Misha Cross
Misha Cross

Misha Cross skinny Polish beauty, which found its place in the American strawberry. Removed a lot in group sex, willingly exposes all the holes and shows real class in a hot debauchery. For three years he worked with the most famous producers of pornography and apparently has no plans to dump the momentum. This Polish slut's a really good future in the world of powerful sexual pleasures.

Year of birth – 1989, the city of Warsaw (Poland). At school was fond of photography and even dreamed of becoming a professional photographer, a passion that Misha has now left, but it treats it as a hobby. To pornography worked as a salesman in a clothing store, and the strawberry was in 2013 at the age of 23. Cool immediately began to show themselves, giving all to understand that a lot of powerful pleasures she really knows. And serious rewards for the Cross to come in 2015, she became foreign performer of the year, plus received the award for best scene. A year later (2016) Polish beauty again received the performer of the year "AVN". Misha Cross petite girl, her height is 168 centimeters, weight – 51 kg. But when she begins to engage in hot sex, her diminutive size departs on the second plan, cute one hundred percent laid out and turns into an insatiable tigress that wants more and more heated points get. Cross knows what complete submission to the partners, as often it is at the highest level takes the.

A lover of hot sex Misha Cross removed a lot and just be proud of your implements in a variety of pleasures. Video with her participation will give you real lust, passion and emotion. This beauty has a great future in the world of powerful pornography, see the strawberry with her and themselves in make sure.

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  • Born: 27.06.1989
  • Birthplace: Poland, Warsaw
  • Videos: 18
  • Height: 168
  • Weight: 51
Misha Cross in Twitter: xmishacrossx

Feeling nostalgic. Still one of the best things ive seen to the date. Thank god mama had me in the 80s so i was old… https://t.co/mshuzB39rE

11:22, 21.10.2018

Females Slaying! 🍾💪🏻

08:32, 21.10.2018

Porn performers are artists. We havent compromised ANYTHING, we made THIS our path and our career🙌🏻

18:26, 20.10.2018

Overwhelmed https://t.co/xsDm6w8Pk7

19:35, 19.10.2018

I want my own fleshlight heyy @Fleshlight 😭👋🏻

08:02, 19.10.2018

They watch. They hate. They copy.

14:08, 17.10.2018

Home sweet home. For the past 6 days we worked super hard on the most amazing visuals for the new movie im about to… https://t.co/FHGrYaD58D

12:14, 16.10.2018

Omg Ariana, finally! 🙌🏻💪🏻

18:49, 15.10.2018

Lets go home❤️

17:00, 15.10.2018

Seriously the best people. @Luckyredvideo @LoraRaul @AmirahAdaraxxx @snaptrasher_ thank you guys for the amazing, easy going week.

16:59, 15.10.2018

Thank you beautiful. You killed it today🙌🏻 https://t.co/TcRA5v0BZM

16:39, 15.10.2018

Last day on set and we get to shoot this awesomness🙌🏻❤️ with @AnnadeVilleXXX #ElementsByMishaCross https://t.co/cgo4yemLyB

13:55, 15.10.2018

This is all that matters. Elevate yourself and people around you🙌🏻 https://t.co/LNfRfoLFmI

13:27, 15.10.2018

❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/jmKS5KouZ5

21:00, 13.10.2018

Thank you @RamonxxxnomaR @IVANACHERRYKISS erik everhard @Emilioardanaxxx @ChrisDiamond_x @tinakayxxx… https://t.co/eSTWa9Iy4w

20:23, 13.10.2018

Girl Power. Now. https://t.co/vdzKkLksP6

20:20, 13.10.2018

Today i get to shoot @AnnadeVilleXXX for @EvilAngelVideo . shes all mine. We have prepared magic for her for her… https://t.co/EKSmBTgFSv

12:56, 13.10.2018

Old ways are dead. Think NEW.

00:30, 13.10.2018

I couldnt be more proud of what we created so far for @EvilAngelVideo #newgeneration #youth #highend Wait… https://t.co/rJmWfs3oTX

18:48, 12.10.2018

I shot a thing for @EvilAngelVideo . Its pretty dope. https://t.co/MlhOHcbsG6

20:00, 11.10.2018

🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 https://t.co/9tOWKmMWpd

16:59, 11.10.2018

Le tired

19:52, 10.10.2018

On set for my newest thing for @EvilAngelVideo #newgeneration 🙌🏻‼️ with @IVANACHERRYKISS https://t.co/fTRLIycO2f

17:08, 10.10.2018

❤️❤️❤️ soon on @EvilAngelVideo 🙌🏻 https://t.co/3HHyR0R8OC

14:49, 10.10.2018

Everybody in porn now talk about their „secret” projects...feels like the competition got stronger than ever

12:42, 09.10.2018

If you ever wondered how a baby being butchered alive while being possessed by a demon sounds like, youre welcome.

