Rachel Roxxx
Rachel Roxxx

Rachel Rox – porn actress with gorgeous Breasts and love to raznostoronne-it debauchery. Busty Rox does not waive lesbian pleasures, she is able to please his own hole and cool fills all the cracks under the whipping. Now Rachel was a little over thirty years, but retired it too early to send. Many porn diva that rocks was filmed, and has completed its pornographic career, but this chick still can not live without strawberries. In addition to films for adults participating in erotic photo sessions, where perfectly shows your sexy body.

Year of birth – 1983, city of San Antonio. Debut in pornography – 2007, then beauty was twenty-four years. And the most interesting that in 2007 the chick and also debuted in feature films, performing a minor role in one episode of the series "Mysteries and secrets of the Lich Noi the lives of students". And then the rocks a couple of times starred in a conventional film, although it is in pornography, she was able to find yourself and perfectly realized. In many porn movies Busty Rachel Rox simply irresistible. And the strawberries Rachel worked as a waitress in a restaurant "Hooters". While this work took it not for the beautiful eyes and sexy look, because the schtick of this restaurant is that it employs only beautiful young girls. And in the strawberry it called a good friend who said that beauty will arrange the casting and if it will be able to show yourself cool, you will succeed. In the end, it came true. And career Rachel rocks instantly began to move upward, as evidenced by its cooperation with the most famous American porn studios, plus a few prestigious nominations from the "AVN Award". Tried to realize in their own business, which specialized in the manufacture and sales of exclusive lingerie, but, ultimately, that's her business went under. Although the rocks may not be upset, because then, as now, she was in demand as a porn diva with good jobs.

2015 slutty Rachel Rox has appeared in over 250 porn films, quite good performance, and now updated with new hot videos. Strawberry with its participation, visit our website, and have diverse experience.

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  • Born: 03.03.1983
  • Birthplace: United States, San Antonio, Texas
  • Videos: 20
  • Height: 152
  • Weight: 46
Rachel Roxxx in Twitter: xxxrachelroxxx

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Happy Sunday night Las Vegas !! Whoooo hoooo jk lol ...

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07:04, 27.02.2017

Not really ... just hanging out https://t.co/A6IdKfO5fp

05:46, 27.02.2017

Leaving LasVegas? NOPE one more night stay? YEP

05:39, 27.02.2017

FYI we work really really well together me & @xxxblatenleexxx

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Okay y'all - I'll be back on here later . I gotta go to the airport so I can go home to my kiddies :)

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