Julia Ann
Julia Ann

Julia Ann – blonde hottie in the porn industry is more than twenty years. And during this time, Ann tried a lot (group sex, brutal Blowjob, lesbian plays, bdsm and much more). No she did the forbidden and impossible, in sex she is the Queen and welcome the goddess of love. Many young porn Actresses, Anne must learn how to surrender to the men on camera.

Future born American porn-star in 1969 and her age she does not hide. And why do that when her body is in great shape. Real name is Julia Tavella. In childhood Julia was very fond of music and loved to play the piano. So was her fate, since her upbringing was engaged grandmother. And at 17, young Ann moved to Los Angeles, wanting to try to live independently. At 18 she got into modeling, as its parameters is allowed. And then some time even wrestled in the mud. Her first victory was the work of a stripper, she spoke with Janine, Lindemulder, which also then turned into a passion and became a famous actress of films for adults. Striptease Julia Ann spent several fruitful years, and then she successfully moved into pornography. Her debut in porn was held in 1993, the film was made by Andrew Blake, the famous Creator of the unforgettable pornography. In the first film Anne starred with Lindemulder and they made a great lesbian Duo. And after Julie said that Ganinoj Lindmulder she had sex not only on camera but also without it. Lesbian strawberry Busty harlot could not stay long and began to try his hand at other genres. In demand actress, she quickly became able to win the hearts of many fans around the world. Married Julia also had time to visit, in 2003, her husband became Michael's Equal, American porn Director, but their family life has not worked, and they quickly divorced. According to the 2014 Julia Ann has starred in over 400 porn films, very bad result.

Strawberry Ann is really nice to watch. To have sex with any partners and partner she is very diligent choice. Julia completely immersed in the sweet process and gets genuine pleasure. It has long past forty, but the language does not turn to say that it is not an attractive lady. Anne knows how to keep his body in shape and it forms many young girls would envy. A variety of pornography with the participation of Julia Ann take a look on the website. This Mature lady will show you what real sex, with no restrictions.

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  • Born: 08.10.1969
  • Birthplace: not specified
  • Videos: 31
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: 58
Julia Ann in Twitter: therealjuliaann

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