Phoenix Marie
Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie – a real world front page of the porn industry. Busty blonde was born in 1981 in riverside. Twenty-five years Marie led the most ordinary life, until he decided to try his hand at strawberry. As stated later, the beauty, for her, it was just a fascinating experience, which quickly escalated into work and Hobbies. In 2006 began to emerge porn movies with her participation that the male audience were welcomed. First, Marie had a great body, second, it's her emotion and looseness. She willingly engaged in sex with several men at once, fulfilling all their desires and fantasies and she gets an unforgettable experience. In porn films with her participation is something incredibly passionate and memorable. These women are incredibly desirable and extremely attractive, now Phoenix for thirty years, but she is still at the TOP of the porn industry. To retire appetizing thing not even thinking, she found her place in this world, and why should I leave? Her sexual favors will appeal to any real man who appreciates female beauty.

According to the 2014 Phoenix Marie has appeared in over 500 porn films, is a good indicator for eight years (about forty films a year, it deserves respect). There are porn divas who are removed and often, but many of them Marie will give a huge head start in the ability to show her magnificent body. She doesn't look her age and is doing everything to maintain your body in optimum shape. Well, frequent sex she in this only helps. I want to believe that Phoenix Marie found a huge number of incredible achievements and exciting jobs in strawberry. On our site you can find tape with her participation and plunge into the world of unforgettable passion, sharp lust and availability. Bored in the company of such hot ladies don't have to.

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  • Born: 21.09.1981
  • Birthplace: United States, Riverside, California
  • Videos: 99
  • Height: 175
  • Weight: 64
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Phoenix Marie in Twitter: pmarizzle

Such a pretty song:

10:46, 21.11.2017

Oh Snap @liljon is in the house!! @GoldenKnights let’s get this W!!

06:02, 20.11.2017

Since I couldn’t be with @Abella_Danger on her Birthday today I’m wearing her😝: You’re I’m Young excuse is less😝

21:50, 19.11.2017

My #EMS training instructor is Awesome!!! 😍... plus @FlynnRiiiley is my Study Buddy 🤪

02:08, 18.11.2017

I just uploaded my new video "Cum show in the Shower!" to CamSoda. Check it out!

01:50, 18.11.2017

I just uploaded my new video "Cumming in the closet" to CamSoda. Check it out!

01:49, 18.11.2017

RT @MaitresseM: The kiss that sealed it forever. **Awww!! Love This!! 💋😍

07:59, 17.11.2017

Because I know you’re thinking about me... Always Will~ ~This or Home 💋 I want to make Love Soo bad right now🙈

07:10, 17.11.2017

I tell people all the time #PhoenixIsABeast but #MelissaWillTwistYourSoulForever being a Good Human is the Best way to Be!!

06:33, 17.11.2017

Positive Vibes = Positive Resolve

03:55, 17.11.2017

RT @DannyMountain10: @PMarizzle @XBIZ Chuck me some money and you will get one babe 🤷🏻‍♂️ **Lmao I Mean How Much Though 🤣🙌

23:57, 16.11.2017

RT @MonstarPR: I don’t want to sound all “Mommy Dearest” but I do despise wire hangers. **🤣🙈.

21:39, 16.11.2017

RT @RyanLoco: @PMarizzle Didn’t know you were a mom, congrats! **I am a total #PornoMommy to Most of the Girls 🙈😝. #BlessingAndACurse

21:38, 16.11.2017

The perks of being a #Milf in Porn... There’s always a hot new girl who needs to get Fucked…

21:35, 16.11.2017

Thank you @XBIZ for the #MilfPerformerOfTheYear Nom... Could you guys imagine if I actually won an Award... 😳

21:20, 16.11.2017

Today I mixed my 1st #MyersCocktail @agelessforever (w/multiple needles) now I’m studying my EMT Emergency Care😍

