Veronica Avluv
Veronica Avluv

Never too late to come to the strawberry that the incomparable Veronica Avlov and successfully demonstrated. At the age of 37, she got into a world of debauchery and sex and became a real star in the so-called genre of "mother". Veronica now is not the perfect body, but Charmer knows how to drive men crazy, both young and the most experienced. Slag is removed actively in the diverse pornography and she has many fans around the world. Without a doubt at this time Veronica Avlov is one of the most famous porn moms, which is not going to retire.

If you look at the biographical details of the porn-diva, there are interesting moments. Veronica was born in distant 1972 in Rowlett, Texas. Beauty got married way too young, really quickly divorced. Then there was a new marriage, which lasted seventeen years, Allow second husband died of a heart attack. And the amazing thing is that Veronica's husband supported her desire to become a porn star, what beauty often liked to remember. Although now it is not so amazing, so-called free marriages are in Vogue, and porn business can be considered a nice cash income. Although it is foolish to assume that Avlov is in the porn industry just for the earnings, every video with her participation, this unique process only for the sake of money do not get to play. This porn actress would not have achieved such great success, focusing on the mercenary side of his job.

Over the five years Allow is strawberry, she managed to collaborate with a very well-known studios and this diva is still notable for the fact that she is acting not only in video, but in full-length porn movies ("Wet", "Invalid", "Tablet for sex"). It was there that beauty shows itself in full and even often "competes" with other porn Actresses. In General, Veronica refuses brutal group sex lesbian fuck for it, plus throat blow job, fucking ... and more. For Allow in pornography there is nothing forbidden, and maybe that's why the strawberry with her so popular. Seeing the large dick, she will not think long before, and it ably served.

So in ending I would like to discuss the topic fascinating porn genre of "mother", in which Allow just the Queen and a real mistress. This type of strawberries can high competition, so it is necessary to constantly show myself that Veronica successfully and makes. And I want to believe that from the porn industry she won't leave, Allow over forty, and she knows how to be hot and versatile Bang.

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  • Born: 23.11.1972
  • Birthplace: United States, Of Rowlett, Texas
  • Videos: 124
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 48
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Thinking about visiting Atlanta and putting some smiles on the faces of my fans. Never been there, seems like it mi…

18:56, 23.05.2018

Looks like I am available in Las Vegas for a bit. Lets have some fun. Create a profile and get verified then contac…

22:06, 22.05.2018

Bye bye love its been sweet

09:57, 22.05.2018

Last Dance

09:30, 22.05.2018

Welcome sunshine we might have to let the world know that we love working together...hehe

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23:45, 19.05.2018

Watch out

12:05, 19.05.2018

Theme song of the day

21:15, 18.05.2018

Lots of fun naughty stuff baby 😈

20:22, 18.05.2018

Amen and I'm not in control of all this shit

18:13, 18.05.2018

Amen. I get it from people all the time. It's one part job that I Truly detest. Whiney comp…

17:48, 18.05.2018

Hey you know what? I've been shooting, I had time off bc of a car accident Don't fucking come at me like it's my fa…

17:42, 18.05.2018

Look for more info soon! I will be performing LIVE at this Naughty Soiree!!!

05:45, 18.05.2018

Just putting this out there for the universe. I want to be on @SinsLifeXXX and let @KissaSins and @JohnnySins do na…

19:00, 17.05.2018

Ok I'm back to bed loves... Talk to you manana! 😘😘😘😘

11:07, 17.05.2018

No actually Mason from Hard X shot it. I did do a different one for Spizoo though

10:58, 17.05.2018

Bwhahhhh! Could even be a closet!!

08:43, 17.05.2018

That's me... Lol just give me a room full of men and watch what happens

07:42, 17.05.2018

Wowwwwwww just wow. Hmmm nobody can own the planet, lol.

