until they broke up in 2010. In July 2013 pornographic actress Standing in one interview said that she also met James Dean. Brian is an army of fans teen girls, as a rule, not associated with the porn industry. the

In 2009 James Deen was nominated as "Male performer of the year" by Adult Video News at the age of 22, he became the youngest actor who has received this award. James Deen admits the actor of the calibre of Ryan Gosling. Bryan Matthew Sevilla, perhaps the most promising talent of the new generation in American porn is removed very much (more than 1500 films, an excellent result for the young actor, because he's not yet thirty). Such an attitude is not badly paid (about $20 000 per month) and is rapidly increasing audience of fans of adult cinema, which I love insanely talented actor.

Ethnic James Deen and Jewish adherents of Judaism. He likes to joke: "the Jews know we're better than everyone else."

The actor tried his hand in a conventional cinema. He played a major role in a feature film Paul Schrader's "the Canyons". The script for the film wrote a favorite of Martin Scorsese, Bret Easton – Ellis. And partner James was Lindsay Lohan. Along with acting James Dean is engaged in the directing, leads cooking shows, gives lectures about his life and safe sex in American colleges.

James Dean dreamed about a career of pornoaktrisa with kindergarten and moving decisively towards achieving its goals.

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  • Born: 07.02.1986
  • Birthplace: United States, Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California
  • Videos: 55
  • Height: 170
  • Weight: 68
James Deen in Twitter: jamesdeen

I can’t wait until I’m old and I can say to the youth, “back in the 1900’s”

04:42, 20.03.2018

THEY ARE PUSSIES!!!!!!! HEAVY METAL PUSSIES!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/LX6AFJ4Rk4

03:55, 20.03.2018

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23:14, 19.03.2018

you put the "L" is LSD

21:02, 19.03.2018

i need a janitor not a carpenter

20:53, 19.03.2018

New post: Getting Down With Jane Wilde’s Pussy https://t.co/lHCWHzqAxh

20:00, 19.03.2018

Whaling on the moon. Caring a harpoon. But they’re ain’t no whales so we tell tall tales and sing a whaling tune

02:19, 19.03.2018

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01:51, 19.03.2018

I really wish less of my friends wanted to be my friend

23:22, 18.03.2018

Reality is not subjective

19:28, 17.03.2018

18 years ago lil hommie went to the hood. The world has never been the same. https://t.co/zlOpOOuyin

18:01, 17.03.2018

it's 2018... can us pornographers PLEASE stop having to edit the fisting out of our dvd's??!??!?!!!

17:11, 17.03.2018

I should tweet something... I don’t know... ummm https://t.co/hzgcRZhrPd I guess

05:51, 17.03.2018

there are just far far far FAR too many people alive right now

02:07, 17.03.2018

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20:01, 16.03.2018

Gimme the baby rings and the number one mom pendant

19:09, 16.03.2018

My day was better than your day was https://t.co/5SJaqhLjBi

06:43, 16.03.2018

I ate so much blood today

05:03, 16.03.2018

i guess i'll eat this fucking banana

20:30, 15.03.2018

New post: Got To Love Marley Brinx https://t.co/kEKRM1PXxT

20:00, 15.03.2018

i've never been happier to pay my taxes

17:05, 15.03.2018

I’m pretty sure I met a real life spy today

05:36, 15.03.2018

kim kardashian https://t.co/Wlk8bw0R21

01:25, 15.03.2018

"i'm going to make sweet sweet love to you... and drink your spit" #pornoromance

01:13, 15.03.2018

drink more coffee.... or eat some food?

20:52, 14.03.2018

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20:00, 14.03.2018

Pink triangle on her sleeve

22:03, 13.03.2018

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20:00, 13.03.2018

I am confident the reason I am on this earth is to get my dick sucked and hurt people’s feelings

19:48, 13.03.2018

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it's really hard for me to be friends with people who aren't dead inside

04:30, 13.03.2018

i wrote half a blog today... and i'm 3 weeks behind on blogs. WHO WANTS TO WRITE MY BLOG FOR ME?

04:22, 13.03.2018

about 40% of the things i want to tweet i text to @jackystjames instead #tomhardyporn

00:43, 13.03.2018

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20:00, 12.03.2018

If you wear Gucci in public people should spit on you

07:28, 12.03.2018

The day archer changed their narrative because of Isis is the day that terrorism won :-(

07:26, 12.03.2018

Fun ways to start conversations - “so I’m banging your girlfriend right...”

05:24, 12.03.2018

Fun ways to start conversations - “so I’m not saying crack is good but...”

