Milla Vincent
Milla Vincent

Okladnikova Oksana – Russian porn diva, which goes around a lot of noise and gossip. The most interesting that Oksana age girl, in strawberry, she also went after his eighteenth birthday, but it is considered that Okladnikova much younger, and all because her teenage features. Also there is information that allegedly Oksana ardent nationalist, so it is against the so-called "color". Although in most porn movies it's the blacks and punish her, so she suffers because of his views and principles. But seriously, the whole racism Okladnikova just blown out of proportion, such an interesting PR move, but nothing wrong with that, and it adds interest to her persona. If we talk about skill Oksana fuck, fucking hot she is a real mistress who knows how to take powerful cocks in every hole. In this case she simply has no equal, so squeezable cutie still need to look for.

Also an interesting point revolves around how Oksana got into the adult industry. It happened at the casting Pierre Woodman, and even the master of strawberries drove her brutally in every hole. What's interesting someone would ask that? And the thing is that supposedly before casting Okladnikova was completely untouched, as the mouth and other openings. But, to be honest, it's hard to believe, in the holes of Oksana up to this point clearly already penetrated cocks and not one once. But still better than to talk about "creativity" Oksana, her work just need to see. It has been noted that in hardcore it is just irresistible. She often starred in commercials, where she was allegedly persuaded to sex, help her and she in kind is calculated, this calculation occurs in the most severe manner. And indeed, the strawberry is in demand, it causes a huge number of cherished desires and sensations.

Obscure points around Okladnikova enough and it has already been noted. There is no exact date of its birth, the issues are her views and beliefs, but it is not the most important, it is important that Oksana is removed and in pornographic videos in full glory shows itself and presents. On our website you will find strawberry with her that fans of hardcore should definitely watch.

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  • Born: not specified
  • Birthplace: Russian Federation
  • Videos: 18
  • Height: not specified
  • Weight: not specified
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Milla Vincent
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This is crazy is this girl even 18 years old. She looks like she is being forced, not a fan of this.
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I think the girl is very beautiful and i would have sex with her
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جميل جداً 02.01.2018
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Your videos look like rape scenes. One can only wonder if you’re being exploited.
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you are very pretty girl.
I want you for fuck.
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