Veronica Avluv
Veronica Avluv

Never too late to come to the strawberry that the incomparable Veronica Avlov and successfully demonstrated. At the age of 37, she got into a world of debauchery and sex and became a real star in the so-called genre of "mother". Veronica now is not the perfect body, but Charmer knows how to drive men crazy, both young and the most experienced. Slag is removed actively in the diverse pornography and she has many fans around the world. Without a doubt at this time Veronica Avlov is one of the most famous porn moms, which is not going to retire.

If you look at the biographical details of the porn-diva, there are interesting moments. Veronica was born in distant 1972 in Rowlett, Texas. Beauty got married way too young, really quickly divorced. Then there was a new marriage, which lasted seventeen years, Allow second husband died of a heart attack. And the amazing thing is that Veronica's husband supported her desire to become a porn star, what beauty often liked to remember. Although now it is not so amazing, so-called free marriages are in Vogue, and porn business can be considered a nice cash income. Although it is foolish to assume that Avlov is in the porn industry just for the earnings, every video with her participation, this unique process only for the sake of money do not get to play. This porn actress would not have achieved such great success, focusing on the mercenary side of his job.

Over the five years Allow is strawberry, she managed to collaborate with a very well-known studios and this diva is still notable for the fact that she is acting not only in video, but in full-length porn movies ("Wet", "Invalid", "Tablet for sex"). It was there that beauty shows itself in full and even often "competes" with other porn Actresses. In General, Veronica refuses brutal group sex lesbian fuck for it, plus throat blow job, fucking ... and more. For Allow in pornography there is nothing forbidden, and maybe that's why the strawberry with her so popular. Seeing the large dick, she will not think long before, and it ably served.

So in ending I would like to discuss the topic fascinating porn genre of "mother", in which Allow just the Queen and a real mistress. This type of strawberries can high competition, so it is necessary to constantly show myself that Veronica successfully and makes. And I want to believe that from the porn industry she won't leave, Allow over forty, and she knows how to be hot and versatile Bang.

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  • Born: 23.11.1972
  • Birthplace: United States, Of Rowlett, Texas
  • Videos: 136
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 48
Veronica Avluv in Twitter: veronicaavluvxx

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