04:59, 12.03.2018

I live in a perpetual world of needing a haircut https://t.co/HjQ4UDaO6V

01:10, 12.03.2018

i know what i said https://t.co/AG20yHAujM

23:49, 11.03.2018

i'm 90 percent sure my cat ate a magnate

23:43, 11.03.2018

Them the dudes with ice picks

21:06, 11.03.2018

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20:11, 11.03.2018

The older I get the more I realize how much of a loser matthew mcconaughey’s character in dazed and confused was

04:49, 11.03.2018

Honestly.... I don’t even know HOW to send a “dm”

04:42, 11.03.2018


03:50, 11.03.2018

I really enjoy the feeling when I’m pouring a cup of tea and tiny drops of the scalding hot water splashes out onto… https://t.co/YvGcKKXbIx

18:47, 10.03.2018

Is infinity war out yet?

17:39, 10.03.2018

I’m peeing

06:20, 10.03.2018

Butts are cool

02:45, 10.03.2018

New post: Did You Know Hitler Loved Rabbits? https://t.co/ZwCr2cxV3h

21:00, 09.03.2018

Stupid sexy Flanders

17:59, 09.03.2018

i'm tweeting

06:02, 09.03.2018

New post: Getting My Meta On With Kenna James And Ryan Keely https://t.co/QF8cAHAFmR

21:00, 08.03.2018

I’m so fucking mad at Jesus right now

18:50, 08.03.2018

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05:28, 08.03.2018

Old as a mother fucker but they still ask me for my Id when I buy mgd https://t.co/o8RFQUCuw2

21:28, 07.03.2018

New post: https://t.co/Q3bbBHc7UT With Kendra Spade https://t.co/ObjwhY66s1

21:00, 07.03.2018

I really like cumming inside of pregnant women

19:41, 07.03.2018

Oh my god.....OH MY GAAAAAWWWWDDDDD!!!!!!! https://t.co/ocChWO2Nvl

18:06, 07.03.2018

That word... I do not think it means what you think it means

05:03, 07.03.2018

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04:20, 07.03.2018

New post: Fucking Ivy Lebelle https://t.co/KlUZviMArw

21:00, 06.03.2018

Am I the only person who listens to cat stevens at 6am and cries while I work?

19:46, 06.03.2018

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06:04, 06.03.2018

My real goal in life is to be dave the dope fiend shooting dope who don’t know the meaning of water or soap #hero

04:16, 06.03.2018

Ratatatatated and all the cops scattered

04:10, 06.03.2018

New post: I Had Sex With Paisley Rae https://t.co/jdBFq9KcT9

21:00, 05.03.2018

I get to spend my whole week doing statistics!!!!!! What you know about my variable field references biatch!!!!!!!!!

20:27, 05.03.2018

David Bowie is fucking magical

19:09, 05.03.2018

I want to contaminate a microchip clean room... mainly for fun

07:23, 05.03.2018

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03:53, 05.03.2018

so many of the songs you love are just about the writer of said song doing heroin and being depressed

00:15, 05.03.2018

My main issue with humanity is all the fucking humans

18:36, 04.03.2018

so far today https://t.co/hzgcRZhrPd has had twice as many people sign up than https://t.co/jJmyEuf1Uy ... i'm sure… https://t.co/8N6rdE3Zcx

18:48, 03.03.2018

where is the fly spot where they got the champagne?

18:33, 03.03.2018


05:53, 03.03.2018

I’m going to rent out an old movie theatre and throw a rocky horror party. All are invited but you can’t get in unl… https://t.co/V57IbGagdW

00:41, 03.03.2018

New post: Why… Why… WHY DID I STAND NEXT TO THE TALLEST PEOPLE??? https://t.co/GsprV7kTcu

21:00, 02.03.2018

One time after having sex with @danadearmond I pulled a bloody sponge out of her body and then we took turns chewin… https://t.co/OQHME4OsAV

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21:00, 01.03.2018

Free https://t.co/jJmyEuf1Uy membership to whoever can answer this question correctly. How do you pass trigonometry?

04:16, 01.03.2018

New post: Goodbye February Hello Athena Palomino https://t.co/zL72otVETk

21:00, 28.02.2018

I an beginning to realize that not everyone realizes how much trouble and destruction you can create with styrofoam and 20 bucks

19:25, 28.02.2018

Logo creation directions from James Deen - “Like a fashion model on heroin... but who is also holding a gun”

18:19, 28.02.2018

Far too many people speak to me on a daily basis

06:21, 28.02.2018


02:46, 28.02.2018

New post: Super Awesome Porno For @Dogfartnetwork https://t.co/aDagintdE8

21:00, 27.02.2018

Laws don’t work... Think of how many laws you’ve already broken today!!!! Damn the man!!!! Save the empire!!!!! #marcsux

