Phoenix Marie
Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie – a real world front page of the porn industry. Busty blonde was born in 1981 in riverside. Twenty-five years Marie led the most ordinary life, until he decided to try his hand at strawberry. As stated later, the beauty, for her, it was just a fascinating experience, which quickly escalated into work and Hobbies. In 2006 began to emerge porn movies with her participation that the male audience were welcomed. First, Marie had a great body, second, it's her emotion and looseness. She willingly engaged in sex with several men at once, fulfilling all their desires and fantasies and she gets an unforgettable experience. In porn films with her participation is something incredibly passionate and memorable. These women are incredibly desirable and extremely attractive, now Phoenix for thirty years, but she is still at the TOP of the porn industry. To retire appetizing thing not even thinking, she found her place in this world, and why should I leave? Her sexual favors will appeal to any real man who appreciates female beauty.

According to the 2014 Phoenix Marie has appeared in over 500 porn films, is a good indicator for eight years (about forty films a year, it deserves respect). There are porn divas who are removed and often, but many of them Marie will give a huge head start in the ability to show her magnificent body. She doesn't look her age and is doing everything to maintain your body in optimum shape. Well, frequent sex she in this only helps. I want to believe that Phoenix Marie found a huge number of incredible achievements and exciting jobs in strawberry. On our site you can find tape with her participation and plunge into the world of unforgettable passion, sharp lust and availability. Bored in the company of such hot ladies don't have to.

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  • Born: 21.09.1981
  • Birthplace: United States, Riverside, California
  • Videos: 123
  • Height: 175
  • Weight: 64
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Phoenix Marie in Twitter: pmarizzle

After dentist treat at Rosallie French Cafe

19:05, 14.08.2018

I love Pink!!

08:19, 14.08.2018

Scotch 80 - Andy Warhol Original ...and Amazing Food!!

05:14, 14.08.2018

Can I just say... I absolutely Love #Fairhope #Alabama 😍

21:28, 12.08.2018

My replica pussy is now available. Get it here

12:00, 12.08.2018

With my mind in the past pondering life I put on Elvis -

06:07, 10.08.2018

They’re playing Amazing music too

05:06, 10.08.2018

First restaurant THYME In Fairhope really delicious 😋... and a bottle of Duckhorn 🦆😍🙌

05:05, 10.08.2018

Going to Mobile, Alabama staying right outside it really... need food and entertainment options please 🤗

02:46, 10.08.2018

RT @julioce72995508: Yo amo a @PMarizzle ❤ **I was such a baby🙈

01:05, 08.08.2018

Swamped at work today! But I’m pretty darn happy... 😊

01:05, 07.08.2018

RT @les_1968: @PMarizzle I fixed it.. ! Personally cleaned the back of every toilet door in hooters #ThankMeLater **Dying🤣🤣

17:55, 06.08.2018

How the Fuck are these random asses getting my number?! I’ve blocked soo many people!!! Soo weird... 😡

00:17, 06.08.2018

When fans post pics of you from 10 1/2 Years Ago - and follow it by saying how pretty you are... then and now... yo…

19:02, 04.08.2018

RT @BradleyMartyn: Don’t be afraid of being yourself even when u feel like others may judge you. Because they will…

02:53, 04.08.2018

In a #DaftPunk mood all of a sudden: ...

03:11, 02.08.2018

I want to be strong like Juggernaut 😳

02:39, 01.08.2018

I like to see my partners face soo at least candles or iPhone light 🤣

17:30, 27.07.2018

RT @Ji_Ambassador: LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! 🌶️🌶️🌶️ @PMarizzle #PhoenixMarie **Whooty Wednesday 🤣🙌😍

22:34, 25.07.2018


07:48, 25.07.2018

Saying Goodbye @exxxotica to My Mini @Abella_Danger ...She almost fell picking me up 🤣🙈... leave the flipping to me…

23:12, 23.07.2018

RT @AlexLegendxXx: Here's another legend that I watched a lot before joining the industry. The one and only…

03:46, 23.07.2018

Ask yourself... What do you Yearn For...?!

08:41, 22.07.2018

Looking at Two bomb ass Trans girls... trying to talk them into Porn... I know a guy 🤣🙈

21:50, 20.07.2018

Miami I’m in You🤣

06:53, 20.07.2018

Heading to #Miami in the AM!!! Can’t wait!!! Topless Beach 😍🙌

07:22, 19.07.2018

RT @RealDera: Winners focus on Karl! @KarlToughLove **Love it

07:21, 19.07.2018

Girls Weekend w/ @sadieswede #sisters

05:57, 17.07.2018

When you have to get your girl burgers... I had to get me a Chicken Nugget Happy Meal... I am unapologetic about my…

05:24, 17.07.2018

My English Wifey... Kelly Stafford 😍

13:17, 15.07.2018

My Fans Are The BEST!!! That is all...

12:40, 15.07.2018

I’ve been friends with @SadieSwede for 10 years thing my ex did 😂🤣😍🙈💋❤️

09:08, 14.07.2018

Second night with @SadieSwede is Vegas

07:30, 14.07.2018

Happy Birthday to the one & only Mr. @RickShameless miss ya

21:43, 11.07.2018

Happy birthday @MakeupByJanet i love you very much and hope your day is Epic!!

21:36, 11.07.2018

Less than 2 weeks until @exxxotica #Miami 😍... I’ll be signing for baddragontoys & gainswave come see me and we can…

05:09, 10.07.2018

RT @King_Razor_: @PMarizzle two minutes turkish **Right 😍🙌🤣

07:12, 09.07.2018

Snatched is on tv 📺😍❤️

07:08, 09.07.2018

Today is the hands on training which I’ll be doing and then MA’ing to the Doc’s today at @GainsWave

18:57, 08.07.2018

After watching Footie and Gym... it’s time for Day 2 at the Aesthetics Show 😍🙌... @GAINSWave ❤️

22:49, 07.07.2018

Morning workout is Killing Me!! 😳

19:01, 06.07.2018

Back at Scotch 80 for dinner it’s not even packed 😍🙌

07:02, 05.07.2018

Fuck that use to be a mind fuck...

