Sexy Vanessa
Sexy Vanessa

Sexy Vanessa (Sexy Vanessa) – passionate Argentine mother, which for fifty years and it is in good shape. Busty Vanessa with her years, cannot be given, it is clear that minx was not one plastic surgery. But it only tells you that it is to invest your finances. In the porn industry chick got when she was already over forty years, so it was logical that she immediately began to show themselves in the genre of "mother". There Vanessa quickly able to find herself and began to show that the forbidden fuck for her just isn't there. She skillfully makes Blowjob, well fills the holes and is always giving one hundred percent. Sexy Vanessa is a like an aging represents the beauty that can complement the sexual skills and knowledge. And believe me, this cutie really has seen a lot and probably this is not sexual favors, which Vanessa didn't try. But active fucking Vanessa also allow you to keep your body in shape, it is no wonder it is believed that hot sex is the best way for burning calories.

Future born pornographic actress in 1963 in Argentina. Once in the strawberry began to appear in feature films and in video. Collaborated with many porn stars and always showed that she was not second-rate diva, but an actress of the first caliber. Sexy Vanessa also tried his hand in lesbian soft-core, but it can fully demonstrate their capabilities, it failed. But in an interview Vanessa said standard fuck (female plus male) of her the most and starts, and orgies, but joy with women is not quite for her, she is a complete treat. In lesbian soft-core, it is practically not involved, but in the genre of "mommy" gives this hot and perfectly serves the trunks of young males.

Age is just a number and looking for sexual pleasures Sexy Vanessa can agree with that. For her age she's just in great shape, plus a huge desire to continue to act and move even to the crest of popularity. Watch the exciting strawberry with slutty Vanessa on our website and have heated emotions and sharp impressions.

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  • Born: 21.07.1963
  • Birthplace: Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Videos: 3
  • Height: 165
  • Weight: 57
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