Phoenix Marie
Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie – a real world front page of the porn industry. Busty blonde was born in 1981 in riverside. Twenty-five years Marie led the most ordinary life, until he decided to try his hand at strawberry. As stated later, the beauty, for her, it was just a fascinating experience, which quickly escalated into work and Hobbies. In 2006 began to emerge porn movies with her participation that the male audience were welcomed. First, Marie had a great body, second, it's her emotion and looseness. She willingly engaged in sex with several men at once, fulfilling all their desires and fantasies and she gets an unforgettable experience. In porn films with her participation is something incredibly passionate and memorable. These women are incredibly desirable and extremely attractive, now Phoenix for thirty years, but she is still at the TOP of the porn industry. To retire appetizing thing not even thinking, she found her place in this world, and why should I leave? Her sexual favors will appeal to any real man who appreciates female beauty.

According to the 2014 Phoenix Marie has appeared in over 500 porn films, is a good indicator for eight years (about forty films a year, it deserves respect). There are porn divas who are removed and often, but many of them Marie will give a huge head start in the ability to show her magnificent body. She doesn't look her age and is doing everything to maintain your body in optimum shape. Well, frequent sex she in this only helps. I want to believe that Phoenix Marie found a huge number of incredible achievements and exciting jobs in strawberry. On our site you can find tape with her participation and plunge into the world of unforgettable passion, sharp lust and availability. Bored in the company of such hot ladies don't have to.

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  • Born: 21.09.1981
  • Birthplace: United States, Riverside, California
  • Videos: 107
  • Height: 175
  • Weight: 64
Phoenix Marie PORN ALBUMS
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Phoenix Marie in Twitter: pmarizzle

RT @iluvspornstars: @PMarizzle Enterprise **Also a great answer I bought Borg Whiskey cubes 😍🙌

06:30, 21.02.2018

RT if you’re A Nerd 🤓

04:32, 21.02.2018

If you had to pick between a Star Destroyer or Milenium Falcon speaker which would you choose?!

04:18, 21.02.2018

Happy birthday @seanmichaels42 you’re always a gentleman 💋... I hope your birthday is amazing 😉

22:26, 20.02.2018

Working listening to -

20:48, 20.02.2018

Darn it no one got it....

18:40, 20.02.2018

Can anyone guess where I got “Peanut Kisses” from...

10:25, 20.02.2018

RT @AubreySinxxx: @PMarizzle Can we have sex again pls **After watching that I might need to come over after work Damn!!

03:35, 20.02.2018

Damn I love these girls... look at the lineup: coyotelovesyou @PMarizzle @AlexisFawx and…

00:07, 20.02.2018

RT @AlexisFawx: @webmasterjoe @PMarizzle We share you! **Lol poor Joe right lol

08:50, 19.02.2018

RT @MissyXMartinez: Yelp, but for dicks **I would download that and leave reviews 🤣🙌

09:52, 18.02.2018

Just got informed why the Canadiens scream #GoHabsGo by my French Canadien seat mate 😍🙌... pretty cool knowledge

04:31, 18.02.2018

RT @threep0interxxx: @PMarizzle how about Canadians who aren't french? **Let’s be honest I love everyone 🤣🙈

02:54, 18.02.2018

Lol @djjoegreen I feel Iike I’m at @ThunderVegas and @XSlasvegas ...i like it🤪

02:51, 18.02.2018

Go Knights Go... I do Love me some French Canadiens 😍🙈

02:47, 18.02.2018

I'm just humming a tune... I stopped and ask myself "what are you humming🤔?!" Realized ten mins later Lol-

21:01, 17.02.2018

Wish I was a Doctor this cough would be gone...

10:56, 17.02.2018

RT @akaDaniDaniels: **Love This!! 💋

09:37, 17.02.2018

I’m so wrong... guys fighting in hockey is a huge turn on 🙈😍

08:25, 16.02.2018

Ummm #VGKweddings #VGK3 Elvis all day!!