19:42, 16.11.2017

If you’re not listening to @Ryback22 & I on #CWTBG then you’re missing out on Life, Fitness,…

06:50, 16.11.2017

I love getting told I’m “very direct” when I talk... I got no filter and strong in what I believe... I’m just ME... Not for everyone 💋😝

04:10, 16.11.2017

Tonight we are doing @CWTBG please ask us anything and it’s time for relationship advice w/ #DrPhx so ask away!! 💋🙌

01:03, 16.11.2017

RT @webmasterjoe: @PMarizzle You killed Phoenix, thank so much for the turkey tacos and meeting Luke Cage **You’re Welcome and he loved you

08:36, 15.11.2017

Thank you everyone who still cane and watched my show this evening even though I was not 100%... I appreciate you soo much 💋😍🙌

08:19, 15.11.2017

RT @webmasterjoe: Just finished a @CamSodaLive show w/ @PMarizzle she forced me out of the closet **BabySteps Joe💋

08:01, 15.11.2017

Going Live for @CamSodaLive in 15mins #HouseWife #ComePlaywithme

05:47, 15.11.2017

Who is ready to see me LIVE on @camsodalive in 20mins... Fuck this #HouseWife Slutty theme

05:41, 15.11.2017

Round Two on @Reddit_AMA @camsodalive ~

04:59, 15.11.2017

Going Live on IG cooking Turkey Asada Tacos... Cause it’s Tuesday😂

03:56, 15.11.2017

Our podcast is Lit!! @CWTBG @Ryback22 ...Btw: @joerogan he really wants to be on yours just saying 💋:

03:52, 15.11.2017

01:31, 15.11.2017

I just uploaded my new video "FREE clip for my Reddit fans!" to CamSoda. Check it out!

01:30, 15.11.2017

“Ask Me Anything Guys!” @reddit_AMA

01:29, 15.11.2017

This cold is Killing Me!!! Tonight’s @camsodalive show I’ll kill it for you; But my voice is slightly Raspier 🤨🤷‍♀️

20:02, 14.11.2017

Damn, Definitely look like my Momma 🙌😍... plus I think I was a cute baby 😜😏

22:29, 12.11.2017

I hope everyone is Showing appreciation on this #veteransday going to the senior center to hear stories from the guys who made history 😍🙌

21:49, 11.11.2017

Today in @Brazzers History: November 11: #NikkiSexx @PMarizzle @manuelferrara have something sweet for you to eat

09:38, 11.11.2017

Shyla Stylez is the Epitome of what a #Pornstar is!! I’m currently in Shock at the news of her…

03:36, 11.11.2017

If you “Squirt” on my floors you better believe I’m using YOU to clean it!!! @GValentinaxxx is…

22:39, 10.11.2017

I must wish my dear friend @Ryback22 a Very Amazing Birthday & Weekend at #KansasCityComicCon “please get me a Kevin Smith autograph” 🤩

20:04, 10.11.2017

Play time with @JohnPaulthepope

08:35, 10.11.2017

Discussing my Love for @GValentinaxxx today on set!! Legit amazing girl

07:43, 10.11.2017

Today @JohnPaulthePope gave me a much needed Therapy Session... I’ve missed our special moments #Memories

03:29, 10.11.2017

BTS from my Amazing Day on Set courtesy of @DamonDice8 & @theJohnnyCastle is...

08:52, 09.11.2017

About to FINALLY Watch #THOR!!! Trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising looked Sick!! 😍🙌

06:29, 09.11.2017

Thank you again @webmasterjoe for helping me with my @camsodalive setup tonight... stupid cock blocking computer 🙈

09:19, 08.11.2017

Dear @Ryback22 please send more #ShellShock I want to be Lean, Mean, Turtle Fighting machine!! 🐢

08:00, 08.11.2017

Going Live Now @camsodalive

06:01, 08.11.2017

Lmao!! When you’re too hardcore for @camsodalive I just wanted to fuck my ass with a Champagne 🍾 🤣🙌... let me live 🤣

05:47, 08.11.2017

Tonight at 7pm PST I’m performing at @CamSodaLive please come join me!!!

