Phoenix Marie
Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie – a real world front page of the porn industry. Busty blonde was born in 1981 in riverside. Twenty-five years Marie led the most ordinary life, until he decided to try his hand at strawberry. As stated later, the beauty, for her, it was just a fascinating experience, which quickly escalated into work and Hobbies. In 2006 began to emerge porn movies with her participation that the male audience were welcomed. First, Marie had a great body, second, it's her emotion and looseness. She willingly engaged in sex with several men at once, fulfilling all their desires and fantasies and she gets an unforgettable experience. In porn films with her participation is something incredibly passionate and memorable. These women are incredibly desirable and extremely attractive, now Phoenix for thirty years, but she is still at the TOP of the porn industry. To retire appetizing thing not even thinking, she found her place in this world, and why should I leave? Her sexual favors will appeal to any real man who appreciates female beauty.

According to the 2014 Phoenix Marie has appeared in over 500 porn films, is a good indicator for eight years (about forty films a year, it deserves respect). There are porn divas who are removed and often, but many of them Marie will give a huge head start in the ability to show her magnificent body. She doesn't look her age and is doing everything to maintain your body in optimum shape. Well, frequent sex she in this only helps. I want to believe that Phoenix Marie found a huge number of incredible achievements and exciting jobs in strawberry. On our site you can find tape with her participation and plunge into the world of unforgettable passion, sharp lust and availability. Bored in the company of such hot ladies don't have to.

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  • Born: 21.09.1981
  • Birthplace: United States, Riverside, California
  • Videos: 111
  • Height: 175
  • Weight: 64
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Phoenix Marie in Twitter: pmarizzle

Question what would happen if Engelland would of snatch up a Winnipeg stick after his broke🤔

23:35, 20.05.2018

“My Girl” by The Temptations playing white wine with breakfast no filter loving life❤️

21:18, 20.05.2018

I want everyone to know I’ve had some really tough times like everyone else; but I refuse to not succeed in life...…

07:43, 20.05.2018

I will Always find happiness and love in my life because I want it!

07:36, 20.05.2018

The @GoldenKnights -

20:11, 19.05.2018

In #Napa watching the @GoldenKnights game 😍🙌❤️

05:15, 19.05.2018

My now 21 yr old Lil brother is in Vegas for the first time and I’m not there😳... I’m soo Blessed to have Real Frie…

09:10, 18.05.2018

Wow @michaelminasf is Amazing dining experience 😍🙌

08:26, 18.05.2018

Btw: Doing good things for people and not wanting anything but to see them Happy and Successful is how I live!!!

23:02, 17.05.2018

Well deserved Vacation starts in t-minus 2 hours.... #SanFrancisco today and #Napa tomorrow til Sunday 😍🙌❤️

22:33, 17.05.2018

Ladies it’s time for our Sexual Health and Increased Orgasms.... also improves inconsistency issues!!! Find out mor…

18:46, 15.05.2018

Surprise 😍🙌... School is done and though I’m working full time at…

16:54, 15.05.2018

Baby #Phasma I’m a Schipperke and Adorable 😍🙌 ... All my animals have cool names

02:54, 15.05.2018

RT @Nicolette_Shea: @John316Cox @PMarizzle Lol oh my god🤣 **We’re a great tag team

22:08, 14.05.2018


18:39, 13.05.2018

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful woman that brought us into the world and made sure we didn’t stick that cra…

18:33, 13.05.2018

Just watched #BigBangTheory and cried my eyes out... #MarizzleFact ~ I’m so in love with Love it’s silly

07:32, 11.05.2018

Do I look like someone you would want to Fuck with🤔

05:43, 10.05.2018

My replica vagina is craving to be roughed up

03:00, 10.05.2018

Work, Study, #MissKay ...Repeat and sometimes eat lol🙈

21:11, 09.05.2018

“We gaze continually at the world and it grows dull in our perceptions. Yet seen from another's vantage point, as i…

