Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica Rodriguez – hot Venezuelan porn minx who knows the taste of hardcore sex. For several years this young bitch is rotated in the strawberry and simply chic manifests itself. And we can say that very much like her desire to constantly improve and to show yourself in the best colors. Most often, Rodriguez starred in pornography, where partners in the full program dominated by, although we can say that sexy Veronica just allows them to do so. Yet it is worth noting that Rodriguez from the very beginning tried his hand at American porn industry, which always gives depraved beauties have great potential and are confident there will be fixed. All her looks are completely natural and it also attracts. Although it may eventually Veronica and decides to enlarge Breasts, but right now its all happy.

Year of birth – 1991, the city of Caracas. Although the real Venezuelan beauty is hard to call, because even in early childhood she with her parents moved to the United States. And when crumb began her career in pornography, she became an American citizen. In 2011, happened her debut in films for adults, then the incomparable Veronica was nineteen years old. Director Mick blue has become the man who opened it for the pornographic world and Charmer successfully starred in several of his paintings. Then she began a collaboration with other Directors and with the well-known American studios. And right now Veronica Rodriguez can be called one of the most promising young porn actress who has all the makings to become a star at the highest level. Speaking about her appearance, beauty can be called a petite girl, with long black hair and a fatal gaze. Also on her sexy body has a piercing on the navel and in the left nostril. And looking at how Rodriguez has fun with the males, it always seems that this tiny baby would not survive, but it was not there. Veronica shows that she was capable of the most various sexual favors.

Classy pornographic videos with a rising star of the world of strawberry shortcake Veronica Rodriguez, you can easily browse our website. All videos with its participation is remembered, and passionate really like. Slutty Rodriguez knows how to make males and sex in front of cameras she is always giving one hundred percent.

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  • Born: 01.08.1991
  • Birthplace: Venezuela, Caracas
  • Videos: 18
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 44
Veronica Rodriguez in Twitter: lilveronicar

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V Rod - No Pueden feat. Jay Maly (Official Video) via @YouTube

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V Rod - No Pueden (feat. Jay Maly) via @YouTube

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V Rod - Hola via @YouTube

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V Rod - No Pueden feat. Jay Maly (Official Video) via @YouTube

10:33, 18.01.2019

V Rod - No Pueden (feat. Jay Maly) via @YouTube

10:33, 18.01.2019

V Rod - Hola via @YouTube

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Veronica Rodriguez & Dashius Clay Talk About Debut Album & More via @YouTube

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V Rod - Hola (Official Video) via @YouTube

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V Rod - No Pueden feat. Jay Maly (Official Video) via @YouTube

12:03, 14.01.2019

San T x V Rod x Jozea - Certified Drip (Official Audio) via @YouTube

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V Rod - Hola (Official Video) via @YouTube

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Q ganas de cojerte veronica