Kagney Linn Karter
Kagney Linn Karter

Cagney Linn Carter – gorgeous blonde with huge Boobs of the fifth size. In pornography Carter for over five years and during this time, she very much tried and have seen. Shooting in the strawberry Cagney started with traditional pastel scenes (boy – girl), then she successfully tried in the brutal sex and even lesbian productions. All the pictures of her are incredible emotion, excitement and genuine passion. Busty babe skillfully satisfies men and knows how to show off your body with the best sides. With acting in the crankcase is also all right, no wonder she was planning to become an actress. And can be after retiring from porn, Cagney again think of that, but now in her strawberries are satisfied (the media, fame and love of fans around the world).

Was born next porn diva in 1987 in Harris County, Texas. In 2007 went to California, hoping to become a famous singer and actress. Charming Cagney quickly found a producer, but he found out that she works nights at a strip club and refused to cooperate with it. For Cagney Lynn Carter it was a strong kick, but the seductress was able to survive. Actress and singer she never was, but about a year worked as a model while she was filming Nude for various magazines. She was noticed by porn-managers and was invited to the strawberry. In 2008, Carter has starred in his first porn film. Fame came quickly to her, Cagney Lynn made the right decision, pornography is art and good way of earning. According to the 2014 Carter has appeared in over 300 pornographic films.

For the world of the porn industry Carter iconic lady and around her person often go an interesting rumor. Itself Cagney loves to give candid interviews. So in one interview she said that the family supports her, especially her mother who looks at pornography as a job. And to the question about the tastes of fan Li said: the only thing that may not like my fans, that hair on the nipple. Favorite pose in sex Cagney Lynn missionary, but in pornography it is not too popular, so the usual sex actress does in her spare time. Carter also admits that she sometimes wants really brutal sex acts that she engaged in with their partners.

Now Cagney is young and incredibly sexy. Her porn career is at the peak of fame and recognition. See a picture with Cagney Lynn Carter on our website and get incredibly thrills and emotions.

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  • Born: 28.03.1987
  • Birthplace: United States, Texas
  • Videos: 43
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: 54
Kagney Linn Karter in Twitter: kagneynecessary

From last night https://t.co/UIMy7UObpk

01:42, 22.04.2019

Hi from @TheSapphirePool https://t.co/yD3PCxQzQT

01:41, 22.04.2019

For the people that wonder if my EP cover was Photoshop #nobitch 😃 https://t.co/JYK7WqqbYV

09:00, 21.04.2019

Ok friends come see me tonight put me and your lap ❤️ https://t.co/DVonQsbpaG

19:49, 20.04.2019

I’m experiencing unmanageable self-doubt fucking holler if you can identify

04:20, 19.04.2019


03:48, 13.04.2019

When my music business teacher told us to write 100 songs this year I took that ish soooooooooooooooooooo seriously 😁

20:23, 12.04.2019

Someone told me that sometimes you won’t know the people that you’re helping because they won’t come forward They w… https://t.co/6WAD9gfoEI

12:08, 08.04.2019

Well I love getting emotional I think it’s my favorite actually I know it is because I feel like I don’t like it but I do it all the time

12:05, 08.04.2019

We’re still working on a rock song we just had to take the video down because it’s not finished 🤘🏼

22:08, 07.04.2019


21:37, 07.04.2019

Like ok learning to play college level piano with absolutely no background, it’s the bravest thing I’ve ever done… https://t.co/7m1ffqrV4c

23:36, 03.04.2019

Working on bridging that passaggio and passing those 5th octave notes out of head voice into chest voice I will say… https://t.co/6kSaIPk2ND

06:56, 20.03.2019


19:29, 12.03.2019


19:57, 07.03.2019


19:52, 07.03.2019

If you’re going through some changes in your life right now, you feel like no one in the world could relate to, I t… https://t.co/Bs2RQZnvEP

22:04, 28.02.2019

Real learning is a permanent change in behavior that’s brought about by sustained practiced of the knowledge that y… https://t.co/cUvLM3rYqk

04:42, 22.02.2019

My V will be an I tonight cause these legs are shut ! Anyway happy valentines to everybody out there who doesn’t have anybody ❤️

08:56, 15.02.2019

School has been consuming my time but here’s a little peak into what my days look like ☺️ https://t.co/HCQPtZBwca

01:24, 14.02.2019


02:43, 28.01.2019

Also I’ll be making a cameo in Vegas this weekend 💁🏼‍♀️ come get a dance bc hunny nows the time https://t.co/4j9whTUmjE

