Jane Darling
Jane Darling

Jane darling – blonde Czech porn-diva, who since the beginning of the two thousandth in the porno-industry itself realizes and cool in hardcore. This bitch removed a lot as in the European strawberry and American. The star of the first magnitude Jane hard to call, but she's always in pornography was and is located on the most prominent plans.

Beauty was born in Czechoslovakia, a country that no longer existed, now she has Czech nationality. Year of birth – 1980, real name Jan Prova. At the age of twenty one years old cutie came into pornography – 2001. She started with Swedish strawberries – "Anal joy in the vineyard," continued the Hungarian – "Anal Agency", and has gradually reached the American and French pornography. And even the names of paintings with her participation can easily conclude that the hole in the darling of the working and in the anal debauchery it is cool being realized. And really in most porn movies Jane darling insatiable partners powerfully in chase point, plus anal pleasures with toys for fucking. In orgies beauty too often removed, and almost always does so to be the main heroine. But already in 2004, Jane had an unpleasant incident. Then she was an aspiring porn diva and decided to go to Mexico, where he was erotic festival. The organizers, the participants paid a lot of money, but in the end darling deported from the country because his work visa. Time passed and now, most likely, this situation chick says with a smile on his face. Been in her career and prestigious nominations, including "AVN Award" most often, it was nominated for anal debauchery, really pretty Gal always lost to competitors.

Jane darling continues to be removed, not as active as it once was, but to retire anal mistress has no plans. According to data as of the beginning of 2015 she has appeared in over 250 pornographic movies. On our site you can find fascinating video with her participation, which you will give a lot of unforgettable sensations.

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  • Born: 26.09.1980
  • Birthplace: Czech Republic, Klášterec nad ohří, ústí nad Labem region, Czechoslovakia
  • Videos: 6
  • Height: 175
  • Weight: 55
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