10:54, 09.10.2018

You know what the dumbest thing you could do is? Decide to live with 4 dogs in a tiny flat surrounded by 2 other fl… https://t.co/xZxyg49Sw9

10:51, 09.10.2018

Caffeinated and ready to rumble. Off to Barcelona to shoot beauty. https://t.co/HdK4PM8qqL

10:40, 09.10.2018

Im being influenced not to ever open ig again. G night

23:26, 08.10.2018

And its all fake obv. And it all doesnt matter, what matters is that people like that are called influencers, i wan… https://t.co/lvtgDODir4

23:24, 08.10.2018

When people say „porn is bad influence”...oh i dunno i feel like youve all been a little played here. This is the k… https://t.co/hU4gSF2rRc

23:09, 08.10.2018

No rest. Off to Barcelona tomorrow to shoot a new project for @EvilAngelVideo 😎

20:07, 08.10.2018

When i see you guys sending me pics with a copy of #mishainexile @EvilAngelVideo it melts my heart. Thank you.

18:22, 08.10.2018

Thats the fucking way!❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/WkpsvZE4OK

18:20, 08.10.2018

Another amazing scene to be released. Thank you @julianagrandi and the entire crew for having me in Mykonos aka Paradise🙌🏻❤️youre the best.

15:47, 08.10.2018

Its my fav person’s bday today. Happy bday @TheBadBentley i love you❤️❤️❤️

15:15, 08.10.2018

🙌🏻❤️ thank you baby. Everyone please read. https://t.co/BIgMRXpDdh

20:27, 07.10.2018

Food poisoning is no joke. Finally was able to eat a little and get out of bed.

21:26, 06.10.2018

I came to Mykonos and drank tap water. You know the rest of the story.

15:17, 06.10.2018

Ok so this is my third flight today and ive been flying around for 12 h already so Hiiii MYKONOS ill be there shor… https://t.co/C6tfPMHfkY

16:52, 05.10.2018

Im on this 6 am flight...why https://t.co/CAks8MAm63

06:43, 05.10.2018

So @AdultVideoNews wrote about #mishainexile i directed and starred in for @EvilAngelVideo ❤️🙌🏻 thank you AVN❤️ eve… https://t.co/kG5xHjkUGi

19:58, 04.10.2018

This little pig needs your help. Please donate. Hes the sweetest. @TheBadBentley https://t.co/Qgk5hYPXk4 https://t.co/FU0Zvluhxa

17:35, 04.10.2018

So who you been calling baby? Nobody could take my place.

13:14, 04.10.2018

I have so many unpopular things to say in my head...

11:08, 04.10.2018

Im on SWAG. Subscribe and see all my filthy snaps. https://t.co/m0XG2rPwiS https://t.co/YSMAcrKnNy

22:49, 03.10.2018

Whats the point of doing something nice when it immediately goes to porn tubes. Im sick of it. Have a great time wa… https://t.co/GwLDH45vt6

09:41, 03.10.2018

Waiting for the sunset like👸🏻 bts for the tease we shot for the new movie im shooting for @EvilAngelVideo with the… https://t.co/35wFtH9cag

15:20, 02.10.2018

Guess what?! Incredible stuff shot today for @EvilAngelVideo 🙌🏻💪🏻@Luckyredvideo https://t.co/5UtzTONWl2

00:25, 01.10.2018

Also i will never understand why a girl with perfect tits would want a boob job. Sorry but no🙄

00:36, 28.09.2018

Twitter is fucking useless.

00:34, 28.09.2018

Either youre a porn performer or a body builder. Guys, make up your minds 🙄

23:00, 25.09.2018

Whats wrong with Euro productions not wanting to shoot the same, best euro talent all over again just like they do… https://t.co/gquSIoyQun

21:55, 25.09.2018

🙌🏻obv https://t.co/AVw0ogkdFo

21:03, 25.09.2018

Omg 🤞🏻😍 hey @AdultVideoNews https://t.co/FWdT1oRf6j

20:29, 25.09.2018

Omg my work partner @Luckyredvideo just opened this amazing clothing store in Russia and im so proud of him! Hustle… https://t.co/Wx6narCYvB

23:03, 23.09.2018

I just wanna shoot beautiful movies. Thats all. #makelifeharder #anxietylevelmaster

18:48, 23.09.2018

Will i ever get any sleeeeep? Woke up with a massive sorethroat, heading to the airport tho. Yaaaay but no https://t.co/NzyZDLN3s2

13:48, 23.09.2018

Omg i cant wait to shoot this new movie for @EvilAngelVideo I am THRILLED 🤩 #issanewgenerationbaby

01:34, 22.09.2018

Thank you so much @HotMovies for interviewing me and promoting Misha in Exile🙌🏻❤️

01:27, 22.09.2018

After dark. https://t.co/tiTfkaaagm

23:31, 21.09.2018

Guys now im also on SWAG! sign up for sexy snaps now! https://t.co/m0XG2rPwiS

14:19, 21.09.2018


12:29, 20.09.2018

I directed the shit out of this movie. Get a copy now ‼️‼️MISHA IN EXILE @EvilAngelVideo buy here… https://t.co/RiDKfCpvNd

12:27, 20.09.2018

While youre all out there insulting and giving a porn industry a bad name, we are all here having a consensual sex.… https://t.co/MMaZ5wPbBT

11:31, 20.09.2018
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lobo 08.06.2018
La quiero cojer yaaaaaaa
lobo 08.06.2018
La quiero cojer yaaaaaaa