06:30, 16.02.2018

Say it: #GoKnightsGo @GoldenKnights

06:18, 16.02.2018

I hope you all had an amazing day... I’m going to bed 💋

08:34, 15.02.2018

Tonight @CamSodaLive is making me your Valentine from 6-7pm PST join me 😍

22:44, 14.02.2018

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone Make sure to check out chrisrock‘s New @netflix Special 😍

21:49, 14.02.2018

RT @TheGeekyPerv: Lol @PMarizzle **Love it 🤣🙌😍

10:10, 14.02.2018

Sitting in the theater with my 70 year old friend about to watch 50 shades and there’s an older couple holding hands beside us: I Love Love

06:21, 14.02.2018

Why isn’t there a light at Russell and Buffalo @therantfox5 ...Long over due 😳

04:21, 14.02.2018

I have definitely found the good in some people others will never see.

01:51, 14.02.2018

Caption this...

18:53, 13.02.2018

I blame @DannyMountain10 post for getting me in the feels!! Wanka💋:

09:29, 13.02.2018

Life has a way of bringing you what you need before you need it 😍

21:38, 12.02.2018

And then #Marvel did this:

10:55, 12.02.2018

Look what I’m rocking @ScottChampagne 💋😍

17:42, 11.02.2018

Checking out Bourbon Steakhouse

05:32, 11.02.2018

Herbal ways to improve and maintain an Erection - Tongkat Ali, Epimedium, Yohimbine #CockWhisperer 😂🤣🙌❤️

18:10, 10.02.2018

Did you know they have Almonds here

17:47, 10.02.2018

I’m learning soo much about cocks

17:37, 10.02.2018

For women needing sexual drive and vaginal secretion increase:

16:18, 10.02.2018

I hate being somewhere I love & I’m stuck inside!!! But Today I’ll be getting certified in the non-invasive erectile disfunction procedure😍

15:54, 10.02.2018

Feeling it:

08:00, 10.02.2018

One of my Favorite things to do in Florida is look around and say ...I had sex here.. and here.. over there!!! 🤣🙌... public sex is best😍

21:05, 09.02.2018

When listen to two Anti-Aging doctors with a combined 40yrs experience talking about erectile disfunction I’m definitely taking notes!! 😝🙌

09:02, 09.02.2018

Cabargeoline or Dostinex is what produces Massive Loads!! #YourWelcome

08:42, 09.02.2018

Hey guys: Tri-Mex is a compound Erectile Disfunction drug that is safer than Caverjet 🤣. #TheMoreYouKnow 💋

08:38, 09.02.2018

RT @joep213: @PMarizzle @Abella_Danger @jadastevens420 Looking good at @AEexpo **Lol sexy girls and me 🙈🤣

08:13, 09.02.2018

When you get yelled at for tweeting about Fucking Hot Girls while you’re eating dinner at @tigerwoods restaurant in Jupiter, Florida🤣

05:26, 09.02.2018

RT @TarekRaafat7: @PMarizzle How great ur relation with ur mom like this 😊 **Thank You💋 She’s my best friend and knows Everything about me

05:05, 09.02.2018

Going for an Erectile Disfunction course (Not Joking Medical Treatment) my mother’s reply.. Pops is 73..TMI!! 🙈🤣

19:57, 08.02.2018

Next stop FLL 🛫

18:41, 08.02.2018

Watching the #SpursVSSuns game thinking why don’t we have camo jerseys😳!!! Where’s #3 & #15 🤔

06:56, 08.02.2018

RT @SlutMagic13: @PMarizzle What if EVERYTHING but the kiss is there? **Nope

06:48, 08.02.2018


19:42, 07.02.2018

RT @MOXXX: The Batman Adventures: Anal Love #ReplaceLoveWithAnal **Do not taint my character... yes likes it rough😝

09:50, 07.02.2018

Hey everyone the @CWTBG was recorded unfortunately our editors father was hit with a sudden serious illness; but guarantees by tomorrow 😓

04:42, 07.02.2018

If the Kiss is there... Everything else is just icing on the cake!! ❤️💋

04:27, 07.02.2018

If you missed the Snuggle Struggle / MMA Hitachi moves between @jadastevens420 & myself get ready -