04:16, 26.01.2019

Ok let’s say 😂 I showed up to dance for you with my arm in a sling bc I hurt myself on the pole would you still get… https://t.co/sXImXRuKc9

04:57, 23.01.2019

Ok cool like I’m actually excited about the punk/rock thing I was even thinking like I could call myself #pianopunk… https://t.co/W9iPnAqq50

04:45, 23.01.2019

Ok your getting a lap dance from a chick and you realize in the middle of the dance she’s actually working out like… https://t.co/4ffJHVZuSL

06:47, 22.01.2019

Ok which type of music between these two would you rather hear me sing and write songs for

00:24, 22.01.2019

What kind of music would you rather hear me sing ?

22:49, 19.01.2019

Ok 😂 a chick comes over before you’re leaving for a date she says she has to “touchup” in the bathroom but when she… https://t.co/PMuTMuHqYT

08:41, 15.01.2019

You get a lap dance and the stripper silent farts during the dance but you smell it, when she asks for a tip after the song is over you

23:57, 14.01.2019

This weekend https://t.co/NwJ2ifs2Jf

00:18, 11.01.2019

Attention !! Upcoming event ❤️ https://t.co/pCtwIocMb6

04:42, 05.01.2019

Your in the middle of a conversation with someone and you really need to walk away to go fart but they won’t stop t… https://t.co/1mCnAnLQWe

23:07, 03.01.2019

Btw 67% of you would rather stick your dick in a yeast infection then take a chance with a girl who had a nice clea… https://t.co/0xvLS7E1dU

00:23, 03.01.2019

If you had a date with a girl but she canceled and you found out from her Roomate it was bc she ate beans for lunch… https://t.co/tY9MBWY9P0

00:19, 03.01.2019

2019 !! ❤️ I hope you all had a great holiday and this year I plan to continue working inside myself to be a better… https://t.co/DKpgAWx8A3

00:18, 03.01.2019

If you went to a girls house which would you rather not see in her bathroom trash can

23:01, 01.01.2019

Would you take your shoes off at a girls house that you were going to see for the first time if you knew but forgot… https://t.co/mkfUMZ2dSY

02:42, 01.01.2019

Just going through some of these adorable @TheSapphireLV sapphire promo shots thought I’d share https://t.co/h4IwlF2apP

06:17, 31.12.2018

Which would you rather hear a pretty girl do

01:18, 31.12.2018

It is working and people are starting to take notice 🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️ https://t.co/bH6co90PSD https://t.co/9Gsx2y1fXd

22:01, 29.12.2018

I’m here @thesapphirelv about to do my thing!! Yes! https://t.co/EXmkWY90Ql

09:41, 29.12.2018

Also tonight I’ll be in the spirit @thesapphirelv !!! Yes yes !! Come Out and get a dance see the show let’s have f… https://t.co/NGbcLJBOSh

22:08, 28.12.2018

Check me out on Spotify https://t.co/ZMsRSyHtMy https://t.co/c2bzzClH8Q

22:01, 28.12.2018

Sexy ain’t goin outta style this holiday ! https://t.co/lcdCZxEdVE

05:51, 27.12.2018

I am worthy and whoever gets me is going to know what having is https://t.co/u45qsSXZS7 https://t.co/JFURRAuvP9

01:00, 27.12.2018

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 https://t.co/GqnvzTb6JK

05:01, 26.12.2018

Hard work + talent + persistence + bravery = an Atomic bombshell https://t.co/GG2jkklFXg https://t.co/YYiXaWNqzc

01:01, 25.12.2018

O! Santa Clause or The Grinch 😁

22:17, 24.12.2018

Guess what ? My music site https://t.co/XCX0a5nar4 has over 400 subscribers 🙌🏼 that is awesome 👏🏼 please keep growi… https://t.co/DxadweMXxN

06:37, 23.12.2018

Thank you for everyone who supports me and tells me to keep going https://t.co/zVIn6gmo0z https://t.co/ML9UWSq1YO

22:01, 22.12.2018

Subscribe to my mailing list at https://t.co/XCX0a5nar4

04:03, 22.12.2018

My second release will have more promo photos 😁 https://t.co/dCMYZNn4HB https://t.co/wGZZnfHhND

22:01, 21.12.2018

Come see me dance @TheSapphireLV on the 28th let me be your Xmas present 🎁 🥰 https://t.co/0vX34nTjrI

03:39, 21.12.2018

Working hard to do this thing thank you for all your support https://t.co/GVQpgJGxsm https://t.co/m6YHSm4bip

