Phoenix Marie
Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie – a real world front page of the porn industry. Busty blonde was born in 1981 in riverside. Twenty-five years Marie led the most ordinary life, until he decided to try his hand at strawberry. As stated later, the beauty, for her, it was just a fascinating experience, which quickly escalated into work and Hobbies. In 2006 began to emerge porn movies with her participation that the male audience were welcomed. First, Marie had a great body, second, it's her emotion and looseness. She willingly engaged in sex with several men at once, fulfilling all their desires and fantasies and she gets an unforgettable experience. In porn films with her participation is something incredibly passionate and memorable. These women are incredibly desirable and extremely attractive, now Phoenix for thirty years, but she is still at the TOP of the porn industry. To retire appetizing thing not even thinking, she found her place in this world, and why should I leave? Her sexual favors will appeal to any real man who appreciates female beauty.

According to the 2014 Phoenix Marie has appeared in over 500 porn films, is a good indicator for eight years (about forty films a year, it deserves respect). There are porn divas who are removed and often, but many of them Marie will give a huge head start in the ability to show her magnificent body. She doesn't look her age and is doing everything to maintain your body in optimum shape. Well, frequent sex she in this only helps. I want to believe that Phoenix Marie found a huge number of incredible achievements and exciting jobs in strawberry. On our site you can find tape with her participation and plunge into the world of unforgettable passion, sharp lust and availability. Bored in the company of such hot ladies don't have to.

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  • Born: 21.09.1981
  • Birthplace: United States, Riverside, California
  • Videos: 127
  • Height: 175
  • Weight: 64
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Phoenix Marie in Twitter: pmarizzle

Just surprised my Dad for his birthday... it was Epic!!! Tomorrow is the real surprise 😍🙌

08:57, 13.10.2018

Watched #AStarIsBorn tonight cried my eyes out!!!

09:44, 11.10.2018

I know I wasn’t a part of #3 but if you have not been on, watched (For Free!) and voted yet on the Newest…

20:17, 10.10.2018

08:51, 10.10.2018

Love... Love...

07:53, 10.10.2018

Can’t sleep tried cumming multiple times still wide awake.... 😖

10:54, 08.10.2018

Even though it’s actually tomorrow it’s never to early to wish @JohnPaulthePope a happy birthday from an OG “Pope’s…

08:36, 08.10.2018

Thinking thinking thinking:

10:01, 07.10.2018

Look at @DamnDonkey helping Lewis maintain himself 😊

06:11, 07.10.2018

Fuck Yes!!! Huala 😍🙌

06:04, 07.10.2018

I swear #Volkov looks like @BrickDangerous ...

05:45, 07.10.2018

Fuck!!! Still love watching @GrayMaynard fight!! Next one

04:24, 07.10.2018

I’ll throw one out there: watching a small girl training lil kickboxing... she’s putting her all into it... and all…

22:25, 06.10.2018

Why do I always want to tweet some fucked up stuff... like pervy Fucked Up? 🙈🔫

22:16, 06.10.2018

I may be foolish in the way I love... but the way I love is True!! With all I am give unto thee forever if thy love be true...

09:16, 06.10.2018

Sitting under the dark starry Arizona sky I realize all I want ...still tonight as any other ...My Fairytale...

09:08, 06.10.2018

Finally in #Tucson 😍🙌

03:21, 05.10.2018

Ok I’m getting on board ,Cum sign up to my onlyfans if you want to chat with me...

07:48, 04.10.2018

RT @TheGeekyPerv: @PMarizzle this just got announced at #NYCC **YES!!!! 😍

08:51, 03.10.2018

I have been working out to old school baby making songs at the gym this morning 🤣🙈... I mean it definitely helped g…

17:59, 01.10.2018

And just like that I’m back in vegas..

02:58, 01.10.2018

OK guys if you want to speak to me In the DMs you need to have a username so ple...

06:42, 29.09.2018

About to eat at the Amazing #MichaelMina #BourbonSteak in Nashville 😍🙌😳

05:34, 29.09.2018

Oh my word Southern Men 😳🙌❤️

22:22, 28.09.2018

RT @dannyrube: @PMarizzle Try liking girls... it’s worse. **ummm I do 🤣

00:35, 28.09.2018

Liking boys is Trouble... 🙃❤️🤷‍♀️

00:16, 28.09.2018

I’m in a playful mood DM me I don’t bite unless u want me too grrrr......

09:05, 27.09.2018

I love being in Nashville 😍🙌❤️

05:46, 27.09.2018

I truly have the best fans you guys have overwhelmed me with all this love and...

07:00, 26.09.2018

Wet. Raw. Me. Check out my #OnlyFans for the uncensored version 😏

23:25, 25.09.2018

Love this

17:37, 24.09.2018

Happy Birthday Beautiful @Caseykissesxoxo 💋❤️

09:03, 24.09.2018

RT @markzane: You wouldn’t think peanut butter and jelly and bourbon make a good diner , but here we are. **thats funny 🤣

04:59, 23.09.2018

Hey guys I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart you guys made my weeken...

