Kagney Linn Karter
Kagney Linn Karter

Cagney Linn Carter – gorgeous blonde with huge Boobs of the fifth size. In pornography Carter for over five years and during this time, she very much tried and have seen. Shooting in the strawberry Cagney started with traditional pastel scenes (boy – girl), then she successfully tried in the brutal sex and even lesbian productions. All the pictures of her are incredible emotion, excitement and genuine passion. Busty babe skillfully satisfies men and knows how to show off your body with the best sides. With acting in the crankcase is also all right, no wonder she was planning to become an actress. And can be after retiring from porn, Cagney again think of that, but now in her strawberries are satisfied (the media, fame and love of fans around the world).

Was born next porn diva in 1987 in Harris County, Texas. In 2007 went to California, hoping to become a famous singer and actress. Charming Cagney quickly found a producer, but he found out that she works nights at a strip club and refused to cooperate with it. For Cagney Lynn Carter it was a strong kick, but the seductress was able to survive. Actress and singer she never was, but about a year worked as a model while she was filming Nude for various magazines. She was noticed by porn-managers and was invited to the strawberry. In 2008, Carter has starred in his first porn film. Fame came quickly to her, Cagney Lynn made the right decision, pornography is art and good way of earning. According to the 2014 Carter has appeared in over 300 pornographic films.

For the world of the porn industry Carter iconic lady and around her person often go an interesting rumor. Itself Cagney loves to give candid interviews. So in one interview she said that the family supports her, especially her mother who looks at pornography as a job. And to the question about the tastes of fan Li said: the only thing that may not like my fans, that hair on the nipple. Favorite pose in sex Cagney Lynn missionary, but in pornography it is not too popular, so the usual sex actress does in her spare time. Carter also admits that she sometimes wants really brutal sex acts that she engaged in with their partners.

Now Cagney is young and incredibly sexy. Her porn career is at the peak of fame and recognition. See a picture with Cagney Lynn Carter on our website and get incredibly thrills and emotions.

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  • Born: 28.03.1987
  • Birthplace: United States, Texas
  • Videos: 39
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: 54
Kagney Linn Karter in Twitter: kagneynecessary

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/oxeZYF5TIf

22:03, 15.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

20:48, 13.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/LFACAuoSNw

00:03, 13.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

21:47, 11.11.2018


07:46, 11.11.2018


07:46, 11.11.2018

I have a few great shots from a phone photo set https://t.co/EuulbfLoFO

07:45, 11.11.2018

Sheet music is sacred

04:13, 11.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

00:47, 11.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/umLU4LGpRX

01:00, 10.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

00:46, 09.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

23:45, 07.11.2018

Don’t forget to come see me @minnesotarhino this weekend https://t.co/1rYvexS5Id

04:09, 06.11.2018

kagney necessary the crossover is available now! iTunes Spotify and a free option at Soundcloud https://t.co/UX2h8AbZyW

22:58, 05.11.2018


03:24, 03.11.2018


01:50, 30.10.2018


23:05, 28.10.2018

I’m in an industry they say you could never cross over from. I’m at an age they say you could never make it at. #underdogs #woo

23:24, 16.10.2018

So we’re back in the studio here is a clip https://t.co/6KlWEJqM1F

06:43, 13.10.2018

OK I uploaded the EP to soundcloud and gave each track download option https://t.co/hbsEAwII6b

00:47, 12.10.2018


00:17, 10.10.2018


21:34, 06.10.2018

I normally don’t read comments, it’s just a balance thing, but you guys are so supportive about #thecrossover… https://t.co/NeCJfSTYoy

21:32, 06.10.2018

Before I did the steps you were the jealous one after I did the steps I was like omg I’m so jelly !!! 😳 https://t.co/I0MVpdOCW5

18:46, 06.10.2018

I went out to the gazebo and got a nice little picture https://t.co/bM7oVMGe5W

01:23, 06.10.2018

Tori took it https://t.co/IskZlcaOvt

23:21, 05.10.2018

I’m OT right now but we’ll be SoundCloud on Monday/Tuesday so a free download option will be available… https://t.co/PLRbaZZSIi

23:20, 05.10.2018

So I’m just gonna ride this pink cloud and when I see the numbers on the downloads of what song you guys like most… https://t.co/RO0SFnJXij

22:43, 04.10.2018

I hope you guys love it 😍 I worked so hard to do something I could be proud of 😃#thecrossover #EP #kagneynecessary

22:41, 04.10.2018

😍 https://t.co/XV7afDsAqv

22:35, 04.10.2018

We’re going https://t.co/AV7KrUxc9O

22:15, 04.10.2018

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed to my music website https://t.co/oxeZYEOijF

02:39, 04.10.2018

I put the whole song on my ig tv 📺if you guys want to watch it #birdsong #Florence #idol https://t.co/IePVWpd6pA

00:46, 04.10.2018

Waiting for my EP to show up on iTunes pre order like 👀 https://t.co/Q3tbqSN3iy

01:51, 30.09.2018

And here’s a clip from dance class today you can see the whole video on my IG TV 📺 https://t.co/bZzeU5AfJB

00:33, 23.09.2018

I’m also gonna do tha free on SoundCloud ! So all the things, if you like the music you will definitely be able to… https://t.co/BH0ujvqjEF

19:16, 22.09.2018

Hello! My album will be available in iTunes for pre-order September 27th!! And available on all other platforms Oct… https://t.co/tt9j9CtYvP

