Kristina Rose
Kristina Rose

Kristina rose – haired beauty, which has long been removed in the strawberry, and is not going to leave the adult industry. She's sexy, experienced and depraved. Now in various pleasures of the incomparable Christina great shows and implements, and began her pornographic way with light erotic.

Year of birth – 1984, city of San Diego. At the age of eighteen she began working in customer service is not the most well-known pornographic website. And then rose was not even thought of that in a few years she will start to play in strawberry. And when her company moved to another city, the girl had to resign. In the end, on her resume responded only porn Studio. He worked for several years assistant porn photographer, during this period itself a couple of times, posed Nude, had considered it as a new life experience and nothing more. And in 2007, she did start in pornography to be removed, then she was 23 years old. For five years Kristina rose well the porn industry have studied and understood that she wants to try herself as an actress. A year later, she already did a scene with anal sex, it was the first point of debauchery in her life. Then these samples Christine were very many. She has three favorite porn actress, she even wanted to be a little similar, Jenna Hayes, Cassidy RAE and Raylene. If you look at a pornographic way rose, we can say that one of his "idols" it has already surpassed. Friends with porn actress Alexis Texas, they even had a few shots together. In musical preferences it is rap, was featured in the video of the rap group "King Fantastic". Has over ten nominations from the "AVN Award", although the major awards yet to be won and despite the fact that rose worldwide popular and famous among the fans of adult films.

Here you will find many hot pornography with the incomparable Christine rose, strawberry from her draws, and quickly draws the coveted sight. She has appeared in over 400 porn films and this is clearly not the limit, pornographic filmography sexy Christina is constantly updated.

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  • Born: 14.04.1984
  • Birthplace: United States, San Diego, California
  • Videos: 13
  • Height: 155
  • Weight: 50
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Kristina Rose in Twitter: kristinarosexxx

Asleep by 11PM. Wake up at 4AM to resituate the dogs in bed & NEVER fall back asleep again. ☀️☕️🧟‍♀️🛌🐶🐕🦍🦘 Good Morning 💋

14:45, 18.05.2019

Brunching like @JenniferTilly #SaturdaySituation 🍾💋🥂🥞🍳🍓

03:03, 12.05.2019

Da fOiNE$t..

02:58, 12.05.2019

When the Uber starts asking me directions like what freeway to use...

21:59, 01.05.2019

Neutering my boy has been the most traumatic experience I’ve had to deal with in a long time.

10:22, 01.05.2019

Imagine if ur dad had long hair and wore a beret x bell bottoms x John Lennon glasses, boots w/ a heel / an all jean fit 🤔

02:35, 29.04.2019

I’m Bantamweight & loving it 💅🏼✨

22:02, 26.04.2019

Botox Day is my favorite day 💉🥰

21:54, 26.04.2019

You know how you stop being late? You stop setting appointments.

20:24, 26.04.2019

#RHONY Season 3 is still my favorite

07:58, 25.04.2019

addendum to my “Worst Non-Dairy Milk” list:

00:40, 25.04.2019

Millennials think 90’s fashion is wearing an old dad Tommy Bahama outlet button up shirt & Target juniors xhilarati…

19:13, 24.04.2019

El 𝒞. got new tires & rims but, we’re home sick today... The guy that owned my baby before apparently modified the…

02:27, 24.04.2019

#1 Oat Milk 🌾🥛 #2 Hemp Milk 🌱🥛 #3 Coconut 🥥🥛

02:26, 24.04.2019

Soy Milk & Almond Milk are the trash of all non-dairy milks. #🥛

02:13, 24.04.2019

Who is letting their grandmother drive Ubers? 🤯

22:30, 20.04.2019

8/10 Uber’s make me carsick with their driving style 🤢👎🏽🛣

22:28, 20.04.2019

I ❤️ Murphy’s Law Friday 🥳🎉

22:46, 19.04.2019

Birthday 🎂🎁🥳🚙💨✨ Weekend Vibrations ♈️💋 #35 🎉

21:14, 12.04.2019

Getting rid of my rims...They’re 22s, $100/each or best offer. Email: ( or DM for info.…

04:58, 11.04.2019

I absolutely 💗 @lisarinna #RHOBH

05:15, 09.04.2019

#MondayMood ✌🏽💋

01:21, 09.04.2019

Savoring the L.A. heat. Tits out / Clit’s out 💕

23:51, 08.04.2019

This is like when someone gives you the backstory as to why they are running 10mins late... #Traffic

10:46, 07.04.2019

All these kids glorifying the 90’s nowadays::: #thatsrightbitch #beeperdaze #memorizemyshit “if it’s real”

10:34, 07.04.2019

Postmates is so useless. Every time I have ever tried to order something there are no drivers available.

16:58, 04.04.2019

The man-bun is the male tampon.

