Nikki Benz
Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz is a canadian porn star of Ukrainian origin. In the strawberry variety of what she does shows and is a sought-after porn diva. Almost immediately, the Benz got the star status, but it didn't ruin it and it is good that at the time, Nikki didn't adore so-called stardom. In the end, we can safely say that more than ten years in the porn industry blonde beauty are fully disclosed.

Real name - Alla Monchak, year of birth – 1981, country – Ukraine. However in Ukraine next porn diva very short lived, as her parents moved to Canada. Began working as a model until she was eighteen years old and posing in small bikinis for men's magazines. And when she turned eighteen years has begun to successfully conquer the strawberry. And in 2003, Benz worked with "Pleasure Productions", the famous porn Studio. And in 2004 successfully moved to Los Angeles and signed a lucrative contract with "Jill Kelly Productions". After were fruitful cooperation and with other well-known porn studios. It is also worth noting that with the work model Nikki hadn't started and continued to play Nude for men's magazines. True, being a porn star and became the most prestigious magazines: Penthouse, Hustler and Genesis. And perhaps in those moments the beauty and didn't remember that she starred for the second-best men's magazines and publications had small circulations. But these are the fruits of glory, when you're popular and successful, and then "work" you will be granted more paid and promising. And Nikki Benz really deserved to actively rotate the strawberry in the highest quality.

According to the data of 2014 the incomparable Nikki Benz has appeared in over 250 pornographic movies. It should be noted that as a normal actress she also had a taste. So you can acknowledge the Thriller of 2014 "My journey to the dark side" with her participation, where beauty got the role of the secondary heroine. Although still it is in pornography, she was able to find himself fully realize. On our site you will find diverse strawberry with her participation, and her view will definitely give you a lot of unforgettable sensations.

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  • Born: 11.12.1981
  • Birthplace: Ukraine
  • Videos: 57
  • Height: 165
  • Weight: 55
Nikki Benz in Twitter: nikkibenz

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I’ll post a few more pics from my debut at @TrueAnal Stay tuned lovers! ♥️💋

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The adult film industry may seem larger than life to the outside world, however, it’s a small, yet diverse family t…

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APAG creates The Benz List, a Performer Consent Checklist!

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