Jenna Ivory
Jenna Ivory

Jenna ivory the blond beast with the appearance of Marilyn Monroe and a huge sexual skills that tart in the strawberry gradually acquired. We can say that now porn with her participation is so very huge demand and wide variety of audience it attracts. This young blonde knows the taste of big black members, white reprobates it is also often fried, plus orgies, spanking in all working holes and powerful corruption, which can be called a real hardcore. She is not yet twenty-five years old, but has already managed to collaborate perfectly with the "BRAZZERS" and some other American porn studios. And when you look how this whore expertly pleases the bolts, for the lust of you can choke on saliva. In General, Jenna ivory is the future of American porn industry at the highest level and I want to believe that the career of this blonde will go only up.

Year of birth – 1993, country – USA. Debut in pornography is 2014, then the bitch was only twenty years old. And then the actress admitted in an interview to the porn some joy, she did not try. First, ivory never played with sex toys, second, fucked in anal hole she had. But, as we know, the American porn industry is very quickly able to fix and Jenna knew the taste of pleasures and toys, plus the Libertines willingly point she has developed. And now all the holes of this sexy blonde and hardy workers. But look especially hot pornographic videos of black male beating beautiful woman, big cocks full her they chase and always one hundred percent use cherished moments. Although, as already noted, the white stallions chase jenna ivory also love. And excellent video cutting, which also show how this bitch mouth is able to accept sperm and is almost always at the end of fucking males in her mouth sperm send. Jenna just gets on knees, opens mouth, and trouble-free powerful eruption catches. Everything looks incredibly lusty, tasty and exciting. Well and also very good that strawberry from her not too similar and always have hot moments and interesting plot points. Therefore, the selection of videos is extensive.

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  • Born: 16.06.1993
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Videos: 10
  • Height: 168
  • Weight: not specified
Jenna Ivory in Twitter: jennaivoryxxx

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