06:26, 09.05.2018

RT @PMarizzleAddict: 😍🔥📸 @PMarizzle **How I do #Miami #BangBros

04:07, 09.05.2018

Just rubbed one out to Hentai Porn and they did the #McChicken shout out @jmac1864 getting copied in anime fashion fucking 😍🙌❤️

10:09, 08.05.2018

RT @AlexisFawx: Love the corn idea @PMarizzle 👌🏼😘 **Welcome to the Anal Family 😍🙌... We shall practice soon 💋❤️

22:35, 07.05.2018

My boys killed it!!! #GoKnightsGo sooo proud of my friends

05:15, 07.05.2018

When Reaves and Engelland are on the same line 😍🙌

03:51, 07.05.2018

My day was spent with #MissKay catching up and giving her the royal treatment... oh she went to free comic book day with me too 😳🙌

05:09, 06.05.2018

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a beer in one hand and my pussy on the other! Use promo code "CINCO" this weekend to g…

22:40, 05.05.2018

#MarizzleFact ~ The @GoldenKnights #Engelland is one the sweetvesf guy who I never would of guessed is a total badaas

09:20, 05.05.2018

I legit just got soo Wet the Knights used The Avengers theme to I Teo themselves 😍😳🙌

05:03, 05.05.2018

RT @NativeYouth__: @PMarizzle @Abella_Danger Hahahaha not yet!! 😂 **Damn it I might be too think to be in the wedding by then🤣

03:02, 05.05.2018

I’ll stay in the corner like you told me too...

06:34, 03.05.2018

RT @TheGeekyPerv: Lol @PMarizzle I’ll never forget the 1st can’t conversation we had at Comic-Con about your role i…

05:17, 03.05.2018

Today a patient & I were discussing relationships and he said something very interesting: “Look at the person you’r…

06:42, 02.05.2018

Today is The Noah’s 4th Birthday 🎂🎁... We FaceTime’d and check out his room

21:53, 01.05.2018

RT @ProFotoX: @PMarizzle That tongue though ! **It does some wonderfully wicked things😝... miss you 💋

18:34, 01.05.2018

Hold up, let me eat this food before I drain your dick 🤣🙈... seriously…

08:19, 01.05.2018

These pictures sliding into the actual scene photos.... see @ProFotoX you leave them all in 🤣🙈

07:23, 01.05.2018

RT @mikequasar: @fclousotxxx Dare to dream big or don't dream at all!!! **You two are Hilarious 🤣❤️💋

09:08, 30.04.2018

#MarizzleFact ~ I am the chick who will turn non-comicbook guys into all my comic stuff and quoting my movies all t…

08:21, 30.04.2018

My only comment on #InfinityWar is I Love Marvel over DC 😝🤣🙌

08:00, 30.04.2018

Study break for #InfinityWar because I’m dying inside waiting this long... Review after ❤️💋... RedRockLife

04:45, 30.04.2018

I’m legit laughing at my guy friend for not remembering a girl he dated 10yrs ago and she got a tattoo for him 🙈...…

09:19, 29.04.2018

I have a forewarning to anyone going against what I’m saying... I will flip your ass and piledrive you if you talk smack🤬

08:12, 29.04.2018

Dear @nhl that was a Bullshit call @GoldenKnights were not even in the blue... sharks can kick fleury in the head b…

06:52, 29.04.2018

Repping @GoldenKnights @LilJon in the House!!! We twinning 😍🙌❤️😘

05:55, 29.04.2018

I stole a baby... she was fussy and the minute I got her she fell asleep

03:01, 29.04.2018

RT @BradleyMartyn: Im opening another gym. **Congrats Luv!!! 😍🙌

09:52, 27.04.2018

Lil #ZZTop #LaGrange on the way home from the @GoldenKnights victory tonight

08:14, 27.04.2018

2 weeks til graduation from Friday 😍🙌... EMT Basic 😳🙌... but I think nursing school is next

