Lola Taylor
Lola Taylor

Lyubov Bushuyeva former Russian porn diva that fans of strawberries should be known under the alias Lola Taylor. Belle starred in the variety of pornography and famously showed himself, until he decided to quit the business. By the standards of pornography three years is not the longest life, but unfortunately, that is how much Charmer spent in the porn industry. In November 2014 Bushueva said that football is over for her. This decision she took after was brutally raped by two guys. To be honest, it is very muddy, but the court found the accused guilty and proved that the fact of forced sex had taken place. In various porn clips Love about the book is often cruelly roasted and peeled, but in real life she was unable to move. Beauty can understand fleeing from rapists, she had to jump from the third floor and break the two legs. But, fortunately, to a greater extent positively all ended and now Love trying to find himself and realize in the drawing, we wish her all the best, and say thanks for hot movies, in which she starred, and gave all of us a part of his sex appeal. Watch the video with it, you can go to our website.

Bushuyeva was born in Ekaterinburg in 1992. To the porn business worked as a masseuse and a librarian. In the strawberry came by accident, a friend offered her a little money and gave the desired leads and contacts. Pretty quickly could make in the domestic pornography and videos with her participation used the great demand, although they are now also very popular. She also starred in the casting Pierre Woodman, where she could perfectly show. In General, the contact with foreign strawberry Charmer has been able to establish, but the incident of rape changed everything.

This description is very hard to finish on the positive notes, we understand that Love Bushueva she Lola Taylor are unable to fully realize themselves in the porn industry. In twenty-two years she had to find a new vocation, but it is possible to understand the violence in pornography and in real life are two completely different things. But still some trace in the strawberry Bushueva left, so watch the videos with her participation and go into the world of hot sex.

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  • Born: 11.12.1992
  • Birthplace: Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg
  • Videos: 54
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 49
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