23:48, 22.09.2018

Everyone go watch #DinnerwithDani it’s hilarious promise

21:41, 22.09.2018

Thank you to ALL My Amazing Friends & Fans for the LOVE!!! I love all of you and appreciate every single Birthday W…

03:54, 22.09.2018

Happy birthday Meeeee spoiling me today and tipping me gets you special attentio...

20:05, 21.09.2018

RT @KerryLouise_xxx: Happy birthday to my girl @PMarizzle ❣️ **Thank you beautiful ❤️💋

11:32, 21.09.2018

Make it rain on this pussy birthday showers 💵💴💸💶💷💰

06:47, 21.09.2018

New video exclusive DM me for it

05:09, 20.09.2018

Pandora fucks with me clearly 😒 -

08:10, 19.09.2018

Sometimes people drive me insane 😒

07:54, 19.09.2018


23:55, 18.09.2018


23:54, 18.09.2018

Sweet dreams -

09:02, 18.09.2018

I have the best fans thank 💋

08:59, 18.09.2018

Fuck yeahhhh babyyyyy they not ready for us this season

03:52, 17.09.2018

From NASCAR to @GoldenKnights ...I’m slightly sunburnt lol

03:40, 17.09.2018

Me to Patient: “Bring a tool kit on your triathlon trust me I know what I am talking about!!” Patient “I did it in…

00:27, 17.09.2018

I’m so stoked!!

22:10, 16.09.2018

OMG!!! Surprise birthday gift.... I’m going to NASCAR box suites 😳😍🙌... yes I love NASCAR 🤷‍♀️

18:18, 16.09.2018

RT @tzford: @dyrhok @PMarizzle Are you kidding? She's loving it lol. Probably sipping her tea while reading this 😂…

06:38, 16.09.2018

How does my Fake IG account have almost a million followers🙈...

03:13, 16.09.2018

Oh and if @TheGeekyPerv or any of my other fans knew about this and didn’t tell me.. I’m not talking to you 🧐

20:19, 15.09.2018

So I just sat next to a nice older gentleman with a Spider-Man comic and started chatting... he showed me :…

20:15, 15.09.2018

Question of mass importance: Who would win and why? Between #Phoenix or #Thanos ....Must explain why!!

19:02, 15.09.2018

I just realized today starts Birthday Week 😳🙌

00:38, 15.09.2018

Thank goodness it’s Frisky Friday

22:30, 14.09.2018

How much trouble can I get into in a 72 hr period... let’s find out 🤗

20:02, 14.09.2018

Happy birthday to my beautiful inside and out gf/sister @SadieSwede’s to another year of wealth, love, and happiness ❤️💋🎁🎉🎂

19:31, 14.09.2018

The best thing you could do for someone is show them how to experience pleasure.

08:49, 13.09.2018

Whooty Wednesday this is from almost 11 yrs ago for realitykings back when people called me Fat because I had an as…

06:46, 13.09.2018

In honor of football season tip for the tip off you fuckers, I love ❤️ this time...

01:21, 13.09.2018

Who would have guessed a night of rearranging books would make me so Happy last night 🤷‍♀️❤️?!

22:18, 12.09.2018

Only 10 more days until my Birthday 🎂😍🙌:

23:51, 11.09.2018

Gym attire on point lol 😝

17:27, 11.09.2018

From Love U to Happier to Flaws:

08:08, 11.09.2018

Drinking Quote I just heard... “I’m either going to fight you... or suck your Dick” 🤣🙌

06:34, 11.09.2018

And... BAM💥 KC Wins

02:21, 10.09.2018

Its time for

23:09, 09.09.2018

I had the pleasure of bumping into the beautiful @ElsaJeanxxx and can i hust say she brightens the room so pretty and sweet!!! ❤️

03:24, 06.09.2018

Feeling this song:

08:51, 05.09.2018

Awww @Brazzers look myself & @JohnnySins we’re just babies 🙈🙌❤️

06:46, 04.09.2018

RT @ghost_law: @PMarizzle i've never found a woman into star wars yet, i must be looking in aldraan places **Lmao very cute!!

23:16, 03.09.2018

Knowing my love for Darth Maul my lil brother sends this 🤣... I raised him to be a nerd too 🤷‍♀️

22:25, 03.09.2018

Still repping the squads when I go out... @RealRKofficial ...yes I know I know like I need a banner 🤣🙌🙈

08:42, 03.09.2018

Find what you love... and let it kill you slowly

09:22, 31.08.2018

I just finished an amazing dinner and talk with the beautiful @TanyaTate ...It’s so nice to have someone you can be…

07:55, 31.08.2018

Watching -The handmaids tale- holy fuck wow must watch some twisted ass shit on Hulu... they played:…

09:39, 30.08.2018

Taco Tuesday at Downtown Summerlin -Matador- they have 1942 for $11 😍🙌

04:13, 29.08.2018
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