00:40, 07.02.2018

Boss sent me home from Work😢😷

19:28, 05.02.2018

RT @Ryback22: I Like Phoenix 😂 **Hacked!!! 😝

05:13, 03.02.2018

LMFAO - Blocked Me Over That!!! 🤣

00:00, 03.02.2018

Tonight answering #DrPhx questions

23:44, 02.02.2018

About 10yrs ago I met @thedpierce and became Family which included all his #RRbrothers!! So I’m…

23:09, 02.02.2018

Listening to #BrokenRoad by #RascalFlatts

04:18, 02.02.2018

My friends @inblackmedia had me be a part of a cool project for @culinarydr0p0ut during #AVN I…

00:37, 01.02.2018

RT @ChrisBiv: There are 15 Fast and Furious movies. Only 1 Zombieland movie. Someone explain this **Yes answers needed!!!

09:23, 31.01.2018

RT @RealKyraRose: Just made a video just for my mistress and I really hope she likes it... @PMarizzle **She’s NEW Talent and loves Sex!!

07:50, 31.01.2018

Happy Birthday @mrpetexxx ...It was great seeing you on the red carpet and I hope only amazing things happen to you this year 💋❤️

06:25, 31.01.2018

RT @SoloRaxx: @PMarizzle Tequila makes her clothes come off 👍 **Only Don Julio 1942

04:56, 31.01.2018

Country Music got me all in my Feels ❤️

04:19, 31.01.2018

RT @miltaras1984: @TheGeekyPerv @PMarizzle also thanos vs odin happened... **Pixs please

00:27, 31.01.2018

I love all this debate on #Marvel on my time line... Send proof of your debates... what if Silver Surfer was a part of the tag team?!

23:54, 30.01.2018

I also just watched the #InfinityWar trailer again and I still believe #Galactus would beat #Thanos

20:54, 30.01.2018

Lol #NerdsUnite

20:49, 30.01.2018

Today is my Lil Brother Loren’s Birthday ...He’s “The Noah’s” Dad!!! I can’t express how happy I am with the man and father he’s become!! ❤️

20:02, 30.01.2018

Just Thinking About It....

19:49, 30.01.2018

I have one person in my life that always feels like it’s unfinished ~

08:06, 30.01.2018

RT @mikequasar: I’m pretty sure that the line outside of Dr.Riggs office today looked like there was a new iPhone launch **Lmao!!!

06:36, 30.01.2018

When you wish you could look up pictures of yourself from #AVN ~but you have to write a 4 Page paper on Diabetes

02:20, 30.01.2018

I never want my fans to be taken advantage of!!

23:20, 29.01.2018

Everyone I have this Twitter, PhxMarie on Instagram, and No Fan Facebook (though there’s a 100+Fake) @verify please help with this fraud

23:20, 29.01.2018

One of my oldest trusted friends @Foxxy702

05:44, 29.01.2018

My sista forever... I love you and support in Everything!!! ❤️ @jadastevens420

08:06, 28.01.2018

I have never felt as good with myself as I have this week!!! I’ve grown up a lot and I’m grateful for everything 💋

08:04, 28.01.2018

Ladies I hope you all thanked your makeup artists for helping you shine for our amazing fans!!!

03:34, 28.01.2018

One more step and then we close the books on this amazing #AVNWeek ...Thank You to the #MindgeekFamily for the Royal Treatment #Always

03:09, 28.01.2018

#MarizzleFact ~ Guys love Accents on Girls. Well last night I kissed a Sexy Frenchman because he’s French ..Soo HaHaHa it goes both ways 😝

21:22, 27.01.2018

Ever want to just have sex with someone just to see if it still feels the same way?!

08:33, 27.01.2018

Less than 2hrs to show time @CamSodaLive 2cheekzback & I going in!!

04:28, 27.01.2018

Legit all in my feelings working out... 🙈😳😓

21:30, 26.01.2018

RT @TheGeekyPerv: @PMarizzle Get to it ! While I hit this buffet ! Lol ^**Jealous

21:25, 26.01.2018

When you read a tweet and it makes you want to cry because it still feels like yesterday sometimes...

20:49, 26.01.2018

RT @ihatewater11: @PMarizzle at the @AEexpo!!! **Feeling it

10:40, 26.01.2018

When @VampireFaery gives you the amazing gifts for you and someone I love... You’re soo Beautiful inside and out😍

06:17, 26.01.2018
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