Shay Fox
Shay Fox

American porn diva Shay Fox is familiar to many fans of strawberries, especially those who like the genre of so-called "mother". In it Fox could best realize their potential and as they say – to find their place. Shay's young beauty, but she will give odds to many more young ladies as knows how to present themselves and acted in various scenes: brutal blowjobs, lesbian joy, submission, fucking into the hollow, cunnilingus and more. Shay Fox performs his work, she seems to live each sexual act, and that's fine. Many ladies of her age are shy to show their body, but Shay is in great shape for ladies over forty, so she has nothing to be ashamed of. Many young males would give anything for one night with that woman, but carries only to the elite. Here to enjoy porn with her participation is open for everyone, on our site huge number of videos with the incomparable Fox.

She was born future porn actress in 1969 in California. Real name is Rachel Clark. Very long worked as a makeup artist and stylist, but significant success in this area and are unable to achieve. At the age of thirty Shay decided to try himself in the strip, and that hot naked dancing she opened the door to a world of pornography. Fox was spotted and she was offered to star in strawberry. In 2010, he started writing commercials and films with her participation, then the Fox was a little over forty years. And you know, it's a tough decision at that age to go into the porn industry. But Shea did well and quickly became sought after and popular porn diva. For four fruitful years she has appeared in over a hundred scenes for adults, and stay there pretty no plans. She is still in demand, and this means that we'll see another porn video with Fox.

It is hard to say, as if fate Shay Fox if in 2010 didn't notice the creators of strawberries. In General, random events in our lives does not happen, fortune smiled a middle-aged beauty and Shea capitalized on their luck and just blew up with his appearance the world of pornography. We wish her even more passionate and hot movies, awards and all kinds of progress.

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  • Born: 17.01.1969
  • Birthplace: United States, California
  • Videos: 72
  • Height: 165
  • Weight: 60
Shay Fox in Twitter: clubshayfox

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Update- Kane has degenerative disk disease- He’s at stage 2. Hopefully he will get better without surgery. We have…

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Dinner with this beautiful soul. BIG things are happening. Congrats Toots!! sasha_bk11 #TheWorldIsYourOyster…

06:02, 18.10.2018

Time for a disco nap. 😴

00:42, 18.10.2018

This is me. Mentally preparing to drive. In the city... For the first time. Seriously felt like I was playing frogg…

00:09, 18.10.2018

One minute I’m telling my boys, you can’t have my bacon.... They give me this face & now I’m making them an omelett…

15:36, 17.10.2018

Need a sign? Here ya go. #BelieveIt 🖤💗🖤💗🖤

14:06, 17.10.2018

Playing with the light exposure & angels on my phone last night. I prefer #2. It’s dark & mysterious! Which do you…

17:07, 16.10.2018

🖤🖤🖤 @ New York, New York

13:52, 16.10.2018

Just a little coffee in a BIG city 🖤☕️🖤

17:46, 15.10.2018

Let me tell you a story. . .…

15:01, 15.10.2018

Just catching some sun >> New Upload <

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New York 🖤🍎🖤 #SeeYouSoon #CantWait

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Just a little dog trying to catch some sun ☀️ #SirHenry #Frenchie #Bully_VuittonBaby #Spoiled #PuppyLove…

01:30, 09.10.2018

This time next week I’ll be enjoying NEW YORK!! Fall time there is my FAVORITE 🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃🍁🍃🍂🍃🍂🍃

21:36, 08.10.2018

Setting my intentions straight. Manifesting. It’s gonna be amazing. ✨😉✨ #PositiveVibes #TheGoodLife #LiveALittle…

17:38, 08.10.2018

Start the day with coffee & the problems oddly solve themselves. If that doesn’t work try wine. #ItsTrue #CuzCoffee…

16:09, 08.10.2018

Guess who’s in verified call this AM?? Me!!! Call me baby @VerifiedCall

16:02, 08.10.2018

Like an angel out of the sky she came 🖤

09:58, 08.10.2018

Driving to dinner tonight... clouds in the sky everywhere except sunshine over the whole strip! It was almost like…

09:49, 08.10.2018

Sound on 🔊🙄🔊🙄🔊 #BadBoy #SirHenry #PuppyTroubles #Ugh #HesLuckyHesSoDamnCute #Goofy #IDidntNeedThatAnyway

00:14, 08.10.2018
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