Karla Kush
Karla Kush

Karla Kush – charming blonde beauty who starred in many hot pornography. He started his career in porn as a web model, then became a star in cool commercials, where he was engaged in debauchery with women and with men. There are a lot of strawberries where the chocolate Libertines her powerfully punish, in General, taste of interracial sex sexy Karl is fully aware of. Her career is now actively moving up and I want to believe that the incomparable Kush and further in porn cool will continue to sell yourself.

Year of birth – 1991, city of Las Vegas. Has Austrian, Swiss and French roots. When I was in school loved to go to the school drama Department, where he was the main star, also figure skating. At the age of eighteen he moved to Seattle, where she married an officer. With the marriage of a young girl obviously hurried and soon the couple divorced. To pornography worked as a nanny, at the age of 14 she started doing this to make money, and after high school it became her main job. Large income Jackpot such work is not brought in, and she decided to take a chance and try themselves in the porn industry, it was in 2012, she became a web model, and in 2013 started to play with partners and teammates. Her success came quickly, as each movie skinny babe just showed himself perfectly. If you take sex with partners, most often tramps dominate over Carla, they have taken full advantage of the precious moments and do whatever you want. The Jackpot itself is also in full trying, fine moans and wriggles at large members. And, for her, no matter how many bolts to serve, sexy Karl masterfully cope with all. Now the porn industry is a big part of her life and free time, but also for hobby minutes remain, so tasty girl loves to talk and enjoys painting. By the way, addicted to delicious food in elegant figure of Carla has had no effect, frequent sex helps her to burn all the extra calories.

Watch hot porn with blue-eyed beauty Karla Kush and plunged into a world of incredibly coveted debauchery. She knows how to have sex in front of cameras, doing this with great zeal and shows that the strawberry she happened to be, it has real appeal and desire to constantly improve. And social media Kush willingly puts pictures of Frank nature, she wants to be a real porn star, and remain on the peaks of Olympus pornographic.

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  • Born: 19.01.1991
  • Birthplace: United States, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Videos: 9
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 52
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Karla Kush in Twitter: KarlaKush420

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