Maya Bijou
Maya Bijou

Young American bitch Maya Bijou recently in the strawberry turned out to be (2016), but a good reputation could get. This babe removed a lot, loves hot debauchery and gorgeous in it manifests itself and shows. Service members, lesbian fun, group, debauchery, games with items and more. When Maya Bijou fully start, then it is already impossible to stop. She will do everything to pleasure was the highest.

Year of birth – 1996, city – Vallejo (CA). That mentioned, in 2016 it's in pornography was. A distinctive feature of Bijou, which often catches the eye is her gorgeous smile. Even when the bitch powerfully tear, she continues to smile like all kind of showing and saying – I like it. And in social networks puts the incomparable Maya candid photos and increasing their subscribers. She wants more fame and in the heat of the passion it just expects a good future. Rollers with its participation and show the potential, and now they are incredibly attracted to beauty and lust. Watch and seemed to plunge into the incredibly hot and delicious world of debauchery and pleasures, where there is no place restrictions and prohibitions.

The growth of this beauty – 152 cm, weight 45 kilos, the indicators of the most insignificant and tiny. And when Maya, Bijou fry the big ones are huge, it looks incredibly powerful. Miniature little girl and healthy male – the incredible heat. But as often happens, her diminutive size is deceptive, starts of joy and Maya Bijou in the beast turns. In General, it was noted that, in various pleasures she's really good. Porn this chick definitely needs to become a real star and a lot to achieve this abound prerequisites. Great strawberry with her participation you can see here, hot emotions, everyone is ensured.

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  • Born: 10.06.1996
  • Birthplace: United States, Vallejo, California
  • Videos: 50
  • Height: 152
  • Weight: 45
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