Misha Cross
Misha Cross

Misha Cross skinny Polish beauty, which found its place in the American strawberry. Removed a lot in group sex, willingly exposes all the holes and shows real class in a hot debauchery. For three years he worked with the most famous producers of pornography and apparently has no plans to dump the momentum. This Polish slut's a really good future in the world of powerful sexual pleasures.

Year of birth – 1989, the city of Warsaw (Poland). At school was fond of photography and even dreamed of becoming a professional photographer, a passion that Misha has now left, but it treats it as a hobby. To pornography worked as a salesman in a clothing store, and the strawberry was in 2013 at the age of 23. Cool immediately began to show themselves, giving all to understand that a lot of powerful pleasures she really knows. And serious rewards for the Cross to come in 2015, she became foreign performer of the year, plus received the award for best scene. A year later (2016) Polish beauty again received the performer of the year "AVN". Misha Cross petite girl, her height is 168 centimeters, weight – 51 kg. But when she begins to engage in hot sex, her diminutive size departs on the second plan, cute one hundred percent laid out and turns into an insatiable tigress that wants more and more heated points get. Cross knows what complete submission to the partners, as often it is at the highest level takes the.

A lover of hot sex Misha Cross removed a lot and just be proud of your implements in a variety of pleasures. Video with her participation will give you real lust, passion and emotion. This beauty has a great future in the world of powerful pornography, see the strawberry with her and themselves in make sure.

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  • Born: 27.06.1989
  • Birthplace: Poland, Warsaw
  • Videos: 17
  • Height: 168
  • Weight: 51
Misha Cross in Twitter: xmishacrossx

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10:10, 22.04.2018

Telling a woman thats shes aged incredibly well is not a compliment you guys! Just tell her she looks beautiful! (W… https://t.co/NGGW7V9nyw

09:28, 22.04.2018

I dont HAVE TO do anything.

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15:13, 21.04.2018

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15:08, 21.04.2018

Is twitter broken or what? Why does it refresh all of a sudden and doesnt let me see older tweets?!

14:43, 21.04.2018

Dont you just go completely furious when it happens https://t.co/Yu8MxYTVvR

19:24, 20.04.2018

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11:49, 18.04.2018

Early morning call times are my thing. Jk

07:33, 18.04.2018

If youre a girl with a vagina and you dont know how to make another vagina feels good then i honestly dont know what to tell ya.

22:19, 17.04.2018

Gimme Gucci

20:44, 17.04.2018

Or is it more like „high five man, you tapped that pussy good in your last scene. Shes such a slut!”

18:44, 17.04.2018

Male performers - do you ever get called „a fucking slut” and „dissapointment to your family” by complete strangers online? Serious question

18:23, 17.04.2018

Im craving @MissyXMartinez

14:37, 17.04.2018

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14:22, 17.04.2018

Shooting a GG today🤤

10:15, 17.04.2018

I meeeeaann... https://t.co/MIDa29dJwE

00:29, 17.04.2018

Why every czech tv show looks as if it was filmed back in the 80s. https://t.co/wlHmlNf04p

00:26, 17.04.2018

Also why do you find it SO important to tell the world youre vegan, literally NO ONE CARES, mind your own plate.

22:59, 16.04.2018

Lol at girls who say theyre vegan but still walk around with lv bags etc etc like just saying bitch.

22:58, 16.04.2018

I cant believe rock am ring would line up someone like 6ix9ine like who the fuck are you, byeeeee weirdo.

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16:32, 16.04.2018

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11:47, 16.04.2018

So @TheBadBentley finished the track and lets me use it for my intro for this thing thats coming up and im bouncing off the walls🙌🏻

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Solving other people’s problems while slowly dying inside myself. Hire me 👋🏻🎭

20:40, 11.04.2018

Is done an emotion? https://t.co/gClFR2N0wX

19:31, 11.04.2018

Lol private home sex? Youre trying too hard mate. Thats disgusting. ITS NOT ME. Dont send any msgs to this cunt PRE… https://t.co/P6KrRgle4V

07:26, 11.04.2018

Set the bar high. Be kind to yourself. Thank me later.

21:51, 10.04.2018

Have a wonderful night 🐱 https://t.co/hb8UNNvgof

21:34, 10.04.2018

Bless all dads. We want you to love us. Sincerely. Each girl in porn.

20:09, 10.04.2018

My brain: Just leave me the fuck alone

00:50, 10.04.2018


22:05, 09.04.2018

Just saying

13:45, 09.04.2018

Keep it real babes, dont ever say youre broke, theres no need for it when you have a 100% functioning vagina and/or mouth

13:44, 09.04.2018

Yo https://t.co/aOBngcSuNN

13:36, 09.04.2018

Last 2 days ive had only 3 h sleep im the happiest person atm to arrive home to my bed🙌🏻

02:37, 09.04.2018

Taken by @jobyrawlins today for @harmony_films 🖤 https://t.co/ytUeLqyRWc

21:09, 08.04.2018

the most amazing 4 days on set, being around the most talented people and caring crew 🌟🙏🏻

04:23, 08.04.2018

I shot something cool today 🙌🏻 🤫

04:16, 08.04.2018

Omg today was 💥 🖤🙌🏻

19:15, 04.04.2018

When imodium kicks in. Lol.

09:44, 04.04.2018

„Burn your bridges, move forward” https://t.co/wzksVTKcZ2

16:39, 03.04.2018

Youre an idiot. HOW is this relevant to what i wrote. Bye https://t.co/Prxs3vsrU7

16:14, 03.04.2018

Let me tell you something, when i was growing up there was no such thing as „permissive parenting” in our neighbour… https://t.co/31MFOCb9Y9

15:51, 03.04.2018

Exhausted and havent even made it to the airport yet. What do you guys do to have energy throughout the day? I ofte… https://t.co/rGo6dWGfa8

15:02, 03.04.2018

Porn https://t.co/bmjm6UKpBF

10:56, 02.04.2018


10:42, 02.04.2018

Bang https://t.co/iRdIfqiVxk

10:38, 02.04.2018

Long ago i made peace with the fact ill never get abs and its not april fools joke.

10:18, 02.04.2018

Yassss🙌🏻 https://t.co/O0tu5Al5xe

10:36, 01.04.2018
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