03:56, 26.03.2019

Spent my day showing my adopted boy a good time & how special he is in life and to me. 143, Master P. 💋🦍

09:24, 25.03.2019


09:19, 25.03.2019

Happy Friday! ✌🏽💋🌈💘

06:22, 23.03.2019

Do you think actual spontaneous combustion exists? Elaborate in comments.

04:39, 22.03.2019

I always thought I knew what Jim Morrison meant when he said “break on through to the other side”, but I didn’t act…

15:57, 11.03.2019

I’m currently available to get a little naughty, hit me up 🤙🏽💋 via @SextPanther

02:19, 10.03.2019

Derelict Derrière 💋

02:02, 10.03.2019

Nomadic Morning /

19:25, 09.03.2019

Any perverted scum interested in ✨specialty✨ panties should definitely email me tonight!

05:25, 08.03.2019

✅ Stay connected w/ my slutty life... 💋

05:02, 07.03.2019

Found the original “Seinfeld A XXX Parody” script 📃 I used for the movie. I’m making it available for collectors w/…

21:16, 06.03.2019

I do have the original jacket I wore in “Porn Star Superheroes” for Elegant Angel as well as... During my move I f…

01:21, 06.03.2019

Haven’t posted any new panties & I sold out of the items I posted but these are still available. I have several Li…

01:06, 06.03.2019

Did you watch #LeavingNeverland? 🎥⛲️🎪🏰🎡🎞📺🥤👀🍿

00:05, 06.03.2019

Regurgitating jokes that you didn’t write and playing them off as your own online & irl.... AKA: Actors in LA that…

00:01, 06.03.2019

Behind on emails, both personal & business 📧 My bad, life got hectic. ✌🏽😐📑🏥🧱📦📲🤷🏻‍♀️ If you’re waiting on a reply,…

23:50, 05.03.2019

Are you living in my old apartment?

23:01, 05.03.2019

Savor every moment of life because these moments don’t last forever #Smile 🌈✨🙏🏽💒❤️💋

22:56, 05.03.2019

JADA! U spelled “EVER” wrong.

01:53, 02.03.2019

Nothing compliments Pizza 🍕 & Beer 🍻 like packing all ur shit up in boxes 📦 & moving 😊,.. Am I right? 💁🏻‍♀️🤔🤷🏻‍♀️‼️🏚🔛🏘🆙🏡✨

02:27, 01.03.2019

#PantiesOfTheDay 👙 / Add a piece of me to you XXX collection: also, added 8x10’s to the menu, For More info: 📧: T…

23:48, 28.02.2019

Many ask for autographed 8x10’s and posters. I have so many to choose from. I’m...

23:38, 28.02.2019

Currently Available: Blush Bra & Panty set / DM me for info. 💋

23:23, 28.02.2019

Leopard 🐆 Thong : #PantiesoftheDay

23:21, 28.02.2019

It’s #FridaeJr y’all! ✌🏽💋🎶

20:14, 28.02.2019

I’m an excellent maker of bacon 🥓

22:57, 26.02.2019

😎 join my 💋

01:36, 26.02.2019

I’m 34 years old & I just ordered $20 worth of Del Taco. I’m pretty sure I’m having a crisis of some type. I’d say…

01:36, 26.02.2019

Meet me at @AdultCon / Last day to meet me in L.A. . Show ends at 6PM ✌🏽💋

01:09, 25.02.2019

It’s my last day at @ADULTCON #LosAngeles 💙 Don’t miss me! ✌🏽💋

21:24, 24.02.2019

Having so much fun meeting my LA County #Kreepz at @ADULTCON 💋 I’ll be here til 9PM tonight & I’ll be here tomorr…

03:29, 24.02.2019

Yesterday I ran into Brian Pumper at AdultCon & he gave a s/o to @JulesJordan & Warren Buffett..

21:56, 23.02.2019

Was nice meeting some of my lovely fans yesterday at @ADULTCON ❣️ I’ll be back again today, booth 416, from 1-9PM…

21:52, 23.02.2019

What a bummer about Brody Stevens. He was a very funny man. 💔

21:49, 23.02.2019

Instagram 📸: BenGinaFranklin

21:44, 23.02.2019

#LosAngeles #California Meet me at @ADULTCON today!! Can’t wait to see you all! 😍🥰😘❣️Don’t miss me¡! 💙 XO 𝓚🌹

20:42, 22.02.2019

Can’t wait, boo!! See I there. 💋

00:35, 22.02.2019

I’ll be there, babe!

00:33, 22.02.2019

Instagram 📹: BenGinaFranklin 💋

00:32, 22.02.2019

✅ Members of my OnlyFans always get the vip treatment, Join us!

