Sasha Grey
Sasha Grey

Sasha grey is one of the most famous porn Actresses of the twenty-first century, in the porn industry Sasha spent just five years, but the thrill of strawberries she will remember forever.

Real name is Marina Ann Hantzis. Marina was born in Sacramento, from the age of five was raised by his mother. Marina training took place in four schools, as her family often moved from place to place. In 2005, the future porn star has enrolled to study in College, where she studied dancing, acting and cinema. While in College, she worked at the diner, hoping to save money for a trip to Los Angeles. And in 2006 her dream came true, in the city of angels Marina went with a strong desire to become a porn actress. Nothing to be ashamed eighteen year old beauty not seen and as she confessed later, pornographic and erotic paintings, she began to watch from the age of 11. In Los Angeles, Chances came to Mark Spiperone, which became her first porn agent. Initially, the daring beauty took the pseudonym Anna Karina, but then it was changed to Sasha grey. Spillerom quickly "put in" their pupils in several films and on the set gray starting to show in all its glory. And after retiring from pornography, Sasha began to tell very interesting things that almost 75 percent of their movies she got a real orgasm. Gray didn't just play to the camera, she completely gave it your all every scene, every episode and every moment. Just Sasha grey for five years of active work in the strawberry starred in more than 300 films and 8 April 2011, she stated that a career as a porn actress over. Leaving adult films, the girl joked, and the main reason was the fact that in pornography she was fully able to realize, now more interested in creativity and art. This event many of her fans are very upset.

It should also be noted that, already got into pornography, Sasha grey tried to show themselves in other areas. She actively worked as a model, tried his hand as an actress not in pornography, and even was a member of the musical group "aTelecine". And in 2011 she published her book "Sex in new ways".

Now grey is also actively removed in feature films is not pornography, but to fully realize in a conventional film it himself. And if to consider all its not pornographic role, the stand out imagery in the drama "call Girl". Gray played a prostitute nicknamed Chelsea. And the film was directed by Steven Soderbergh, with the choice of heroine for the lead role hasn't really paid off.

Now we can safely say that Sasha grey versatile personality, she proved it. But still the best she could to appear in pornography. For her it wasn't work but pleasure. Watch movies starring Sasha grey on our site and get diverse feelings and poignant emotions.

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  • Born: 14.03.1988
  • Birthplace: United States, Sacramento, California
  • Videos: 113
  • Height: 168
  • Weight: 50
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Sasha Grey in Twitter: sashagrey

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