Veronica Avluv
Veronica Avluv

Never too late to come to the strawberry that the incomparable Veronica Avlov and successfully demonstrated. At the age of 37, she got into a world of debauchery and sex and became a real star in the so-called genre of "mother". Veronica now is not the perfect body, but Charmer knows how to drive men crazy, both young and the most experienced. Slag is removed actively in the diverse pornography and she has many fans around the world. Without a doubt at this time Veronica Avlov is one of the most famous porn moms, which is not going to retire.

If you look at the biographical details of the porn-diva, there are interesting moments. Veronica was born in distant 1972 in Rowlett, Texas. Beauty got married way too young, really quickly divorced. Then there was a new marriage, which lasted seventeen years, Allow second husband died of a heart attack. And the amazing thing is that Veronica's husband supported her desire to become a porn star, what beauty often liked to remember. Although now it is not so amazing, so-called free marriages are in Vogue, and porn business can be considered a nice cash income. Although it is foolish to assume that Avlov is in the porn industry just for the earnings, every video with her participation, this unique process only for the sake of money do not get to play. This porn actress would not have achieved such great success, focusing on the mercenary side of his job.

Over the five years Allow is strawberry, she managed to collaborate with a very well-known studios and this diva is still notable for the fact that she is acting not only in video, but in full-length porn movies ("Wet", "Invalid", "Tablet for sex"). It was there that beauty shows itself in full and even often "competes" with other porn Actresses. In General, Veronica refuses brutal group sex lesbian fuck for it, plus throat blow job, fucking ... and more. For Allow in pornography there is nothing forbidden, and maybe that's why the strawberry with her so popular. Seeing the large dick, she will not think long before, and it ably served.

So in ending I would like to discuss the topic fascinating porn genre of "mother", in which Allow just the Queen and a real mistress. This type of strawberries can high competition, so it is necessary to constantly show myself that Veronica successfully and makes. And I want to believe that from the porn industry she won't leave, Allow over forty, and she knows how to be hot and versatile Bang.

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  • Born: 23.11.1972
  • Birthplace: United States, Of Rowlett, Texas
  • Videos: 116
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 48
Veronica Avluv in Twitter: veronicaavluvxx

Thank you @Brazzers @VicLagina for giving me my hands down number one FAVE guy to work with today! @MarkusDupree sh…

04:54, 16.12.2017

Yayyyy they are finally cooling down the air they are pumping into the cabin.... Whewwwww 😌

15:16, 15.12.2017

At least I get a nice ass fucking today from one of my top 3 favorite guys to shoot with 😛👍

15:08, 15.12.2017

Southwest is pumping Hot Hot dry air into the plane I dont understand it at all

15:04, 15.12.2017

This plane is unbearably hot omg I am starting to pour sweat... Its very unpleasant in here... This is not a good w…

15:04, 15.12.2017

My worst one to wake up to yet recently is "How would you like to be fisted?" I honestly was so annoyed to be woken…

14:20, 15.12.2017

Sweet dreams too all... Muah!

06:06, 15.12.2017

Early flight tomorrow gotta be up at 3am.... Anal shoot woooohoooo! Cant say for who yet.. Stay tuned! Goodnight luvs!

05:58, 15.12.2017

Amen... Amen 💪😀👍

05:57, 15.12.2017

Love you very much!!!! We've both seen each other struggle and rise above... You inspire me hon!

05:54, 15.12.2017

I add my name to the list... I also am a sober alcoholic...

05:51, 15.12.2017

Love you my brother... And I say ME TOO to everything youve said here.. Proud of you, me, Seth, David Lord, Danny M…

05:44, 15.12.2017

Good night everyone! Super busy day today... Big kisses to you all!

02:48, 13.12.2017

Amen honey... Ive always felt those polls were not only hurtful but also denigrates the wonderful variaties of beau…

17:08, 12.12.2017

Good morning my Luvs

16:59, 12.12.2017

It didnt stay on long!