03:11, 08.11.2017

That #TimesSquare Topless with my Bestie @jadastevens420

21:07, 07.11.2017

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Inside and Out girlfriend @AUBREYKATEXXX ...I Love You Sexy!!! 💋❤️

19:09, 07.11.2017

Airport bound and then back to #Vegas to be in my own bed... SLEEP Please!!

00:58, 07.11.2017

Say whatever about whatever; But @2cheekzback has never changed, kept it 100, & we have No…

00:29, 07.11.2017

RT @RyanLoco: @PMarizzle @jadastevens420 I can be there in 5 hours **Okay, We Wait😝💋

19:06, 06.11.2017

Soo @jadastevens420 wants to go take topless photos in #TimesSquare #LetsGo

19:04, 06.11.2017

When @jadastevens420 says ~ “Omg, Broadway Sponge Bob Phoenix Take ME!!” Lol

18:15, 06.11.2017

Every girl at @EXXXOTICA has a Raspy voice now... welcome to my life😂🤣🙌

02:56, 06.11.2017

Come see us at @EXXXOTICA @bad_dragon booth 1 - 7pm because we’re Slutty 😂🙌🙈

17:57, 04.11.2017

Tonight’s @jadastevens420 & @PMarizzle adventures music provided by @neyocompound & @treysongz 😂🙈: Everywhere! Uber you name it 🎶🎵🎶

10:32, 04.11.2017

Signing Times for @exxxotica baddragontoys #NewJersey because I’m just as much fun in person…

21:44, 03.11.2017

Sums it up:

21:17, 03.11.2017

Getting my makeup done for @EXXXOTICA by the Beautiful @PamelaBarberMUA ...Hit her up if you need someone 😝🙌

16:50, 03.11.2017

Tub is Life... Fuck my titties😍🙌

15:09, 03.11.2017

ALERT: This Fri-Sunday I will be signing at baddragontoys @exxxotica #newjersey…

17:05, 02.11.2017

BTW: I was picking my GTR up from being serviced and a kid says nice car and we chat... I go to leave “Have a good night Ms. Marie” 🙈

08:52, 02.11.2017

Line of the Night: @Ryback22 has his birthday on 10th Of November... Feed him more Gifts!! 😂🙌

07:42, 02.11.2017

When @EthanCage tells you he can handle my Makeup in 3mins flat 😂🙈🤣🤷‍♀️

22:09, 01.11.2017

RT @JR_O6: @PMarizzle Finally. The origin story. **This made me Smile and think X-Men 😍🙌

17:59, 01.11.2017

It’s not Slanderous at all!! Honest, Funny, Sexy, & Enlightening have been the reviews so far😍. Not looking forward to the contacting part.

17:58, 01.11.2017

So I started on my book😳. I want to name names & assume I will have to ask permission🤔? Plus send drafts of their part in the story?!🤷‍♀️

17:55, 01.11.2017

A long time ago @Brazzers did a Saw Parody w/ @keiranLee #RickiWhite & Me: #ColdAsFuck 😳🙌

05:12, 01.11.2017

If you’re at home tonight; Why not listen to @CWTBG and find out why they call ME Big Daddy!! Or @Ryback22 ~

05:08, 01.11.2017

Question: “Can you jerk off to Just Photos?!” IF you can how graphic do they need to be?!