07:39, 17.05.2018

Awww thank you my love 😍

04:54, 17.05.2018

These shots are by the fabulously talented @chrisstreams he always knows how to make a lady look beautiful 😍

04:41, 17.05.2018

Maybe one reason philosophically I embrace nonmonagamy is because upon reflection I've realized that I cannot hold…

02:30, 17.05.2018

Not to be a stickler but my eyes are green

22:17, 15.05.2018

Ok this hottie needs more fans and I want a shoot with her. So can we make that happen @TeamSkeet @naughtyamerica…

19:52, 15.05.2018

Hahahahah 😋

16:38, 15.05.2018

Good morning my love 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

16:37, 15.05.2018

No... This is my last share tonight. Gershwin was epic

08:32, 15.05.2018

Oops meant to say Glenn Miller I adore big band music and so should you

08:28, 15.05.2018

Im going to close the night with the incomparable Glen Miller The title is In the mood

08:25, 15.05.2018

And this is how i sing and I adore this piece by Lakme

08:09, 15.05.2018

Last one for a moment. This is my theme song

03:23, 15.05.2018

This one goes out to someone I know will appreciate it. @chrisstreams

03:19, 15.05.2018

I LOVE sex... Yes indeed. But... Music will Always be my 1st love. Always. It's a thing in my family, we are All mu…

03:17, 15.05.2018

You know I'm healing up and ready to go when I start back in with the music

03:08, 15.05.2018

Here's another Bowie great...

03:04, 15.05.2018

Amen and you can fuck to it

02:59, 15.05.2018

02:57, 15.05.2018

Here's my view at my friends house... Yes. That's a Steinway Grand and yes while I'm healing up from an epic ear in…

02:56, 15.05.2018

And here's my next fave Bowie song. I adore David

02:52, 15.05.2018

I havent posted music in a while. This is one of my favorite Bowie songs Ever.

02:46, 15.05.2018

this is wonderful welcome my love

18:40, 12.05.2018

My ear infection has messed things up during my LA trip. Got to rest and get healed. Things will be back on track soon. Love all my fans

18:39, 12.05.2018

Owner of a lonely heart

15:46, 11.05.2018

This is what i have left for you

15:12, 11.05.2018

Truth be told. I've had an epic ear infection for 2 weeks straight

15:07, 11.05.2018

Got some openings that need to be filled while in LA (no Pun intended) Create a profile and get verified and lets h…

22:52, 10.05.2018

I had sooooo much fun for @CamSodaLive I LOVE playing with my little fuck holes for you all!!!

04:06, 10.05.2018

You laid that pipe DOWN on me!!! Yummm

04:05, 10.05.2018

But I LOVE being examined by the doctor!!!

04:04, 10.05.2018

Thanks @RobPiperXXX for the Excellent dick today!!!! Fuck yaaaaaaaas!!! 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

03:33, 10.05.2018

Meow! by @VeronicaAvluvXX - View it on #ManyVids!

23:39, 09.05.2018

Exotic by @VeronicaAvluvXX - View it on #ManyVids!

23:37, 09.05.2018

FREE vid! MV Teaser 3 by VeronicaAvluv Find it on #ManyVids!

23:30, 09.05.2018

FREE vid! MV Teaser 2 by VeronicaAvluv Find it on #ManyVids!

23:25, 09.05.2018

On set getting ready to get my holes filled today

19:42, 09.05.2018

less than 2 hours till I am LIVE @CamSodaLive 6-7pm PST right here Wait till you see what…

02:20, 09.05.2018

Catch me live tonight on @CamSodaLive 6-7pm PST right here I am horny it will be one hell…

19:43, 08.05.2018

Catch me live Tuesday May 8th 6-7pm PST right here it’s gonna be wet and nasty you won’t wa…

22:49, 07.05.2018

On my way to LA to get dicked down all week and the next and possibly the next!!! @SkynTalent has all my booking in…

00:54, 07.05.2018

Enough people choose to do right it does make a difference when we all make an effort

23:26, 06.05.2018

Amen baby

22:37, 06.05.2018
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