Krissy Lynn
Krissy Lynn

Krissy Lynn – porn actress who's in the strawberry came a young girl, and now began to pull in the moms and fun to perform images of Mature whores. And really more than five years in the porn industry Crissy the various debauchery I managed to try: lesbian passions, powerful Orgy, Masturbation, domination, joy and everything that looks coveted, lustful, and exciting. She starred in many porn parodies, plus were looking for a place in conventional cinema. In a conventional film great success Lynn is not achieved, the strawberry became a famous harlot, which with the rollers around the globe are watching fans of diverse porn. Well, the current age allows her and moms to actively act.

Year of birth – 1984, city of salt lake city. Her older sister, Cassidy Lynn, also a porn actress, though not as well known as Chrissy. And it is under the patronage of sister Chrissie got into the strawberry, it was in 2007, then Lynn, Jr. was twenty-three years. And immediately a blue-eyed blonde Crissy in the strawberries start to show themselves, agreeing on the various joys and cooperating with well-known studios. At first Lynn worked on his name, then the name began to work on it. And when the porn heyday of the most successful and well-known porn Studio wanted to get it. Now Chrissy the demand has decreased a bit, but she is still in porn-tops and most importantly, confidently feels there. And collaborating with even more famous porn stars, Lynn was never lost on their background. She starred with Siloy Stiles, Lisa Ann, tori black and many other stars of American strawberries. And now on account of its more than 200 works in pornography, plus a few roles in feature films.

Busty blonde Krissy Lynn knows the taste various pleasures, she truly lascivious, lustful and trouble-free. On our website watch a variety of porn with her participation and go to world of hot sexual pleasures.

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  • Born: 14.12.1984
  • Birthplace: United States, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Videos: 17
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 57
Krissy Lynn in Instagram: krissylynnlove
Krissy Lynn in Twitter: krissylynnxxx

Who ever can give me the Instagram phone contact, I will love U forever!! 😁😁

03:47, 26.09.2017

Had a great time on my fan lunch date today with Rob! It's awesome to meet my fans in person and…

03:24, 26.09.2017

Had a great time on my fan lunch date today with Rob! It's awesome to meet my fans in person and…

01:52, 26.09.2017

On set yesterday for Adam & Eve. #NoFilter .... I look different in every photo I take! I MORPH! #morphgirls…

10:51, 25.09.2017

On set yesterday for Adam & Eve. #NoFilter .... I look different in every photo I take! I MORPH!…

10:48, 25.09.2017

This photo shoot was so much fun #throwback #krissylynn #krissylynnlove

03:50, 24.09.2017

PHOTO: I just filmed this boy/girl/girl for a future OnlyFans NEW SCENE post! .....

03:39, 24.09.2017

PHOTO: posing naked laughing our asses off! Lol ... goofing around

03:37, 24.09.2017

PHOTO: stacked doggy style with Avery Stone

03:34, 24.09.2017

Ladies, which kind of hair extensions are the least damaging??

03:22, 24.09.2017

My latest upcoming scene for brazzers !!

06:44, 23.09.2017

FAN ART! April O'Neil #ninjaturtles

06:17, 23.09.2017

First kiss with new girl in town, Avery Stone. #girlswhokissgirls #girlcrush #sexy

09:51, 22.09.2017

Photo by @marcophotola ... I'm building content to post to my new SOON. This scene was a so…

08:19, 20.09.2017

Photo by marcophotola ... I'm building content to post to my new account…

08:15, 20.09.2017

Photo by photographer @marcophotola Touching up makeup before filming a #POV solo that will be going up on my new…

09:47, 19.09.2017

Photo by my photographer marcophotola Touching up my makeup before filming a #POV solo that will…

09:26, 19.09.2017

From my photo shoot for @Penthouse @JustSexyDanni

09:49, 18.09.2017

Dang! #memories

21:42, 16.09.2017

Cum n get it!

21:41, 16.09.2017

PHOTO: walking around naked on set

21:35, 16.09.2017

PHOTO: Robby D says my boobs look bigger as my waste gets smaller lol ... I'm a...

21:32, 16.09.2017

Getting my booty back ;) onset today! Scene for @RobbyDxxx with @loganlongxxx

05:39, 16.09.2017

Laughing my ass off onset today! Scene for @RobbyDxxx with @loganlongxxx

05:39, 16.09.2017

Getting my booty back .... #curvygirls #fitnessgirls #bigbooty #bigbootywhitegirl #redheads…

05:36, 16.09.2017

Laughing my ass off on set today!! Great scene with Logan Long shot by Robby D! Mile Highhh all…

05:33, 16.09.2017

Have you seen my number one seeking DVD from 3RD DEGREE?? Oiled up by the pool ... this scene…

20:26, 15.09.2017

Call into the show tonight! 7pm PST!