02:46, 01.11.2017

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe #Halloween (Yes I got to have sex with Katrina Jade &…

21:26, 31.10.2017

Try this again!! #happyhalloween from @juliland & I -

21:01, 31.10.2017

Don’t forget bring your military/police/firefighter id & I give free photos with ME as a thank you for your service to protect!! 💋❤️

22:47, 30.10.2017

Btw if you haven’t looked into @bad_dragon toys: OMG they come in Regular - XXXL like even my booty puckered up at the size #MakeHerScream😳

22:43, 30.10.2017

This weekend #Edison #NewJersey @EXXXOTICA @bad_dragon is going to be Crazy!!! I can’t wait to see all my friends😍🙌

22:41, 30.10.2017

Giving the oldies a break this AM... repping OG ladies in R&B @Ciara @AaliyahHaungton @missyelliott Classics 😍-

19:02, 29.10.2017

Happy Sunday Funday

18:37, 29.10.2017

Listening to my Oldies and this song made me think of @PerriPiper -Perverted Thinking-

23:17, 28.10.2017

Feed off the Energy of those around you... If they’re not positive vibes make some changes to keep yourself UP!!

19:35, 28.10.2017

RT @KRGant17: @PMarizzle Thanks lady for the phone call I guess pinky swear works **I live by #PinkSwear I hope it made you Smile!!

19:30, 28.10.2017

But as far as being horny and just super wet even now... That shit works... The headache part was not worth it though 🤕

18:14, 28.10.2017

Soo all last night I had a Huge Headache 🤕 ...Is that really what the guys feel the whole time?! Someone reminded me I drank Wine too... 🙄

18:12, 28.10.2017

So nymphomaniac doesn’t need... Viagra products... I just want to fuck and get f...

06:17, 28.10.2017

Soo my EX BF swore by this stuff! I always wondered what would happen if I took this: Someone is about to get Raped

04:57, 28.10.2017

I have no idea why I Hate the phone so much... I will however FaceTime all day!! 😍🙌

03:11, 28.10.2017

#MarizzleFact ~ I HATE Speaking on the Phone! I Will Lose Money than Speak on the phone! I’m an in person type; But today I called a fan😳🙌

03:11, 28.10.2017

I’m soo Wifey it’s Gross 😂😍🙌

23:28, 27.10.2017

Four set arm/shoulder workouts for guys and girls ...Lighter weights for leaner...

23:23, 27.10.2017

Sweet Dreams 📸: ryanloco

08:12, 27.10.2017

So l need 5 tickets to @UtahJazz vs @Lakers games for Saturday... help😍🙌

01:34, 27.10.2017

Headed to Park City, Utah... what’s there to do/eat there 😍🙌... the eat is the bigger 💋

21:13, 26.10.2017

Taking Questions for @CWTBG ask @Ryback22 and I about... Well, Anything Really!! 😍🙌

23:33, 25.10.2017

All About #Fuck2ndPlace

21:52, 25.10.2017

Damn @GoldenKnights on Fire

08:25, 25.10.2017

Who wants to come replace my thermostat in my Magnum?! I thought I was pass this auto mechanic stuff... guess not🙄

22:55, 23.10.2017

Love this Throwback to @julesjordan shooting me... could barely get that skirt around my ass 😝…

21:24, 23.10.2017

#MarizzleFact ~ The quickest way to lose my respect is to go back on your word. If you say it; Mean It!! If you’re not sure; stay quiet!!

09:47, 23.10.2017

Life is Good.

09:38, 23.10.2017

Spent the whole afternoon with #LukeCage & #MissKay shopping and eating ...All my favorite things 😍🙌

02:15, 23.10.2017

Me: “😝Whats your take on Breeding” -Did that sound sexy or clinical?! 🤔- my mind goes into a woman being pumped over & over with cum🤷‍♀️

10:18, 22.10.2017

What happens I’m the desert ends up here 🤣🙌

09:22, 22.10.2017

RT @PhotogMick: @PMarizzle I see you at the @GoldenKnights game tonight! **Hi!! 💋😍

07:36, 22.10.2017

Girl: “I want to be a Dominatrix so I can beat guys & girls up” Me: “🙄😒” - People don’t realize the psychology; it’s more than hitting😡

00:24, 21.10.2017
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