Veronica Avluv
Veronica Avluv

Never too late to come to the strawberry that the incomparable Veronica Avlov and successfully demonstrated. At the age of 37, she got into a world of debauchery and sex and became a real star in the so-called genre of "mother". Veronica now is not the perfect body, but Charmer knows how to drive men crazy, both young and the most experienced. Slag is removed actively in the diverse pornography and she has many fans around the world. Without a doubt at this time Veronica Avlov is one of the most famous porn moms, which is not going to retire.

If you look at the biographical details of the porn-diva, there are interesting moments. Veronica was born in distant 1972 in Rowlett, Texas. Beauty got married way too young, really quickly divorced. Then there was a new marriage, which lasted seventeen years, Allow second husband died of a heart attack. And the amazing thing is that Veronica's husband supported her desire to become a porn star, what beauty often liked to remember. Although now it is not so amazing, so-called free marriages are in Vogue, and porn business can be considered a nice cash income. Although it is foolish to assume that Avlov is in the porn industry just for the earnings, every video with her participation, this unique process only for the sake of money do not get to play. This porn actress would not have achieved such great success, focusing on the mercenary side of his job.

Over the five years Allow is strawberry, she managed to collaborate with a very well-known studios and this diva is still notable for the fact that she is acting not only in video, but in full-length porn movies ("Wet", "Invalid", "Tablet for sex"). It was there that beauty shows itself in full and even often "competes" with other porn Actresses. In General, Veronica refuses brutal group sex lesbian fuck for it, plus throat blow job, fucking ... and more. For Allow in pornography there is nothing forbidden, and maybe that's why the strawberry with her so popular. Seeing the large dick, she will not think long before, and it ably served.

So in ending I would like to discuss the topic fascinating porn genre of "mother", in which Allow just the Queen and a real mistress. This type of strawberries can high competition, so it is necessary to constantly show myself that Veronica successfully and makes. And I want to believe that from the porn industry she won't leave, Allow over forty, and she knows how to be hot and versatile Bang.

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  • Born: 23.11.1972
  • Birthplace: United States, Of Rowlett, Texas
  • Videos: 127
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 48
Veronica Avluv in Twitter: veronicaavluvxx

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22:44, 03.10.2018

22:40, 03.10.2018

22:29, 03.10.2018

I read what you guys say on forums.. some of you act like im nit even human.. thank you guys that stick up for me.…

20:32, 03.10.2018

Beastie Boys Intergalactic

16:26, 01.10.2018

Amen 😍

16:23, 01.10.2018

I've made more money for the companies than I've made for myself and my dependents, I'm not spending my hard earned…

16:22, 01.10.2018

This is all Ive got to say.. Get on up...

16:16, 01.10.2018

If they pay me I will... Otherwise I'll be in the Bahamas having fun 😎

16:10, 01.10.2018

Lol no one knows where I am on the globe right now 😎. I don't speak the native language, that's all I can say 😍😘😘😘

16:07, 01.10.2018

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If I could do one more

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04:59, 26.09.2018

AMEN Sister;!!! I did and have Zero regrets!!! Cum to Miami!!!!

02:50, 26.09.2018

Hmmmm that's why I self book... Everybody wants to fuck you in this business.. trust noone

00:54, 26.09.2018

Just posted a photo

21:43, 25.09.2018

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21:27, 25.09.2018

Awwww Yayyyy! Thank you @Songxx1 😘😘😘😘

20:40, 25.09.2018

Finally got my camera equipment here in Miami! Im taking custom video requests because I will be filming all week!…

20:01, 25.09.2018

Hot vid sold! Hanging with Sofie Marie #MVSales #ManyVids

09:23, 25.09.2018

Hot vid sold! Hanging with Sofie Marie #MVSales #ManyVids

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This event is going to be HUGE! It's been fun to be around helping out as well! @MedMariConcert @BadBoysOfReggae…

20:52, 22.09.2018

I'm so convinced this is the same person over and over again... It's been very problematic.

