Janet Mason
Janet Mason

Janet Mason – redhead whore in age, which knows a lot about this fucking. Janet often acted in violent pornography, where her partners fuck for the full program. Easy sex is not for her, Mason loves spicy sex games and joy. She's not young, but incredibly attractive. And given the age of Janet, she also often starred in pornography, which is called "Mom". There is a red-haired bitch is coming off the full program, using young partners for their depraved pleasures. No principles, no rules and restrictions, partners with luxury body Janet all you want, but it is their full capacity use. In the end, all are pleased.

In the strawberry Mason a long time hit, it was in 1998, when she began to keep a personal porn website. There is Busty minx posted an intimate video, which she shared with friends. It quickly noticed major producers and was invited to take part in larger projects for adults. Janet never missed and quickly became a famous porn diva.

It is hard to believe that Mason was born in the distant 1967, but by her gorgeous body can't say, Janet is well preserved. She's watching her figure, knowing full well that the porn industry is not the easiest business, relax and you're not on its vertices. And we can say that Mason is perfectly adapted popular pornography. What is now in Vogue with viewers, and it will be shot. In lesbian soft-core she also tried her hand, and very successfully.

Janet Mason for forty a long time and even easier to say that soon she will be 50 years, but to retire it is not going. Red-haired beauty will be shot until her body would demand. She skillfully shows their main advantages and always laid out to the fullest. A variety of porn involving Janet Mason watch on our site. Getting bored in the process these hits you just do not have.

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  • Born: 08.04.1967
  • Birthplace: United States, California
  • Videos: 29
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 50
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Janet Mason in Twitter: janetmasonxxx

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23:42, 07.12.2017

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20:57, 07.12.2017

I was looking at My Blog and wanted to send a link to one my best all time experiences. My meeting with the Amazin… https://t.co/C8KB8ZWrke

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20:00, 07.12.2017

Heading to NY City NEXT WEEK December 12-13. Excited to see all the Holiday Decorations? Have you completed your H… https://t.co/oQ4KO3pCJe

19:58, 07.12.2017

In Midtown Manhattantoday though Tuesday night! https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6

18:20, 24.09.2017

:-) https://t.co/hIFhEeSzF8

21:26, 15.08.2017

New travel dates! NYC, Houston and Dallas! See https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 for details!

17:49, 13.07.2017

Excited to head to Chicago in the morning! It's been ages #WindyCity https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6

19:40, 10.06.2017

I don't have an IG account - so I can't report them.... It's a constant battle - sigh https://t.co/NWN1MBKdnt

19:35, 10.06.2017

It's another FAKE - some of those headless shots aren't even me... https://t.co/puGt7ABxdb

19:30, 10.06.2017

Visiting Philadelphia and Chicago in June! See https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 fort details!

16:53, 02.06.2017

New travel plans! Philadelphia and Chicago in June! See https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 for details.

21:04, 16.05.2017

PSA = I * DO * NOT * have an Instagram - ANY IG accounts you see with my name are FAKE - Please report them. Thanks… https://t.co/S7scwbozLR

14:44, 08.05.2017

High Intensity Interval Training https://t.co/NzYBrk7qOT

15:47, 04.05.2017

Thanks, Owen, for the nice birthday gift! (I received it yesterday). Thanks also to Nathan for the Sonos system and… https://t.co/Sj6SwtPet9

14:51, 19.04.2017

I'll be there April 30th & May 1st https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 https://t.co/qAqi9skAx9

14:43, 17.04.2017

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend! Next weekend I'll be in NYC & following weekend Charlotte, NC https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6

14:33, 17.04.2017

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes this past Saturday the 8th. I appreciate it! 😘

19:40, 11.04.2017

Pittsburgh and NYC dates added! See https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6

18:57, 04.04.2017

Traveling soon! DC April 6, Pittsburgh April 10...NYC, Philly, Charlotte & Chicago soon!