01:01, 21.12.2018

Have you guys heard #sexystlye yet ? https://t.co/lcdCZxEdVE

05:18, 19.12.2018

I haven’t checked to see if I’ve surpassed 400 subscribers yet to my mailing list but head over to… https://t.co/5dccnKVoXg

04:59, 19.12.2018

Two really cool things that I have coming up are : I entered two of my songs into International Songwriters Contest… https://t.co/vSbi0cqKGA

04:45, 19.12.2018

Come with me almost 700 monthly listeners we are growing !! From nothing to something so beautiful 😍… https://t.co/oynQ0EHJmR

01:01, 19.12.2018

Aliens or nah

06:20, 18.12.2018

If I am painstaking about this phase in my development I will be amazed before I am half way through

06:18, 18.12.2018

Subscribe to my mailing list at https://t.co/XCX0a5ELPE !

00:00, 17.12.2018

Little bitch https://t.co/wxblwBA661 https://t.co/mXFlDqNCzV

00:00, 16.12.2018

It’s not a question like I’m bringing my pole with me 😁 *can I bring my pole with me?* ** please ** 🙏🏼☺️🙏🏼🙏🏼

03:24, 15.12.2018

Subscribe to my Music mailing list at https://t.co/XCX0a5ELPE 🎶😁

01:00, 15.12.2018

Also I love these polls 😃 ok so hatchback or sedans

23:08, 14.12.2018

I put the whole thing on my YouTube channel you can also see it on my IG TV https://t.co/B6lq3JLgu4

23:05, 14.12.2018

Kiss and tell 🥰😘 ❤️ https://t.co/wsTh1pFw7Y https://t.co/oxUNWal1mM

22:00, 14.12.2018

My two year Medallion 🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️ https://t.co/Wd0WieKner

02:53, 14.12.2018

Sober or lit 🔥

02:42, 13.12.2018

So there’s this girl, she did porn for ten years dewd she’s making music now, hey it’s actually pretty good 🙂… https://t.co/Eeu2K2ovR1

22:02, 12.12.2018

Who’s heard daddy issues from my ep ? https://t.co/xRez8HEq38

22:01, 11.12.2018

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Hey did you hear about that pornstar that’s making really sexy music now ? 😁 https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW https://t.co/ApKPrnnfxP

04:01, 11.12.2018

I don’t know.

01:55, 11.12.2018

Free music ❤️ https://t.co/xRez8HEq38

22:00, 09.12.2018

Check out daddy issues ! https://t.co/kcBYYOBY4F

19:37, 09.12.2018

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Have you heard this song from my album yet ? https://t.co/wxblwBA661

00:00, 09.12.2018

Hey did you hear about that pornstar that released an album 💁🏼‍♀️ yea I heard it was dope 😉 https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW https://t.co/kzUQ5EpJpD

04:00, 08.12.2018

Hugs or kisses

03:55, 08.12.2018

My mailing list is close to 400 subscribers!! Go to https://t.co/XCX0a5nar4 and subscribe today to be apart of my musical journey ❤️🙏🏼🙌🏼

03:25, 07.12.2018

What’s your favorite song from the crossover album? https://t.co/G53vsGTeKy https://t.co/Jo5ogW2rx7

02:49, 07.12.2018

Hi my loves subscribe to my mailing list at https://t.co/TNVGTSOKJ0

07:19, 06.12.2018

https://t.co/0twJXTxDsg https://t.co/p9Mgmi97de

06:42, 06.12.2018

No I will not apologize for when I fan girl out on people *im sorry* 🥰

03:20, 06.12.2018

This photo makes everyday of my life the best day of my life! Even the hard ones. I’m so proud to announce that I h… https://t.co/RvMLPsdCAU

02:45, 06.12.2018

I thought I might try onlyfans but I’m just going to focus on the music thing

02:05, 06.12.2018

Help me get the word out !! Let’s do this thing!! Check out my first Album available now everywhere iTunes Tidal Sp… https://t.co/byb1vuS2cw

23:01, 05.12.2018

If you would like to follow my growth and see my music career through with me please sign up for my mailing list at… https://t.co/ObFAuzmCfj

03:58, 05.12.2018

A more personal song ❤️ https://t.co/dCMYZNEFz9

01:39, 05.12.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

00:05, 01.12.2018

Please help me get the word out! My debut album is available now !! iTunes Spotify tidal etc..… https://t.co/bof5yLjzms

21:01, 28.11.2018

New music !! Download today ❤️ https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW https://t.co/QekSvlaJIL

