Kiara Mia
Kiara Mia

Kiara MIA – Busty milf with juicy forms of the body that knows how to make young males and satisfy even the most demanding partners. She's sexy, assertive and with a great baggage of sexual skills and knowledge. MIA got into the adult industry when she was already thirty years old, but this chick does not hurt to start there yourself efficiently implement and demonstrate. Kiara quickly showed what she can do and that burning beauties should not be any restrictions in fuck. Males often chase in her mouth, playing with her lush Breasts, punished in a cap and razdrakonili the hollow. Incomparable Kiara and all this gets even more and completely satisfied.

She was born a Busty seductress MIA 24 January 1977. And for thirty years she had tried in many directions to find yourself and realize, not even thinking about strawberry. But so happened that it was pornography she began to generate a good income and excellent popularity. Just a couple of years she was the finest mother that any real man can drive crazy with their skills and charms. MIA started with not the most professional of strawberries, but quickly moved to the pornography of the highest flight. And now it removed a lot not only video, but also pornographic films that allow themselves even more to implement and to show in all colors. Also very interesting is the fact that after being hit in the strawberry MIA decided to try his hand as a normal actress. Too simple well-known roles in film yet, but there are a few episodes, and shooting near such actors like Mike Starr ("house MD", "Clinic", "Goodfellas" and "the Bodyguard"). Along with Starr, she appeared in American short tragicomedy "and Ketchup" ("Ketchup and A Camera"). Although still at this time it is the porn industry opens Kiara MIA big opportunities. This beauty is not even forty, so in the genre of "mother" she can long and successfully to act, increasing their income and building up a fan base. Well, the fact of its departure from strawberries to even consider not want, MIA has achieved a lot, but not yet fully exhausted its possibilities.

On our site you can easily find hot porn videos with the direct participation of the incomparable "mother" of it.} MIA, which is in great shape. This slutty teen skillfully serves trunks, agrees to all sorts of sexual favors and laid out one hundred percent. MIA was able to find his place in the strawberry and it pleases.

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  • Born: 24.01.1977
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Videos: 31
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: 59
Kiara Mia in Twitter: mysexykiaramia

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