05:41, 05.07.2018

Finally getting to the gym... first time I’ve slept in past 9am in forever

20:44, 04.07.2018

Have you ever had sex with someone & it was soo good you just stare at them like, “Listen I’ll let you fuck whoever…

09:36, 04.07.2018

Plans for the 4th of July ...Gym in the morning and then🤷‍♀️

08:25, 04.07.2018

Cycling Cycling Cycling 😍

17:38, 02.07.2018

Sorry spending my morning Cycling and watching World Cup 😍🙌

17:19, 02.07.2018

“The saddest thing in the world... is wasted talent”

08:38, 01.07.2018

My replica vagina is craving to be roughed up

22:00, 30.06.2018

Remember you should Always Be your own No. 1... 📸: ryanloco

19:27, 29.06.2018

Today was @Gainswave @coolsculpting @FemiWave @GAINSWave @FemiWave @GAINSWave @GAINSWave @GAINSWave and then…

00:20, 29.06.2018

Morning song: “Got to give it up” - Marvin Gaye

18:41, 26.06.2018

“That which is real... is Irreplaceable!”

07:18, 26.06.2018

I have to say Every time I’m in New York ...I leave with Amazing Memories and new friends 😍🙌🙈🏳️‍🌈❤️

14:06, 25.06.2018

I love all men I promise 💋

05:36, 24.06.2018

Lord help me... sexy Italian boy talking to me... I love Italian men... really all... but Italian and French 😍🙌

05:21, 24.06.2018

You've always wanted to fuck me. Buy my replica NOW!

05:00, 24.06.2018

If I Fuck with You, I Fuck with You.

09:02, 22.06.2018

I got to talk to my gf @ReaganFoxx_ Tonight... such a great chick 😍🙌

08:49, 22.06.2018

Looking at the images of #SummerSolstice from #Stonehenge is soo pretty!!! I’ve been there 🙈

19:49, 21.06.2018

RT @Abella_Danger: it’s been two years since i’ve quit smoking cigarettes because @PMarizzle said she would stop fu…

19:46, 21.06.2018

I guess this works for Titty Tuesday 💋

06:55, 20.06.2018

Happy Father’s Day ❤️

00:32, 18.06.2018

My pussy's wet. Buy it here

21:00, 16.06.2018

RT @rndgeek: @PMarizzle Enjoy the game...make sure to keep an eye out for stray balls. ;) **In my Mouth?!😳🤣

03:27, 16.06.2018

Heading to the #AthleticsVSAngels game!!! I’m Soo Excited 😜

03:22, 16.06.2018

Harry Potter Luv #NoFilter 💋❤️... Sweet Dreams

10:02, 14.06.2018

RT @TheJewis: @PMarizzle go buy you the Deluxe Edition Watchmen hardcover graphic novel and I dare you to tell me t…

09:04, 14.06.2018

Soo many changes to my life this past year... it’s pretty incredible... all good vibes to everyone Always!!!

07:20, 14.06.2018

RT @Abella_Danger: @Brazzers @DannyDxxx @PMarizzle ahhhh i love Phoenix **Love you!! 💋

18:09, 13.06.2018

Guess what... I’m in Oakland and going to The A’s vs Angels game This Friday 😍🙌

05:36, 13.06.2018

RT @fclousotxxx: It’s hard being a sex symbol... **You have a hard life Sir!!! 😍

01:50, 13.06.2018

My day today has been full of @GAINSWave & @FemiWave ...I love helping people achieve better intimacy and sexual health!!!

02:10, 12.06.2018

RT @TwistedVisual: .@danavespoli and @PMarizzle take their anal play to a whole new level.…

01:44, 12.06.2018

Thank you @EXXXOTICA for a great event... I’ll see you next month in #Miami ❤️

18:27, 11.06.2018

I know I’ve said it before... but I’ll say it again... I Love Chicago 😍🙈... maybe it’s my Italian blood line 🤔🤣❤️

05:10, 11.06.2018

Dear Chicago, I Love You!! I had an Amazing weekend here... @EXXXOTICA @bad_dragon this is always a special place f…

04:26, 11.06.2018

There is nothing pretty than a glass of red with defined legs and sparking with bubble fountains 😍🙌

04:06, 11.06.2018

RT @thegeenius: My beautiful pal fo’ Life @PMarizzle got me lookin’ all .. content .. love she **Love ya boo 💋

19:51, 10.06.2018

Today I meet @aaliyahhadidxo OMG I Want Her!!! 😍

06:51, 10.06.2018

I suggest girls to my ex bf and agent ...just because we didn’t work out doesn’t mean they won’t ...They do have go…

06:32, 10.06.2018

RT @FanofNA: As much as I would love to be at @EXXXOTICA Chicago this weekend, I'm on the other side of the country…

04:43, 10.06.2018

Can I just say Thank you to #Chicago for always being soo amazing to me!!! I love this city ❤️

18:30, 09.06.2018

I made lots of new friends tonight 😍🙌🙈❤️

09:16, 09.06.2018

RT @rhino6855: @EXXXOTICA birthday with @PMarizzle **Love you very much ❤️

08:59, 09.06.2018

Come play with Lady Deadpool today at @EXXXOTICA for @bad_dragon

00:56, 09.06.2018

Can I just tell you guys I can’t wait to spend three days with my long lost Canadian bestie @SadieSwede go check ou…

23:55, 08.06.2018
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