19:05, 22.09.2018


21:22, 15.09.2018

And just a friendly reminder about this weekend https://t.co/QOpV0gbiY3

09:27, 13.09.2018

I’m working on the album cover it’s really cool you guys 🐰☺️

20:26, 12.09.2018


23:11, 05.09.2018


01:30, 26.08.2018

Hi frans from sapphire pool https://t.co/I4atr94gUD

01:30, 26.08.2018


00:12, 19.08.2018


20:37, 08.08.2018


01:18, 07.08.2018

Release date coming soon :) https://t.co/9Z9OsvjwWU

22:47, 06.08.2018

This weekend ! https://t.co/z3GdqzJRr6

22:25, 30.07.2018

Don’t forget about Gold Rush tonight 😃 come see your little polarina 💋 https://t.co/ZuyvlrA7GX

19:14, 21.07.2018


23:17, 20.07.2018

Some shows coming up https://t.co/wEeEo2LBhK

21:29, 17.07.2018

😃 https://t.co/KbDY6Y1G53

22:40, 16.07.2018


01:08, 16.07.2018

Every time I think things are falling apart I just stay sober I might not stay calm but I just stay sober ☺️ and ju… https://t.co/LziVbAGEp6

22:01, 15.07.2018

I don’t play guitar so I feel a little like a poser but this is a cool shot ☺️ https://t.co/WXNtT1v9jH

21:56, 15.07.2018


23:37, 14.07.2018


21:03, 13.07.2018


22:41, 06.07.2018

Here’s a clip from today’s recording session we worked on the 3rd & 4th songs of my EP #kissandtell https://t.co/vT5SYnp85C

05:57, 06.07.2018

Recording the next two songs on my EP today ☺️ laaaaaaaaa from bunny 🐰

02:42, 06.07.2018


21:30, 29.06.2018

Laying the first and second singles of my EP today here is a clip from the booth 🤭😍😩☺️ https://t.co/0fbLa3qRlw

02:00, 27.06.2018


05:50, 26.06.2018

P valley usa https://t.co/EPSUwzD9Pc

03:15, 26.06.2018

Hands in my panties laaaaaa from bunny 🎶🎼🎤🎧 https://t.co/tSiygktmzv

01:40, 26.06.2018

Good morning 😃 I’m graduating https://t.co/TodwtX1ZH0

19:26, 23.06.2018

👋🏼👽 https://t.co/HnUnPgHn4r

01:49, 16.06.2018


00:49, 16.06.2018


01:40, 10.06.2018

I’ve been working really hard on my music 🎶 so I can share with you all something I can be proud of thank you 🙏🏼 for your patience

23:05, 08.06.2018

I made the Dean’s list ☺️ https://t.co/zsv0kq0DRh

23:04, 08.06.2018

Big thanks to Sapphire 39 NYC for having me out last night here’s a candy https://t.co/hkCx7ozkZQ

17:05, 08.06.2018

Next https://t.co/gLBYg6ku7K https://t.co/zlCECaRrYc

04:58, 05.06.2018


22:40, 03.06.2018

Passion whine girl gimme da passion whine girl ☺️

02:33, 03.06.2018

From Mexico with @SophieDee and @XDaniXJensenX https://t.co/TV55ff35n2

02:27, 03.06.2018

I’m out here in Mexico for the Sexpo with the girls! I’ll post some pics 💋

02:23, 03.06.2018

Happy Memorial Day

22:55, 28.05.2018

I’m just here like the morning dew on your spring flowers 🌸 😁

19:20, 27.05.2018


23:29, 25.05.2018


12:02, 22.05.2018

Thank you again to Diamond Royale/lodge Ohio for having me out !! https://t.co/cc4XSgAha4

21:46, 20.05.2018

Head shot https://t.co/UCEEbHYVJ6

07:22, 20.05.2018

Hello from the Dressing room https://t.co/CIxACzw7C5

07:19, 20.05.2018

Got my Alien 👽 Con ticket 🤓

22:47, 18.05.2018

O and bunny made it into the la beat along with the other Pole Stars please check out https://t.co/6V1Zbrdjjs for o… https://t.co/8iGyEph7pW

07:35, 17.05.2018

Don’t miss me https://t.co/cDdL7c9a8l

03:07, 15.05.2018


03:06, 15.05.2018

Please join us at Avalon in Hollywood on May 12 for Pole Show LA come see me perform with the most talented women t… https://t.co/xZxo33wi1J

19:22, 06.05.2018

From pole show la rehearsal yesterday, https://t.co/LCMnKd5bmH

19:18, 06.05.2018

Backstage here at Sapphire LV for you guys https://t.co/58Nub74ShI

09:43, 01.04.2018

Last night was skittles!! Thanks to everyone who came out to Sapphire NYC and made me taste the rainbow 🌈 😁❤️

13:55, 25.03.2018

I really need dollars for the donation basket at my 💒 church so please make it rain on me this weekend 🙏🏼

21:24, 21.03.2018


01:58, 21.03.2018


21:28, 15.03.2018


13:45, 10.03.2018

From dance today https://t.co/Z0KfYaUFup

03:26, 18.02.2018

The Pole Dancing invert is equivalent to an upside down Keagle☺️

03:42, 17.02.2018

My brand is bitchy today.... and today is all I have 💁

22:42, 13.02.2018

Incase you haven’t been on my ig you are missing out on my pole dancing accomplishments! Here is a peak ☺️ https://t.co/JYjKeYzhrz

22:41, 13.02.2018


22:39, 13.02.2018

Thinking of reasons to get uptight

01:52, 09.11.2017

Walking around like I have stick up my butt.

02:34, 06.11.2017

I love mayonnaise I love butter I'm not a big mustard person ketchup is ok

20:19, 30.05.2017
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