01:01, 02.04.2017

I have no plans for LA https://t.co/W2ko4AQBnH

18:23, 16.03.2017

Ha - I like the way you think :) https://t.co/lB4gVY110B

18:22, 16.03.2017

I'm rarely on twitter these days - I have no idea how my avi is now just an egg?

15:22, 16.03.2017

I'm partial to black :) https://t.co/2CJbiZ04f7

20:47, 13.03.2017

How funny - I have my O's shirt on now! https://t.co/sjXo7AaKM4

20:26, 13.03.2017

Here we go! https://t.co/S5Mh8J8YNN

16:49, 04.03.2017

Visiting Pittsburgh this coming Sunday through Monday afternoon! See https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 for more info.

22:26, 01.03.2017

Just leaving this here. #SimpleReminder https://t.co/ITHkN79tb8

16:49, 01.03.2017

4.5 but have to settle for 5 https://t.co/508SSyoxWJ

00:08, 01.03.2017

Huge Thanks to N.W. for the lovely box 📦 of goodies! Also- someone out there sent a super cute black bra w/ polka d… https://t.co/BBFDhgiTLZ

19:52, 28.02.2017

Happy hearts 💕 and chocolate 🍫 day! 🎁💋

16:45, 14.02.2017

Yep- that's me 😊💄 https://t.co/K99bKFkIRa

17:53, 12.02.2017

Amazon Wishlist updated for those who asked! See https://t.co/EcjCsEnhnC?

09:58, 11.02.2017

Um... https://t.co/c7hijF2HFt

23:17, 09.02.2017

Time to do some WORK🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️👟💪🏼

16:46, 09.02.2017

Just got home from NYC to find the Amazon wishlist fairy left a ton of goodies! Thank you guys! https://t.co/qQS8QeNpEJ

01:07, 09.02.2017

Currently have 3 pairs of well worn vintage silk stockings available 😊 https://t.co/4GKE6vpujj

22:42, 06.02.2017

Myself 😊 https://t.co/xel37mf54b

22:40, 06.02.2017

Vintage stockings and garter #classic https://t.co/C2YnFssoI9

19:57, 06.02.2017

I don't have IG https://t.co/GFcywhbGze

19:56, 06.02.2017

I don't have one https://t.co/ZRGLasyDS9

19:02, 06.02.2017

Traveling to NYC February 5-7! See https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 for more info! :-)

17:59, 25.01.2017

I love chatting with fans! https://t.co/QWOG4ySYHy https://t.co/a7NPcbcoGb

15:43, 23.01.2017

I'd be flattered 😊 https://t.co/ZNUmXuVmOE

00:20, 23.01.2017

https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 https://t.co/mPonTXuo4u

00:12, 23.01.2017

I'm not far though- easy trip - I'm in DC all the time 😜 https://t.co/Y2xTKdXmI6

00:11, 23.01.2017

Have a few things in the air- working on it 💋 https://t.co/ozdRXAsdmT

00:06, 23.01.2017

I'm not on twitter much but absolutely had to congratulate the Uber sexy @KendraLust for her @avnawards MILF performer of year. 👏🏼 Bravo!

23:54, 22.01.2017

How's your Friday world?

04:29, 21.01.2017

😜 https://t.co/8DzIg0o4JC

06:34, 11.01.2017

Mix of functional fitness, H.I.I.T. , weights, hiking, running 5-6 days a week https://t.co/Y7rauJ5HvV

05:13, 11.01.2017

I will not https://t.co/pMtrLpWf8E

05:11, 11.01.2017

Yes! As long as there is no electricity I'm game to try one once! https://t.co/KLEeYjSLYV

21:00, 10.01.2017

Thanks- but I don't have Instagram https://t.co/PGRTffSWVG

20:58, 10.01.2017

Type casting? https://t.co/fjvOIR8Ur5

03:17, 03.01.2017

Getting ready to make some serious changes.