00:31, 22.02.2019

Meet Me this weekend at @ADULTCON 💋 I’ll be there all weekend! Don’t be shy. Cum say hi! XO K🌹

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Currently Available: Red Lace Bodysuit 💋 Email directly for collector’s rates:

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Black Panty Tease 🖤👙🍑💦📹

23:57, 21.02.2019

#PantiesOfTheDay : Black Thong Panty Available for $50 \ FREE shipping DM fo...

23:55, 21.02.2019

Rock n Roll Puta video edit ✌🏽💋🎸🐆📹

23:51, 21.02.2019

#PantiesOfTheDay / Rock n Roll Puta.. leopard 🐆 & Black lace booty garters 🎸...

23:49, 21.02.2019

Red Lace Lingerie Day 💋 Red LACE Bodysuit available to add to your collection. $...

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Panties of the Day! 👙 Pink & White striped panties all cummed 🍑💦 up are avai...

04:24, 21.02.2019

My OnlyFans is where it’s at! Join us!! 💋

03:12, 21.02.2019

RED fishnet Pantyhoez../ Cumming soon 💋 (DM to reserve 🤫)

02:13, 21.02.2019

Organizing my porno supplies can be boring. So I stopped to be a slut. 👅💦

02:10, 21.02.2019

Instagram: BenGinaFranklin

04:40, 20.02.2019

#LosAngeles #California!!! I’m here! I live here! But I’ll be available for YOU to meet & greet this weekend!…

04:38, 20.02.2019

#PantiesOfTheDay Add to your collection. Email me for details:

04:33, 20.02.2019

Instagram: BenGinaFranklin

19:56, 18.02.2019

Pretty in Pink Lace Whooty Shorts 🍑🌸🐚 Available for your personal collection: $5...

19:45, 18.02.2019

FYI #LosAngeles #California! I’m scheduled to appear at @ADULTCON, February 22-23-24 ✌🏽💋 Don’t miss your chance…

04:52, 18.02.2019

Moving on 🏚🏘💃🏻🏰 & no longer have room or a need for any of my old pornography wardrobe. Email me directly for inq…

04:28, 18.02.2019

Video Clip 🎞: Black & Purple Thong Panty available for purchase w/ personali...

02:17, 18.02.2019

Black & Puple Thong Panty worn by me available for purchase: $50 (includes a...

02:15, 18.02.2019

Video Clip 🎞: Cream Lace Bootyshort Panty worn by me available for purchase: **Add Personal video clip dedicated…

01:16, 18.02.2019

Red Lace Panty worn by me available for purchase: $50 (includes autograph photo) Message for details. All OnlyFan…

01:05, 18.02.2019

Meet me in Los Angeles, February 22-23-24 at @ADULTCON!! For Tickets 🎫 visit Don’t miss…

05:22, 16.02.2019

Valentine’s Day 🥜 came early 💋🏹💕

04:57, 15.02.2019

If the recipe calls for me to microwave something, is that really a recipe? 🚮 #Basura

04:12, 14.02.2019


07:00, 13.02.2019

It’s been far too long since I’ve gathered w/ my fans in L.A. 🥳 See y’all at @ADULTCON Info./Tickets:…

04:33, 12.02.2019

Rained in facial 😜

23:59, 10.02.2019

It’s about that time... #FridayJr #vibes

05:44, 08.02.2019

Should I attend AdultCon (@ADULTCON) in Los Angeles, February 22-24?

01:40, 08.02.2019

If men had blood leaking from their assholes for 4-7 days a month every month we’d never not hear about it and they…

08:42, 07.02.2019

Encouragement fruits more than insults. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

08:35, 07.02.2019

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m 1100% #TEAMCHAPMAN / fuck @power1043, what kinda losers make fun of CANCER??? TEAM…

05:40, 07.02.2019

Judging people is a fun pastime for insecure people. 👺🌈🧨✨

00:27, 07.02.2019

Accepting failure but not defeat... We shall meet again, meatloaf.. tbc

09:40, 06.02.2019

⚓️ 🖤

23:01, 27.01.2019

When ur ex hit u up outta the blue..

10:56, 26.01.2019

The only thing I wanna do #2019 is get my @chrissyteigen on.

10:51, 26.01.2019

Rained in again today ⛈🥳 Doing updates on my OnlyFans page all day! 💋💫

00:09, 18.01.2019

I ❤️ #TheMaskedSinger / #unguiltypleasure 🎤🎭🤗🧞‍♀️💕✨

08:46, 17.01.2019

Masturbation Marathon 🍑💦

07:38, 13.01.2019

Where’s all my perverts at ??? @SextPanther

07:35, 13.01.2019

𝐋𝐞𝐭’𝐬 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐲 “𝐊𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐳 𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐞”... 🍑💦😈 Join me for some #FreakyFriday #roleplay #kink ONLY on @SextPanther LIVE rn 💋 ⛓…

02:28, 12.01.2019
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