02:11, 13.09.2017

Me & Amber Michaels

19:18, 12.09.2017

Don't mess with me mutha fuckers!

19:17, 12.09.2017

My cute little friends! I am fascinated by these intelligent intersting beings

19:07, 12.09.2017

True Facts About The Mantis

12:05, 12.09.2017

#justdoit✔ #noexcuses

09:12, 12.09.2017

I'm working out harder tonight than I've done since 2012!! The challenge is REAL! And I'm SO up for it! #deadlifts #cardio #abs

08:54, 12.09.2017

Duking it out with Amber Michaels!

03:58, 12.09.2017

Watch my legs n booty grow over the next few months to how it was in 2011. Here...

20:00, 11.09.2017

This scene is my FAVORITE SCENE of all time!! anyone recognize which 1 it is? The intensity of this scene was the m…

19:49, 11.09.2017

This scene has been my FAVORITE SCENE of all time!! Does anyone recognize which one it is??? The…

19:13, 11.09.2017

I'm going to the beach today. What you guys up to? I hope you're getting some su...

19:56, 09.09.2017

PHOTO - would you like to taste?

19:54, 09.09.2017

PHOTO - Naked booty in your face

19:53, 09.09.2017

Scorpions --- No one like you 👉🏼🎶🎶🎶 one of my favorite songs as a teenager

07:01, 08.09.2017

Nothing is a waste if you've learned from it ☺️☯️

05:55, 08.09.2017

Me & Isiah always rock it 💜

05:17, 08.09.2017

For those of u who've emailed me about price/details on LA lunch dates, I'm answering emails now! I stepped away for a few days.

04:35, 08.09.2017

I'll be on air with porn legend Ginger Lynn @BlameItOnGinger September 12 @ 7pm PST call into the show then! Let's…

01:20, 08.09.2017

Mother Ayahuasca is calling my name again to drink of her vine.

00:25, 08.09.2017

#ayahuasca #plantmedicine #journeyofthesoul ✴️

00:21, 08.09.2017

#ayahuasca #plantmedicine #journeyofthesoul

00:18, 08.09.2017

Follow my OTHER account for inspiration for a better life ♥️♦️

23:03, 07.09.2017

Frozen blueberries, 2 large handfuls goji berries, juice of 4 lemons, 1 apple, tbsp. moringa…

01:18, 07.09.2017

Blueberries, goji berries, juice of 4 lemons, 1 apple, tbsp. moringa powder, two carrots, living silica, full Vic a…

01:12, 07.09.2017

Hot yoga class today was amazing!! Feeling so inspired by my new teacher she's bad ass. Covered in sweat right now haha 💦💦💦

23:25, 06.09.2017

#girlswholovegirls #womenarebeautifulcreatures

20:14, 06.09.2017

By questioning my own reality with intention to know truth, & drinking fresh raw juice daily #lifeforceenergy #chi…

20:13, 06.09.2017

Me, age 12.

14:31, 06.09.2017

I'm being transformed into a virtual reality video game character for your pleasures.…

06:57, 06.09.2017

I'm being transformed into a virtual reality video game character for your pleasures.…

06:55, 06.09.2017

Ray Charles - I got a woman

05:07, 06.09.2017

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom #love

04:42, 06.09.2017

Train Song

03:45, 06.09.2017

Peace y'all have an amazing day! What are u grateful for? I am grateful to be alive 🌈⭐️

00:17, 06.09.2017

Naked selfie for you! About to dress & get shit done! Have a great day guyss...

00:07, 06.09.2017

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator, Black #Amazon ❤️

20:59, 05.09.2017

John Stagliano took this shot of me. What an honor to know him. I've never met a man who…

10:12, 05.09.2017

Tool is the best. Volume on high!

09:57, 05.09.2017

Forty Six & 2 - Tool

07:29, 05.09.2017

Yo Directors! I'd ❤️ this ... cuz it's my favorite ☺️☺️

07:05, 05.09.2017


07:03, 05.09.2017

Who's seen my #AVN nominated scene for #julesjordan ? #krissylynn #krissylynnlove #bigbooty…

03:30, 05.09.2017

This scene was nominated. Who's seen it?! #DP

03:07, 05.09.2017

PHOTO: Wrestling naked on the mat with Ryon King! #winning #motorboat #bigboobs...

01:36, 05.09.2017

Who would you like to see me do a scene with for my new account? ...

20:05, 04.09.2017

See the rest of this new after scene footage at 👉🏼

19:51, 04.09.2017

VIDEO - getting fucked anal for Brazzers upcoming release! Hot & sweaty outd...

19:42, 04.09.2017
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