01:37, 12.12.2017

Yes shoots coming up dear.. This week and next... I'll announce when I can

01:19, 12.12.2017

Its going to happen in 2018 but we have lots of details to sort through so as soon as I know more for certain I wil…

01:16, 12.12.2017


01:15, 12.12.2017

Welcome to my new official Instagram!!!

01:06, 12.12.2017

I just realized why Im not more famous lol... I shouldve done Instagram & Snapchat instead of triple anal. That wou…

21:53, 11.12.2017

Dont do it out of guilt for me... Personally I dont really have positive feelings towards these events & the nepoti…

16:07, 11.12.2017

Its ok honey I just wanted to be clear about where I stand. It wasnt my intention for anyone to jump on your case.

19:26, 09.12.2017

You are sooooo wrong and making no sense here. I am Very happy doing porn & Love being sexual and expressive!!! Tha…

07:47, 09.12.2017

Youre Really Impressive!!!! I love you darling! 😘😘😘😘😘

06:26, 09.12.2017

Wow this just caught my eye... How cool is this stage? Random tweet, I know but it is really f'ing cool!!!!

06:18, 09.12.2017

Ive actually been blessed to have found a great therapist and want to be clear. I'm not posting these things as a c…

19:28, 08.12.2017

I believe based on experience that it is particularly difficult for sex workers to receive/reach out for proper hel…

19:25, 08.12.2017

Ive had some long looks by a couple men before... If I was recognized they certainly kept it to themselves thankful…

19:23, 08.12.2017

No Im a recovered alcoholic. I cant seem to drink one glass of anything... I cannot touch alcohol at all... It woul…

19:20, 08.12.2017

But it would be a wonderful blessing to find a nice open minded sponsor to work through the 12 Steps with... Hopefu…

19:19, 08.12.2017

Id rather have peace in attending my much enjoyed and needed AA meetings than to be exposed/judged and have nothing…

19:17, 08.12.2017

I did it myself and was bossed around and shamed and finally told I was hopeless which led to me being resentful an…

19:15, 08.12.2017

And yes, mental health care is health care... No one chooses to be bipolar or depressed or manic or schizophrenic o…

19:10, 08.12.2017

Agreed. I myself have had to reexplain to prospective therapists over and over about my job. Also finding a sponsor…

19:09, 08.12.2017

Love shooting with William! Always turns out looking Awesome! Highly recommend him if you need to make great conten…

07:44, 08.12.2017

I know most people are good and want to be good to each other. Lets drown out the hatred with love and kindness and…

17:27, 07.12.2017

Absolutely unbelievable... Reported and blocked. Please report this account

17:24, 07.12.2017

I always love working with and for you and youve always made me look beautiful... I will recommend you to people de…

15:45, 07.12.2017

Well goodnight. I must be up super early to fly into Denver for the weekend. Its been a long ass day. Be kind to yo…

08:47, 07.12.2017


05:56, 07.12.2017

All my prayers go out to him... I can relate to the level of utter shock and sorrow and loss. This has got to be de…

05:53, 07.12.2017

I seriously love you Danny... Your honesty and sweetness is a rarity. There is no shame in admitting your challenge…

05:46, 07.12.2017

Ive got a level of fight and fire in me for some reason. I may get down but I always stand back up, just to prove t…

02:38, 07.12.2017


02:30, 07.12.2017

As a recovered alcoholic I detest when people stoop so low as to belittle someone for addictions or mental health i…

02:28, 07.12.2017

Ok. One of my dearest friends in this world lives in Warsaw. Do not use that derogatory word on my timeline. Or you…

02:27, 07.12.2017

What the fuck???? See this people? The dude is saying she was crazy and probably liked drugs... Go fuck off…

02:23, 07.12.2017

Im fune just pissed

02:21, 07.12.2017

Dude today is not the day for that. Please read my timeline. @AugustAmesxxx took her life. Show some respect