20:01, 26.11.2018

Thank you @NYSapphire39 for having me https://t.co/iFQ0d3i40m

10:01, 25.11.2018


07:01, 25.11.2018

Tonight https://t.co/9cfZMvHDuj

23:54, 24.11.2018

Help me promote my first album release! Tell a friend about “the crossover” download now 😘 https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW https://t.co/NJZBRk3V03

01:00, 24.11.2018

Happy Thanksgiving https://t.co/rNCKm1VAjb

05:40, 23.11.2018

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 https://t.co/3OCeThHmUo

23:29, 22.11.2018

I really like when I can play the chord in my left hand and do those melodic trills with the right hand, when I fir… https://t.co/L6a4aNY4vp

07:28, 22.11.2018

Looking at numbers We’re getting a healthy start with the first album release but I can see I have to take a more a… https://t.co/Mdp9uf6X95

05:08, 22.11.2018


05:07, 22.11.2018

I’m happy for that pussy 🥳

23:27, 21.11.2018

Some live appearances coming up https://t.co/C7LfPxWpzq

00:30, 21.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/oxeZYF5TIf

00:04, 21.11.2018


21:11, 19.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/oxeZYF5TIf

22:03, 15.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

20:48, 13.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/LFACAuoSNw

00:03, 13.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

21:47, 11.11.2018


07:46, 11.11.2018


07:46, 11.11.2018

I have a few great shots from a phone photo set https://t.co/EuulbfLoFO

07:45, 11.11.2018

Sheet music is sacred

04:13, 11.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

00:47, 11.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/umLU4LGpRX

01:00, 10.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

00:46, 09.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

23:45, 07.11.2018

Don’t forget to come see me @minnesotarhino this weekend https://t.co/1rYvexS5Id

04:09, 06.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

22:58, 05.11.2018


03:24, 03.11.2018


01:50, 30.10.2018


23:05, 28.10.2018

I’m in an industry they say you could never cross over from. I’m at an age they say you could never make it at. #underdogs #woo

23:24, 16.10.2018

So we’re back in the studio here is a clip https://t.co/6KlWEJqM1F

06:43, 13.10.2018

OK I uploaded the EP to soundcloud and gave each track download option https://t.co/hbsEAwII6b

00:47, 12.10.2018


00:17, 10.10.2018


21:34, 06.10.2018

I normally don’t read comments, it’s just a balance thing, but you guys are so supportive about #thecrossover… https://t.co/NeCJfSTYoy

21:32, 06.10.2018

Before I did the steps you were the jealous one after I did the steps I was like omg I’m so jelly !!! 😳 https://t.co/I0MVpdOCW5

18:46, 06.10.2018

I went out to the gazebo and got a nice little picture https://t.co/bM7oVMGe5W

01:23, 06.10.2018

Tori took it https://t.co/IskZlcaOvt

23:21, 05.10.2018

I’m OT right now but we’ll be SoundCloud on Monday/Tuesday so a free download option will be available… https://t.co/PLRbaZZSIi

23:20, 05.10.2018

So I’m just gonna ride this pink cloud and when I see the numbers on the downloads of what song you guys like most… https://t.co/RO0SFnJXij

22:43, 04.10.2018

I hope you guys love it 😍 I worked so hard to do something I could be proud of 😃#thecrossover #EP #kagneynecessary

22:41, 04.10.2018

😍 https://t.co/XV7afDsAqv

22:35, 04.10.2018

We’re going https://t.co/AV7KrUxc9O

22:15, 04.10.2018

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my music website https://t.co/oxeZYEOijF

02:39, 04.10.2018

I put the whole song on my ig tv 📺if you guys want to watch it #birdsong #Florence #idol https://t.co/IePVWpd6pA

00:46, 04.10.2018

Waiting for my EP to show up on iTunes pre order like 👀 https://t.co/Q3tbqSN3iy

01:51, 30.09.2018

And here’s a clip from dance class today you can see the whole video on my IG TV 📺 https://t.co/bZzeU5AfJB

00:33, 23.09.2018

I’m also gonna do tha free on SoundCloud ! So all the things, if you like the music you will definitely be able to… https://t.co/BH0ujvqjEF

19:16, 22.09.2018

Hello! My album will be available in iTunes for pre-order September 27th!! And available on all other platforms Oct… https://t.co/tt9j9CtYvP

19:05, 22.09.2018
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Kagney Linn Karter
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I have been talking to a woman who claims to be you, name Amanda Paula Pitts, who she says. But just wanted to say hi and thank you very much for your time.
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Happy new year