Romi Rain
Romi Rain

Romi Raine – Busty beauty sexy appearance. In the strawberry it is great and is a real star that is not yet fully implemented, but if Rhine would not drop momentum, then it will be fine. Romi good in any type of sex – Blowjob, fucking in a cap or dick in the hole, for it makes no difference, it is equally well shoots his hole and gets pleasure. Also Romi Raine starred in many lesbian pornography and all sorts of orgies, and there are hot spots where the chick makes Masturbation. Well on the topic of orgies and lesbian pleasures is the film with her participation - "My sinful life" ("My Sinful Life"), which is available on our website and there sexual skills Romi appear in excellent colors and hot moments. In General, Rhine often acted in feature films for adult viewers, and more often than not there she takes the main role. But from filming a pornographic video cutie agrees, and why do that when Rhine is full of energy and desire to continue to improve their skills and gain even more popularity.

Beauty was born in Boston in 1988. By nature she has black hair and brown eyes. In General, appearance Romi Rhine can be called model, it has a good growth of 172 centimeter and a great weight that ranges from 50 to 52 pounds. Breasts Babes artificial, and it also complements its image. Also, something about Boobs respectable size may seem that the rest of the figure at the same lean build, but it's not a normal figure for a sexy fatal beauty. And on the back have a Rhine there is a large colored tattoo several flowers, so naked from the back it is easy to learn.

Romi Rhine can be called one of the most explicit and slutty brunettes world porn industry. Her career is in full bloom and the beauty never ceases to please us new hot works. The strawberry with her look on our website and receive a huge number of diverse sensations.

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  • Born: 12.01.1988
  • Birthplace: United States, Boston, MA
  • Videos: 64
  • Height: 172
  • Weight: 54
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Romi Rain in Twitter: romi_rain

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