Sophie Dee
Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee – British porn diva Welsh origin. Real sex mistress, which skillfully serves the trunks and starred in various pornography. There are no limitations in the fucking front of the cameras, and filming partners often successfully use. Di chase to mouth, punished in a cap and fleece in the hole, plus a hot Orgy, and her total submission to males.

Chick was born in the Welsh town of Llanelli. After school I tried myself in various works, from the maid to the seller, but it did not bring pleasure and good income. Then the beauty started filming Nude for various men's magazines and her financial Affairs sharply have gone uphill. In 2005, twenty-one Dee moved to California where she began acting in strawberry. And almost immediately the babe increased her Breasts to make her body even more sexy. But online you can still find a video of the incomparable Sophie is not so large Breasts, as now. Her husband is a famous porn actor Lee Bang, real master to punish girls. He is eighteen years older than Dee, but that did not stop them to create a family. Also Sophie has often said that her husband turns in her environment and therefore understands it perfectly and even supports. At the end of the 2014 chick starred in more than 450 porn pictures and video, it is a good indicators that are constantly updated, so as to retire Sophie is not going.

Video with the direct participation of Di is always imbued with emotion, lust and passion. It allows the males to dominate and does so just fine. On our website you will find several porn videos with her participation and will be able to plunge into the world of great fucking.

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  • Born: 17.01.1984
  • Birthplace: United Kingdom
  • Videos: 22
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: 50
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Sophie Dee in Twitter: sophiedee

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