17:12, 02.01.2017

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 🎊

06:32, 01.01.2017

Thank you for the warm Holiday wishes:) @SteveMasonXXX & I have been out of touch enjoying family time. We are catching up on texts now!

18:08, 28.12.2016

I have been out of town and didn't take my work phone. Catching up on texts now :) https://t.co/FH0qd3ywo7

18:03, 28.12.2016

I don't know the first thing about dancing.... But thank you for thinking of me. :) https://t.co/khJNjiV9IC

18:02, 28.12.2016

Have a fabulous holiday season folks! Catch y'all in 2017! Complete digital unplug until then. 💋❄🎅🏻🤶🏼🎄

18:37, 23.12.2016

''Tis the season for festive feet! #Stockings - anklet - #heels https://t.co/ZCszXY4RoF

05:24, 08.12.2016

Goes both ways! 💋 https://t.co/E9s9JOkrlO

04:19, 08.12.2016

Congrats you 2! Cheers to many more! https://t.co/OgLhjMuZgH

02:16, 03.12.2016

Huge thanks to my sweet, generous fans for keeping me sexy! @aubie61 @terdefense & Nathan! https://t.co/roLBz8h5oi

02:13, 03.12.2016

See you soon Texas! https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 https://t.co/gnaalQknsG

17:32, 02.12.2016

https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 https://t.co/KYHgYWbxbL

07:57, 30.11.2016

I'm big fan of organic produce https://t.co/cNtFxbQz6W

07:49, 30.11.2016

I was through there this past summer https://t.co/yjwZBklFD6

07:48, 30.11.2016

Currently digging Buddha station on pandora https://t.co/EuSeaiw4Qs

07:48, 30.11.2016

Im there next week https://t.co/s23RKyIWf3

07:47, 30.11.2016

Yes- did an epic photo shoot there! Huntsville https://t.co/YTDa6bvJAj

07:32, 30.11.2016

Absolutely neighbor! https://t.co/p9qAO6j9GM

07:32, 30.11.2016

💋💋💋 https://t.co/XDDtUQnGeA

07:10, 30.11.2016

Red https://t.co/iSUzTi9Ib0

07:09, 30.11.2016

The world is amazing but there's no place like home #usa https://t.co/xknlzG0w5E

07:05, 30.11.2016

Lots to be thankful for this year- it was wonderful https://t.co/LgbB7plipL

06:56, 30.11.2016

And people wonder why I rarely tweet....

06:48, 30.11.2016

Not in my free time- no... only when I'm busy- seriously 😑 https://t.co/SOQ9XTjuhP

06:46, 30.11.2016

It's just a number 😊 https://t.co/ymhjT2US35

06:38, 30.11.2016

Hiking, reading, gym, movies, exploring outdoors https://t.co/GzUho8QxtP

06:38, 30.11.2016

Thank you! https://t.co/slSwNnVknh

06:27, 30.11.2016

Life is full of adventure https://t.co/sFLLTFxA85

06:25, 30.11.2016

Mushrooms https://t.co/yNgPZ4NTI9

06:25, 30.11.2016

I love a challenge- so I'm stumped by this one 😜 https://t.co/yGznog7iKH

06:25, 30.11.2016

That's like choosing your favorite child- I've been lucky to have great chemistry with many sexy folks over the yea… https://t.co/qyIhKO8lGL

06:20, 30.11.2016

No such thing- bra bands come in even numbers & there is an inch give or take with hooks in back https://t.co/KedQ9C79c6

06:19, 30.11.2016

I get to Chicago several times a year 😜 I'll be back in spring https://t.co/JO6B4ROJe3

06:17, 30.11.2016

34 or 36 DD depending on maker https://t.co/gxFgHnpTx2

06:17, 30.11.2016

The world in general- wow https://t.co/33UIfqYqmh

06:13, 30.11.2016

When you have one of those days where you swear you are living in an alternate universe 😳 #twighlightzone #wherehaveyoubeen #wtfreally