05:56, 26.04.2018

Mother Fucker.... I had my tickets for #InfinityWar for tomorrow... And have to release the tickets because the Kni…

17:24, 25.04.2018

RT @Brazzers: Dick to go **Love @jordiporn willing to do anything to make a scene great 😘

21:49, 24.04.2018

RT @joewilkerson23: @PMarizzle My favorite’s were wolverine and cyclops. **I’ve always kinda hated on Cyclops becau…

11:25, 24.04.2018

Ps: I Always lose followers when I go Full Geek 🤓... but hello my name is Phoenix from X-Men and it would of been P…

11:12, 24.04.2018

I actually didn’t get into #Thanos until he was in the storytime for #XMen and when I was super into All #Marvel Ev…

10:57, 24.04.2018

And IF that’s a spoiler to you... you were never into comics in the first place *Mic Drop*

10:47, 24.04.2018

When you’re reading #ThanosDemandsYourSilence hashtag and scratch my head... “Hi, I read the comics🤷‍♀️... Soo Capt…

10:46, 24.04.2018

RT @BrickDangerous: Women outside of the industry love to flirt with me until they find out I’m in the industry lol **Goes both ways Sexy ❤️

03:59, 24.04.2018

“What is Real? That which is irreplaceable!” - Watching #WestWorld season 2

05:03, 23.04.2018

Thinking about going out to @encorebeachclub next week... who’s in? 😝

02:42, 23.04.2018

Want to know what’s really funny weird... I can look at a girls picture and tell you Exactly who shot it and what company...

09:48, 22.04.2018

I’m so weird... skimming through some Porn and somehow ran across two friends Fucking... started watching... Yep Aw…

03:49, 21.04.2018

Really debating the #DarkPhoenix look🤫

08:42, 19.04.2018

First sweep in #NHL History from an inauguration team 😍🙌... Go Knights Go!!!

08:13, 18.04.2018

RT @ZoeysSweetTea: @PAYASO_XXX @PMarizzle 73 years of marriage what the fucking fuck **Such a sadly rare thing thes…

06:39, 18.04.2018

#RIP Barbara Bush ...92 is a great life!!! ❤️

05:39, 18.04.2018

Tonight on Jeopardy 😳

05:14, 18.04.2018

I love helping soo many people Medically.😍 Helping others really is Fulfilling!!! Especially their Self Esteem 🙌❤️

03:55, 17.04.2018

Beautiful song playing while I hang with #MissKsy -

05:09, 16.04.2018

Costco has taken giving out free samples too far now 🤣🙌

06:52, 15.04.2018

Omg!! I fucking called it... I told everyone by me Huala would win this and Boom I’m great luck 😍🙌

09:24, 14.04.2018

RT @misstoriblack: @PMarizzle Why so farrrrrrr ** I know😢

09:12, 14.04.2018

RT @frenzy_army: @PMarizzle So favorite pro wrestler ever? ** @ShawnMicheals will always be my favorite I’ve follow…

08:26, 14.04.2018

When you deny Licorice because it’s not worth taking out your Invisalign trays ... I’m not sure who I am any more 😳😢

08:21, 14.04.2018

Waiting for the vegasgoldenknights to win this #stanleycup like...

05:48, 14.04.2018

Sidenote I drank a shoot of #Fireball & now a Golden Knights drink soo yep, Horny!!!

04:39, 14.04.2018

#MarizzleFact ~ I would Fuck and Still want more all the players on the Kings & Knights 😂🤣🙌... I’m still a Fucking Beast!!! 😝🙌

04:38, 14.04.2018

Throwback Thursday with @juliland - ‘PM12’

08:28, 13.04.2018

Stay Thirsty My Friends

04:35, 13.04.2018

I think @JennaIvoryxxx & @SkylaNoveaXXX should be bestfriends!!! #BadAss

23:41, 12.04.2018

This is My ONLY Twitter Account

18:25, 12.04.2018
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i love you
Anonymous 22.05.2017