Vicktoria Tiffany
Vicktoria Tiffany

Victoria Tiffany – Russian slut with a gorgeous body. Her frail body often gets full, but a porn diva happy. She is able to emotionally surrender to the partners and receive from this unforgettable pleasure. No framework and rules for sexy Tiffany really does not exist. In the world of pornography it quickly broke and has no plans to leave. First, the minx received a huge popularity in the CIS countries, then she began to conquer the European audience and to act in foreign porn. Now Tiffany's in the Prime of life, so strawberry it is waiting for a chic future.

Victoria Tiffany (Vicktoria Tiffany) it was a stage name, and a very successful and memorable. Beauty was born in Russia in 1990, his real name was Anastasia, real name unknown. Generally many Russian porn diva hide their real names so as not to put a shadow on their close relatives. Strawberries in the CIS countries is very popular, but many people in front of her love to condemn. Not creativity Victoria Tiffany is nothing wrong, because each is implemented, how can and knows how. Beauty learned how to profitably sell your body, but it is not so easy to do. At the age of twenty, she had been in the porn industry, where she remains to this day. She has model looks, but the business model will be harder porn. Vika always looked younger than her age, so she often acted in porn films where her tear up Mature and exhausted sexual experience of partners. They do it with great pleasure and desire, showing how to please the young damsels. With such things it covered, will cease to satisfy them, they will quickly find another partner. It can Tiffany looks supple touch-me-not, actually she's hot.

Among all porn, Victoria Tiffany, you should note the painting – "Crazy Teens Rocco 4" (Rocco's Psycho Teens #4). Its directed by Rocco siffredi, a famous Italian porn actor, screenwriter and Director. Siffredi knows how to produce a strawberry, and he is a true master on the discovery of new porn stars. At the time of the filming Tiffany was already popular porn actress, but this film made her even more famous. In her role she managed and walked to the more famous teammates. And starred in this film following porn diva: cutie blue angel, slutty diamond Cross, unchained Stacy snake and many other Actresses brutal strawberries.

A variety of pornographic films involving Victoria Tiffany watch on our site. This Russian slut really knows how to skillfully frame your body and give partners an unforgettable experience.

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  • Born: 05.04.1990
  • Birthplace: Russian Federation
  • Videos: 16
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: 47
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