Kiki Minaj
Kiki Minaj

Kiki Minaj – chocolate Busty beauty, a lover of large members and the hottest debauchery. Now is porn MILF, males willingly pleases his Mature charms and shows that she is capable of many things. Black women often look younger than their real age, Kiki is sexy as, she is thirty and looks bitch is almost perfect. Collaborated and cooperated with well-known porn studios, many removed, and therefore is located on the pornographic heights.

Birth year – 1984 country – UK. First starred in European porn, and then successfully moved to canadian and American strawberry. Many famous porn actors her fully punished under the full program worked and showed the strength of its members. And Kiki Minaj they demonstrated their availability and reliability that she is able perfectly to perform at the highest level. For external data it can be called a hot bitch milking a delicious, smooth ass, a little juicy body and a real accessibility. Of lechery with such a cutie you can only dream of, many would like to experience her gorgeous body for durability.

Superficially Kiki Minaj has a similarity with the famous singer Nicki Minaj, so we can assume that the porn diva of this pseudonym itself is not randomly chosen. With Nicky, they are almost the same age, look very similar and both stars in their fields. Nicki music star, Kiki good in a hot strawberry. We can say, music is music, but for fans of pleasures and debauchery, there is nothing tastier and better than hot sex, so many in the ranking of these two stars can Kiki in the first place to put. This feisty MILF is always fully laid out and the popularity she deserved.

She's sexy, hot, emotional, and for his age a bit. On our website watch various pornography with black-skinned harlot Kiki Minaj and go into the world's most delicious and coveted pleasures, where you definitely will not be bored.

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  • Born: 09.02.1984
  • Birthplace: United Kingdom, Wolverhampton
  • Videos: 7
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: not specified
Kiki Minaj in Twitter: kikiminajxxx

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Imagine this dirty piece of shit, is on trial for 22 rapes 🤬

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Kiki’s thought of the day : if you have any issues with anyone , be direct , say it with your chest , we’re all adu…

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jim 23.03.2017
u r the perfect woman