Keiran Lee
Keiran Lee

Meet, Keiran Lee – Amateur-hot tear up beauties in all holes. He's an adult porn actor who knows a lot about the most powerful and delicious debauchery. Keiran Lee with great pleasure rides young bitches full fry Mature beauties are always in the debauchery is at its height. He likes to dominate and be in charge. Bitches choke on his big cock, and the male is like and delivers maximum enjoyment. He is one of those porn actors who really like all the things in front of cameras they do. But how not to like this situation: punish the Chicks, but still good for the money it gets – just a dream each of the male.

Birth year – 1984 country – UK. In the mid 2000-ies was its debut in pornography, strawberries can give your athletic body and big bolt, who wanted pleasures and debauchery. First filmed in England, then in Canada and the United States. And that American pornography has brought him good fame. But the real success came to him when Keiran began working with Brazzers, as of 2016, the male starred in more than a thousand clips of this Studio (an incredible performance). Now Keiran Lee too much is removed, continues willingly bitches punish and get satisfaction and pleasure.

Also tried his hand as a Director of the strawberries, made a few good commercials, but still shot himself he's much more like it. His first wife was Puma Testimonies, a porn actress, their marriage broke up. The testimonies of eight years was older than Lee, maybe that age difference affected their breakup. Now Keiran is married again, he chose as his wife a porn diva, the incomparable Kirsten Price, the couple has one child. Before marriage they, along with Price a lot of filming, now also often go hot rollers with them. Turns out this family porn Union. Have Lee and several awards, but mostly they are not the most prestigious of formats. But even though it can be said that his pornographic career success. Lot of cool commercials, lots of cuties whom he worked, with good fees and good popularity. And by the standards of present-day porn, Keiran Lee can still continue a long and successful star that he was the word, and is planning to do.

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  • Born: 15.01.1984
  • Birthplace: United Kingdom, Derby (Derbyshire)
  • Videos: 98
  • Height: 183
  • Weight: 81
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Keiran Lee in Twitter: KeiranLee

When you have twins and request house keeping three times yet they fail to show up and are rude to your mother…

19:41, 21.07.2018

The @WynnLasVegas redeemed themselves, then let themselves down again.... Final straw, never again.....😡

03:28, 21.07.2018

So far terrible service @WynnLasVegas 🙈 5.30pm to check in with twins has been brutal especially when told it was 3pm check in 😳

05:16, 19.07.2018

The time Jesse & Riley blew me

18:23, 15.07.2018

Get stuck in

18:14, 15.07.2018

Need one more spot to fill on my Europe trip for @Brazzers & #RealityKings ..... What ladies would you like to see me shoot 🧐

19:19, 13.07.2018

You guys like stuff like this?

07:21, 12.07.2018

1st time she ever sucked my 🍆

08:40, 11.07.2018

When you are working with @IsabelleDeltore and you have to remind her.... “It’s coming home” #ItsCominHome 🦁🦁🦁…

01:52, 11.07.2018


21:44, 09.07.2018

Guess who’s back

04:06, 09.07.2018

If Raheem Sterling had shot Tupac .....he would be 47 today 🦁🦁🦁

18:26, 07.07.2018

Me & Kirsten Price

12:28, 06.07.2018

10000 %

09:40, 06.07.2018

For those that like feet ☝🏻

06:32, 06.07.2018

Now that’s how you work out 🍆🍑😝

08:33, 03.07.2018

She looks great with 💦💦💦 on her face

20:28, 02.07.2018

NEW FULL SCENE ALERT 🍆💦🍑🍑 #rimming #hotsex

17:29, 28.06.2018

This scene was amazing, uploading video later today 🍑👅 #rimming

14:13, 27.06.2018

Who wants to see @mistressdean on @Brazzers

10:16, 26.06.2018

Shooting another scene wanna see more of this 😝🍑

01:38, 26.06.2018

Got full scene coming up today guys 🙌🏻

17:57, 25.06.2018

Bandwagon in full force 😂🦁🦁🦁

17:54, 24.06.2018

Can anyone identify this young lady?

17:44, 24.06.2018

So my 4th trip to Home Depot far I’ve been a gardener & a plumber... Not even got a blow job, so don’t…

23:46, 23.06.2018

Anyone free to shoot a small 10-15 mins bg clip later on today?

23:45, 22.06.2018

Girls don’t let guys dictate what you do with your career .... So many missed opportunities 😳

18:04, 22.06.2018

Who’s the best European girls currently shooting?

16:30, 22.06.2018

Shot a hot new scene yesterday 🙌🏻 Posting this weekend

14:12, 22.06.2018

Gotta love @LandRover customer service 😳 This is now the 11th problem with the car in less than a year.. A woman…

23:41, 21.06.2018


08:22, 21.06.2018

Think that was quite possibly the best pee I’ve ever had 🙌🏻 Thanks @cuttingedgetest for supplying the toilet 🍆💦💦💦💦

22:28, 16.06.2018

Shot this stunner for Brazzers

05:26, 16.06.2018

Soooo looking to do a day party in Vegas in July..... Suggestions guys???? Thinking @marshmellomusic at @EncoreBeachClub

08:28, 15.06.2018

Another classic 🦁🦁🦁

21:11, 14.06.2018

It’s coming home 🦁🦁🦁

20:45, 14.06.2018

Who did i have sex with today 😳

08:09, 14.06.2018

Wow what a great performer @KendraSpade is 🙌🏻

05:06, 13.06.2018
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