Lisa Sparxxx
Lisa Sparxxx

Lisa Sparxxx is a real whore that knows the taste of the most versatile grind and knows how to expose her juicy body. It looks not the model, especially over time, Lisa began to gain weight, but it can be called sexiest woman, plus the ability of sparks to go all out in sex in front of cameras. And she played a lot of Horny teachers, nurses, secretaries, in General, the women in the porn industry are often portrayed in a depraved world.

Year of birth – 1977, the arrival of strawberry 2002. Although initially juicy beauty has created a website where she posted videos explicit content. She was noticed and began to offer to work for a porn Studio, which Lisa never gave up and did the right thing. After school Lisa went to College, then University studies and part-time hairdresser. Yet it should be noted that she did come out very early, at the age of eighteen and still sparks married. With her husband always supported, which is very important. And Lisa sparks belongs to an interesting world record, which to some extent can even be called unreal. In 2004, the beauty arrived in Warsaw to participate in the world championship sex. There sparks participated in the competition "best world mistress". The participants had to meet men who will appreciate the greater number is the winner. The men on contact with women were given only thirty seconds before they brought strippers. Lisa confidently reached the finals, and as already noted, the mistress there has shown incredible results, for twenty-two hours she was satisfied with 919 men. That never happens and can be more and never will be, because the numbers are very impressive. And I can even say that this is partly why this record around the world Lisa sparks and well-known, though fans of her porn-art is also very much. Lisa also tried to implement as a regular actress, she starred in several horror movies, though not the best rating.

Safe to say that Lisa sparks forever inscribed his name in the world of sex and pornography, she is also well implemented. On our site you can find delicious videos with Busty Lisa, who in one breath visible and give a lot coveted feelings.

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  • Born: 06.10.1977
  • Birthplace: United States, Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Videos: 4
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: 63
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Pretty funny when you are watching a porn and you see your own logo / t-shirt in the background

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Hey stranger, what have you been up too?

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Alexa, who is Lisa Sparxxx? Haha I'm dead lol

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