02:19, 07.12.2017

You have nothing to be concerned about. I survived and overcame this shit. Obviously @AugustAmesxxx wasnt so fortun…

02:18, 07.12.2017

Me too and its so so so wrong

02:13, 07.12.2017

Maybe, maybe not... I have come back stronger than ever with the help of my mom and true friends and therapy. Some…

02:08, 07.12.2017

If my opening myself and my private life up publicly helps one person stay alive and to seek help then its worth it…

02:04, 07.12.2017

Im doing very very well now and am excited about my shoots again but notice that I dont mention names... The silenc…

01:57, 07.12.2017

Glad the night I got plastered in Boston and had a balcony in my room I wanted to jump out of I didnt. I called the…

01:53, 07.12.2017

I had to leave town even and cancel all other shoots. Left someone I love very much in order to protect them politi…

01:50, 07.12.2017

I couldnt finish the scene because I was in a severe state of panic. Full body melt down. Couldnt do shoots for a l…

01:48, 07.12.2017

Ok. Im going to open up. Ive been diagnosed with severe PTSD and depression (both are much better now due to treatm…

01:47, 07.12.2017

Im not sorry my twitter feed isnt fun or sexy today. This shit has to Stop... Starting with our own industry power…

01:42, 07.12.2017

Theres another form of bullying in this business. Its called being silenced or else you will be blackballed or sued…

01:40, 07.12.2017

Its an uphill battle bc theres too many people with their own agendas to actually organize for performers rights. I…

01:34, 07.12.2017

Or the person whos boundaries were not heeded becomes the villian or labeled as a fruitcake thus effectively silenc…

01:31, 07.12.2017

A boundary is a boundary Its not something you should be put on the firing line for. Now lets see who actually heed…

01:29, 07.12.2017

Ill never forget how kind youve always been to me when youve seen me struggling... It DOES and did make a differenc…

01:23, 07.12.2017

Blocked NOW

01:21, 07.12.2017

Yes a manager would be helpful but we only have agents or have to freelance and deal with social media fallout and…

01:18, 07.12.2017

You know my story... I had to shut my mouth so as not to be totally blackballed its not OK... Boundaries HAVE to be…

01:16, 07.12.2017

Amen!!!!!! Without us you guys wouldnt have your scenes to shoot and or sell now would you???

01:13, 07.12.2017

Love you too... Its not easy to open up about things publicly but at this moment in time its imperative to be hones…

01:10, 07.12.2017

Me too. Im so glad someone was able to be there for you dear... No one should ever feel that alone. Im so sad this…

01:08, 07.12.2017

I think that is a wise decision. Thank you for showing respect @Brazzers

01:02, 07.12.2017

No its not sweet lady...

00:59, 07.12.2017

And as you know it happens all the time love.

00:57, 07.12.2017

Im aIl in for choice.. Always have been. Choice of partners, condom choice, type of scene, boundaries, etc. I am a…

00:52, 07.12.2017

Nope... I sadly have to agree...

00:41, 07.12.2017

Amen!!!! But usually its the girls who get the fallout afterwards and gets the bad rep for being troublesome... Bee…

00:39, 07.12.2017

Amen Amen Amen!!!! Theres soooo much I want to say right now through my tears... Im grateful I sought help for my P…

00:34, 07.12.2017

This Can and Does happen to people regardless of career, age or looks. Ive been harrassed too after my husbands dea…

00:28, 07.12.2017

Rest in Peace young Lady 😭😭😭 #AugustAmes

00:23, 07.12.2017

Whaaaaaat??????? OMG! Noooo

00:22, 07.12.2017

Me too and I hope to do some new things this year with @MaitresseM in particular also want to work for @AidenStarr…

02:06, 04.12.2017

Im feeling this drawing of me right now...

02:03, 04.12.2017

Always!!!! Unless the director says its not allowed for the genre I always do ass to pussy ass to mouth etc....

01:50, 04.12.2017
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