Samantha Saint
Samantha Saint

Samantha Saint is a popular American porn-mistress. A true master of his craft, which is often a quality fuck both young and Mature males. Samantha really skillfully shoots his tasty hole and full work out large fees. In the strawberry the highest level it is on the 2011 and during this time Saint managed to pull in a large number of videos and feature-length pornographic films.

Born in Memphis in 1987. As already noted, in 2011, the beauty got into the porn industry, then she was twenty-one years. And, despite his young age, Saint immediately showed that a lot about the quality fucking she knows. In 2012 he signed a very lucrative contract with "Wicked Pictures", the leading film Studio for the production of strawberries of the highest level in the United States. And be an actress "Wicked Pictures" starred in such films – "me and my girlfriend", "change in feelings" and "this is why I'm hot 2". About her great sex with men has been noted, Samantha Saint is often involved in lesbian pleasures. In General, a porn diva she really is versatile. And I can even say that Saint is often not the credit I deserve. And it's not the audience and critics and people who give out prestigious awards. The beauty had a lot of nominations from "AVN Award", but she won only in one of them, becoming the pussy of October 2012. Even the naked eye can see and you can see that Samantha's huge potential, which it has not been fully implemented and can be rewards would help her do it. As so often happens, you win some and begin to show themselves better.

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  • Born: 08.06.1987
  • Birthplace: United States, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Videos: 13
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: 55
Samantha Saint in Twitter: misssaintxxx

Day 10 in #maui 🏝🍍😍 excited to explore and find water falls! So in love with this island!

21:47, 19.05.2018

18:09, 26.04.2018

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Who’s watching #ufc223 tonight?

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02:14, 06.04.2018

Lots of new items added to my webstore.

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18:48, 28.03.2018

Thanks girl! 💋

04:09, 28.03.2018

ITz a snAck 😎 #munchies

04:00, 28.03.2018

02:25, 24.03.2018

It’s alarming the number of fake profiles that are out there of me using my name and or pic. This is my ONLY twitte…

03:24, 11.03.2018

Having my morning coffee outside with Roman. We are loving the weather today in #LA 😍

20:23, 06.03.2018


00:59, 05.03.2018

Damn these fights are great tonight! @ufc #ufc222

09:03, 04.03.2018

....When your dentist asks if you gag easily 🤫

00:28, 03.03.2018

I love this shirt 😍 @PabstBlueRibbon

01:15, 23.02.2018

Legs for days

18:34, 21.02.2018

So excited for #memphisinmay this year! Loving the line up 🔥 can’t wait to see the @theflaminglips @PostMalone…

18:31, 21.02.2018

Fresh out of clever captions... @ Los Angeles, California

03:16, 14.02.2018

New merch! Check it out! Samantha Saint Backside @RageOnOfficial

08:23, 13.02.2018

Decided to start adding videos to my you tube channel- check out this one- Shoot day with Ryan and Samantha Saint…

10:03, 12.02.2018

Shut up and kiss me! 💋

03:57, 10.02.2018

hanging in the bay #thowbackthursday

19:27, 08.02.2018

....When your @uber shows up with an empty tank of gas 🤨 why?

03:44, 08.02.2018

Good morning!

19:10, 06.02.2018

19:34, 04.02.2018

Happy #SuperBowl52 🙌🏻 here’s this unedited version to celebrate 🎉 #football & #boobs

19:29, 04.02.2018

✨ loving this #cali weather right now! . . . . . . #ootd #fashion #hair #makeup…

03:05, 04.02.2018

19:14, 03.02.2018

Who ya got for #SuperBowlSunday 🏈 We are just a few days away! I’m going for #philly only…

04:08, 03.02.2018

Who ya got for #SuperBowlSunday 🏈 We are just a few days away! I’m going for #philly only because I’m not over the…

03:53, 02.02.2018

Who ya got for #SuperBowlSunday 🏈 We are just a few days away! I’m going for #philly only…

03:30, 02.02.2018

20:47, 01.02.2018

Time to go get sweaty @CorePowerYoga 💦✨🔥

22:51, 31.01.2018

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This weather in #LA 😎No #Bikini needed.

19:39, 30.01.2018

Lunch date @healthnutla

02:51, 30.01.2018

Almost as good as the real thing. She just doesn’t sass back 😉 my EXACT replica from @AbyssCreations…

22:08, 29.01.2018

How pretty are these #peonies 💕 they are my favorite! #freshflowers #flowerstagram #flowers

19:27, 29.01.2018

Y’all cheer on my buddy @Sullivan_UFC today! @ufc @UFCONFOX #UFC #UFCCharlotte

20:43, 27.01.2018

Was it just me or did this week go by so slow? #cheers #beertime #cheerstothefreakinweekend…

07:00, 27.01.2018

Headed to #LAX excited for @ufc #UFCCharlotte this weekend 🙌🏻

22:49, 26.01.2018

Let’s try something new- #FanArt #FanArtFriday #TGIF if you’d like me to share your #art on my…

12:13, 26.01.2018

📸 . . . Photo by- @underground_nyc Make up and hair by- ME ✨ . . . #love #instagramers…

03:12, 26.01.2018

19:36, 25.01.2018

This Man Has Lived Inside A Giant Sand Castle For 22 Years

04:30, 25.01.2018

Who Saw That Coming? Fans Love Eminem and Ed Sheeran Collab #ad

23:53, 24.01.2018

So excited to go to #Charlotte #NC this weekend for #UFCCharlotte @UFCONFOX @ufc to cheer on our buddy @Sullivan_UFC

08:48, 24.01.2018

Just to clarify I will not be at aee or avn this year

23:17, 23.01.2018

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10:23, 22.01.2018

Mid day play time 💦 wanna join?

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04:36, 19.01.2018

Who wants to snuggle?

07:48, 18.01.2018

07:48, 18.01.2018

So excited to dress up in my cowgirl boots and go to the #Rodeo tonight with my #Denver crew! @NationalWestern

00:43, 07.01.2018

Who knew a dog could be allergic to their human 🤨 #DogMom #Rottweiler poor Roman

04:10, 04.01.2018

Thinking it’s time to get Roman a buddy. Any suggestions on breeds that would pair well with a Rottweiler?

08:54, 02.01.2018


00:36, 30.12.2017

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Join me?

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Double trouble

00:22, 30.12.2017

Save the dates-▪️12/14-12/16 Houston, Texas at Vivid Houston ▪️12/22 San Diego, CA at Sycuan Casino Rey Mysterio’s Lucha Wonderland

22:59, 12.12.2017

I wonder how many fake eyelashes go down the drains here in #LA on the daily? #deepthoughts with #SamanthaSaint

01:02, 10.12.2017

Who’s coming to hang with me and my sexy girlfriend tonight @Page71Lounge @iamivanxxx

04:31, 08.12.2017

As a performer it is our RIGHT to choose who we wish to work with period. No explanation is needed as to why. I’m b…

02:48, 07.12.2017
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