18:34, 27.02.2018

Fuck You ficus

04:05, 27.02.2018

Knock knock knock

01:33, 27.02.2018

New post: Sex With Kenna James…. I Don’t Remember The Theme https://t.co/sh3BuD76Xq

21:00, 26.02.2018

It’s amazing how dudes having sex while wearing socks are so lame but girls having sex while wearing socks are so cool

07:40, 26.02.2018

It’s amazing how dudes with guitars are so lame but how girls with guitars are so cool

07:07, 26.02.2018

It’s time for my obligatory promo tweet for https://t.co/hzgcRZhrPd https://t.co/t8ibzkEusQ and… https://t.co/tYpF424oUb

06:19, 26.02.2018

Hold my pink fur derby I’ll be right back

01:08, 26.02.2018

Garlic bread is fucking dope as fuck

00:08, 26.02.2018

Saying no is incredibly easy to do

20:18, 25.02.2018

You want lobster... I’m thinking Burger King

03:17, 25.02.2018

Do you ever think about the reasons birds are able to fly? That shit is fucking crazy!!!!!!!!!!

23:58, 24.02.2018

Meat popsicle

20:20, 24.02.2018

there is a sale on https://t.co/hzgcRZhrPd and https://t.co/t8ibzkEusQ and https://t.co/jJmyEuf1Uy if you want some discounted porno

18:45, 24.02.2018

Fluids are fun https://t.co/mg6UaDXd9h

08:22, 24.02.2018

eat a dick altruism

22:33, 23.02.2018

New post: I Need To Blog But Also…. I Don’t Want To https://t.co/FUkPjBEyeD

21:00, 23.02.2018

The biggest issue in my life these days is trying to figure out what I’m going to eat after my scenes

04:30, 23.02.2018

And in this next Porno I will be wearing glasses https://t.co/cJKiwclLmr

23:43, 22.02.2018

The fat man walks alone

22:30, 22.02.2018

New post: Beards And Cats SFW https://t.co/UIzjnHwAZv

21:00, 22.02.2018

can't get mad if the bus doesn't come

19:54, 22.02.2018

i am starting "real life muting" where i gently place stickers over peoples mouths when they are speaking to me abo… https://t.co/c3srjm1Gbl

18:57, 22.02.2018

this has been the weirdest day!!!!!!!! i guess go to https://t.co/jJmyEuf1Uy and watch porno or something

03:08, 22.02.2018

coffee counts as lunch right?

00:59, 22.02.2018

New post: Get Alexis Monroe All The Dick!!!! https://t.co/lNFG2u2HIZ

21:00, 21.02.2018

I don’t trust people who spell quik with a “c”

21:34, 20.02.2018

New post: I Am Not Related To Kendra Spade https://t.co/LJBtpTFsYm

21:00, 20.02.2018

“Circumcise yourself!!!! What could go wrong!???!???” - god said that shit

18:33, 20.02.2018

“One day I am going to figure out how to shoot a rocket with my wife inside it into the sun” - John f Kennedy

18:26, 20.02.2018

“Eat more chocolate and suck off the homeless” - mother Theresa

18:21, 20.02.2018

“It would be fun to punch a toddler in the face” - steve jobs

18:20, 20.02.2018

It’s amazing that we live in a time where it theoretically is easier than ever to fact check stuff but people still… https://t.co/uPgFJtlaFQ

18:19, 20.02.2018

I am going to try to condense all my tweets into as few words as possible. Ie: if i initially want to tweet, “I saw… https://t.co/tBFVsCmEKG

07:56, 20.02.2018


04:46, 20.02.2018

here... get analized for 9.95 because why the fuck not https://t.co/sGqZUnUOs1

01:50, 20.02.2018

i'm going to steal your source code because fuck you and that feature is dope

21:09, 19.02.2018

New post: Lilly Love Is Better At Sex Than You Are https://t.co/xYDKCt58se

21:00, 19.02.2018

Ok but can we talk about this member’s user name!??!?!!?! #iamgonnapretendthatitisreal https://t.co/MD8mfPWCA8

03:46, 19.02.2018

I guess I should tweet some shit... go to https://t.co/hzgcRZhrPd or https://t.co/t8ibzkEusQ or something

17:33, 18.02.2018

I have so many baseball cards

07:00, 17.02.2018

New post: Who’s Your Daddy!!!!!! https://t.co/m2wlWzg0Cp

21:00, 16.02.2018

I dream of an internet where there is less pontificating and more shutting the fuck up!!!!!

05:36, 16.02.2018

Home sweet home https://t.co/ltfWCSlwZb

03:14, 16.02.2018

If I was on dating apps all it would say is that thing I wrote once about how “I like girls who hate men but love c… https://t.co/cqAaF7shPi

23:05, 15.02.2018
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