Karen Fisher
Karen Fisher

Karen Fisher – American silicon harlot, which is now actively removed in the genre of "mother". Thus in the strawberry minx came when she was a little over twenty years and with age she skillfully "retrained". Here you can easily find a video of a young Karen Fisher, where her Breasts were not that big, and pornographic videos in which a slutty Karen fry young males, fully using her luscious body. It is difficult to say at what time Fisher better show and show, but one thing for sure, it can be argued that she is a real star of the world of the porn industry.

Karen Fisher is also widely known under the alias Samantha silver. Year of birth – 1976, Portland, or, debut in pornography – 2002. Easily calculate that in the strawberry Fisher got when she was twenty-six years. And after a while beauty had surgery for breast augmentation. If we consider the image of Karen Fisher in pornography, the more often it is over it is dominated by males, this particularly applies to the very beginning of her career. Young Karen thrashed in all the cracks, and it was done in a hardcore manner. Now over Mature harlot Fischer also dominated by the partners, and she dutifully fills the holes for punishment. Although there is pornography where Busty Fischer is principal, then fucking develops its script and partners often wedriveu tongues her Horny holes. It should be noted that in all cases, the emotional beauty "plays" and everything looks very realistic and desirable. Although the work of Karen Fisher wrong to say that she plays a slut, like all those lives, what she does. And if she didn't like to engage in debauchery in front of the cameras, more than ten years the chick is not held to in the porn industry, and is truly a long time. Well, until you retire, we expect that many fans of the Fisher around the world can only be happy.

Recent work Karen Fisher must appreciate the lovers of ladies in age. But her first work to attract fans of young blondes. On our website hot a lot of porn with her participation, so you will have plenty to choose from.

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  • Born: 26.10.1976
  • Birthplace: United States, Portland, Oregon
  • Videos: 21
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: 67
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Karen Fisher in Twitter: sexykarenfisher

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Ah finally made it up Sun Valley! I sure don’t miss driving in snow.

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Email me for Skype details 😘

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Hey tweeties! Catch me on Skype the next few hours.

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