Mischa Brooks
Mischa Brooks

Mischa Brooks – sexy American porn actress who loves cool gay debauchery, willing to the males is given and tries to get the maximum enjoyment and complete fun. Hot pornography she one hundred percent can find its place and became a star, it is also very important that this cutie has a lot of fans around the world. Brooks you know, like the most famous porn studios working with her.

Year of birth – 1990, city – salt lake city, Utah, the country – USA). Has American and French roots. Grew up in a military family, up to twelve years lived in salt lake city, then his family moved to Texas, then was moving to Japan. But in the end returned Home to the USA. The strawberries began to appear in 2011. And as often happens, the young Brooks at various debauchery accepted, so the popularity quickly came. Collaborated with such renowned studios: Devil's Film, Zero Tolerance, Smash Pictures, New Sensations and others. And always this cooperation was fruitful and mutually beneficial, Mischa Brooks hot and showed himself and earned good money, the Studio got the hottest and sexiest porn.

Growth sexy Misha 157 centimeters, weight is also insignificant, but as a decoration on her body has a few small tattoos. Tattoos indicate her availability and true reliability. And if you look at porn with her participation, Brooks often plays" the most accessible and malleable bitches at debauchery it is easy to untwist and then full punish.

Delicious pornography with lascivious hottie Mischa Brooks you can download on our website. Hot roller, Frank and coveted moments, a strong brilliance and genuine emotion. There is something to see there than in full enjoy.

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  • Born: 12.12.1990
  • Birthplace: United States, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Videos: 5
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: not specified
Mischa Brooks in Twitter: mischabrooksxxx

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