20:35, 22.09.2018

I am excited about this event tomorrow here in Miami! @MedMariConcert Come down and join us!!!! @ Miami, Florida

00:59, 22.09.2018

We really do need to organize a group trip 😍😍😍

00:34, 22.09.2018

Wow yeahh

02:41, 21.09.2018

Sept 22nd in Wynwood, @MedMariConcert Musical Performances by @badboysofreggae , @tkwalrus, @ElasticBond, Nag Champ…

19:20, 14.09.2018

01:12, 14.09.2018


01:09, 14.09.2018

Ive seen the world i am annoyed, get up off your feet n make love

23:52, 13.09.2018

Youv better kick youself out youre an immigratnt too anb

23:38, 13.09.2018

Jack White is genuis

23:28, 13.09.2018


23:25, 13.09.2018


23:20, 13.09.2018

I was trained at 16 ar SMU as a coloratura to sing this... God Bless Mozart here is the Magic Flute aria

23:03, 13.09.2018

I am in love wwith music

22:49, 13.09.2018

Thats Gershwin guys and your welcome

22:39, 13.09.2018

Im going to listen to Rhapsody in blue

22:38, 13.09.2018

You guys need to know, song is my friend

22:37, 13.09.2018

Bizet Carmen

22:35, 13.09.2018


22:29, 13.09.2018

I trained to sing opera in Highshcool At 16 I Love PPuccini

22:23, 13.09.2018

Well if you want to love me,ypu must understand music

22:15, 13.09.2018

This is my all time fave album by Prince

22:10, 13.09.2018

Lol Prince

22:06, 13.09.2018

Thank you dear... i know exactly who you are.. yes i love music and i can sing.. my voice is butter... i have alwa…

22:05, 13.09.2018

This goes out to my friends in the path of this hurricane

21:58, 13.09.2018


21:52, 13.09.2018

David Bowie is my favorite, because I'm a singer but Chris Cornellis the one I bow to

21:45, 13.09.2018

This is my theme song

21:26, 13.09.2018

Do you guys realize while you sit in front of your computers that outside there are birds, lizards, flowers? This t…

21:24, 13.09.2018

This is a great song

21:16, 13.09.2018

20:03, 13.09.2018

Yeahhhh girllll 😘

18:58, 13.09.2018

Im stronger despite being told over the years I was finished or too much of this or not enough of that. Hell Ive do…

18:55, 13.09.2018

Nah... not possible in this industry... trust me... its not possible. Youre on your own in this game lol... none of…

18:53, 13.09.2018

Us performers are the ones who put our bodies on the line... not the owners of companies nor the viewers... we are…

18:48, 13.09.2018

Lol I deserve a pay raise too... trust me the person who did the casting doesnt need a pay raise lol... he owns the…

18:44, 13.09.2018

I love Miami!!!!

18:02, 13.09.2018

I do piss play all the time in my private life... I enjoy it so why wouldnt I film it??? Its a particular kink of m…

22:30, 12.09.2018

Thank you @Song !!! Thats how I am at home

06:57, 12.09.2018

I cock waiting in the background guys... 1st Im going to lather my little pussy up alone, while all of you watch, t…

03:54, 12.09.2018

Sold my vid! Watch Me Fuck Myself #ManyVids

02:42, 12.09.2018

Thats like the 20th time in the laat month that my red hair has been mentioned. Ive looked into it... i can do it b…

02:42, 12.09.2018

I'll be live tonight on @CamSodaLive 9pm Eastern Time! make sure to tune in for a special treat!…

22:19, 11.09.2018

You know what would be nice? Just a good old fashioned DP like this! Mmmmmmm my FAVE 😍😍😍😍

05:03, 11.09.2018

I know I will be there!!!! Its going to be Awesome! I already saw the venue and the lineup is Great! Lets get Recre…

23:16, 10.09.2018

I love Janes Addiction... And this album cover is sexy as fuck

22:31, 07.09.2018

Another vid sold! Orgasm Denial in the car while I drive #ManyVids

11:03, 07.09.2018

Best thing Ive ever seen a singer do

02:45, 07.09.2018

01:58, 07.09.2018

Sold! This vid is on fire! Watch Me Fuck Myself #ManyVids

09:02, 06.09.2018
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