Lena Paul
Lena Paul

In the porn business Lena Paul not so long ago appeared (mid-2016), but it was immediately just fine themselves out there to sell and show. She has a sexy body, big knockers, love the powerful and comfort ability all the way to fucking in front of cameras to dip. Males like to fry it in all holes lesbian porn Lena Paul is also removed, and as mentioned, it is good in its own way irresistible. Many of the videos the guys like they were caught off guard, she does not hesitate and quickly accepted the screws to them to serve.

Twitter her date of birth is listed as October 12, 1993. Beauty was born in Florida (USA). To pornography a lot of where he worked, and even was a web model, in other words – via the Internet its charms demonstrated. But this kind of work desired income is not brought in, and then bitch into a real strawberry went. There she found good work and fame. In pornography, she didn't become a star, but for sure it is a well-known harlot. She's done orgies, threesomes, well even a few members happy, and much more. She removed a lot and the most important – willingly. Lena Paul found himself and so willingly she takes it. In her lascivious eyes always visible passion and genuine excitement. But in social networks it is a page where subscribers increases, shares his thoughts and candid photos.

Buffer from Paul large, so it seems pretty juicy. Although in General a cutie she is petite, height - 168 cm, weight – 58 kilos. And cute appearance hides a real beast, Paul is thoroughly excited to start and it will not stop. She will fuck until the process is fully enjoy. Sometimes the bitch even dominates the partners, then they really snatch her lick and oral sex Lena loves. In General, Lena Paul is a rising porn star, here is a strawberry with her to watch. Tasty rolls, and the most coveted components of genuine lust.

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  • Born: 12.10.1993
  • Birthplace: United States, Florida
  • Videos: 16
  • Height: 168
  • Weight: 58
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Lena Paul in Twitter: lenaisapeach

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06:46, 31.03.2019
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