06:11, 30.11.2016

Nothing wrong onsite https://t.co/8yBp3iflKm

05:48, 30.11.2016

LOL - right?! https://t.co/s5FZgBW96O

05:11, 30.11.2016

Shipment being forwarded to me today 💋 https://t.co/SJOv13Yjfw

01:13, 30.11.2016

You'll do great 🍀 https://t.co/R7brvSsuC2

22:04, 29.11.2016

Happy to have moved far, far away https://t.co/bW6vNmqwY1

22:00, 29.11.2016

https://t.co/irF1QIDDrw https://t.co/Wg9cou4EGa

18:38, 28.11.2016

In 1997! https://t.co/3J9UERJHkC

18:27, 28.11.2016

Hello Sexy! https://t.co/lAE97HicQt

18:18, 28.11.2016

Finalized my last 2 trips for 2016! 1 week till I grab Texas by the(Fill in the blank)Followed by 48 HR in Big Apple https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6

18:15, 28.11.2016

Took a cyber break for Thanksgiving. It was FABULOUS! Hope everyone had a great holiday :)

18:11, 28.11.2016

In both towns tons https://t.co/tsZh1nfZFR

19:03, 23.11.2016

Yes https://t.co/iNU0v0owq2

16:00, 23.11.2016

https://t.co/FDVxVWwKQ1 https://t.co/k6xsuAfJKT

20:16, 16.11.2016

Fabulous! Love that town! https://t.co/fZQ5dCMcXD

20:11, 16.11.2016

It was sprinkling rain ☔️ https://t.co/k9WrJZL2ur

01:15, 16.11.2016

Squats! https://t.co/1uwSdkWCSf

00:53, 16.11.2016

Love my new booties! My fans always surprise me! Thanks Sandy! https://t.co/wMqJsc0G8o

23:30, 15.11.2016

Excited for my Chicago trip next week! Congrats Cubs Fans Keep the party going until I get there to help celebrate!… https://t.co/OLMUHWhkFi

15:43, 04.11.2016

Nope - East Coast https://t.co/XEXHF8oz84

17:30, 02.11.2016


05:05, 01.11.2016

That's not me https://t.co/1drYQA9Mef

02:13, 29.10.2016

Up & at it early! Think I'll head out in this hot new top from a fan! Love the way you spoil me!… https://t.co/FbDUcSij9f

14:21, 28.10.2016

Yesterday was brutal 😞 https://t.co/2Kcd6GtBNv

04:27, 28.10.2016

Went with fall color 😊 https://t.co/e6mMclN4sH

20:49, 27.10.2016

Mani Pedi day 🙂

18:37, 27.10.2016

In Philadelphia through Tuesday morning! :-) See https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 for info.

00:39, 24.10.2016

This is my ONLY Social Media account.... https://t.co/fd3a25CgeS

18:38, 21.10.2016

Absolutely- how sweet of you 💋 https://t.co/LS2PUl0gBp

18:33, 21.10.2016

Yes it's an imposter stealing my images.... https://t.co/AcTIZ88vSU

18:32, 21.10.2016

It's not my account- 3rd photo isn't even me- this is my only social media https://t.co/N8UouxWGr2

01:05, 21.10.2016

Sunday https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 https://t.co/sruKp565Zj

14:52, 19.10.2016

It's fake - an imposter looking for attention.... https://t.co/tM9x49IUaP

15:53, 18.10.2016

Philly bound this coming weekend! https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6 https://t.co/VdHTPRFvtm

20:26, 17.10.2016

Big Thanks to the sweet fan who spoiled me! https://t.co/KqWOHLK9UO https://t.co/u3nvM8rWAy

20:09, 17.10.2016

When you move to a cold climate after decades of not living in it... https://t.co/KqWOHM1KMm Need to keep warm!

23:16, 12.10.2016

Last day in NYC! Then off to DC! See https://t.co/95iTeRTrH6

21:43, 05.10.2016

I fly in Monday :) https://t.co/bHrIekiLdl

16:20, 01.10.2016
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